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The Sunday shows go 1-for-3 for the Watchdog, but to be candid, the Watchdog set the bar particularly low. But first, the strikeouts.

Once again, McCain campaign adviser and former corporate executive Carly Fiorina was not challenged on her past support for the off-shoring of American jobs.

Although, George Stephanopoulos did press Fiorina on ABC’s This Week regarding another Watchdog question from last week, why is McCain supporting the tax loophole that allows companies to park cash overseas without paying taxes.

Fiorina argued that the problem was America has too high a corporate tax rate. Stephanopoulos countered:

STEPHANOPOULOS: And Senator McCain has come out for cutting the corporate tax rate, yet he still wants to preserve this tax break for keeping profits overseas. Why is that right?

FIORINA: Well, I think first of all Senator McCain understands that you must focus on why jobs are going overseas. And there are really two issues. One is I’ve said, the tax rate that we have in place today. But the other is education and worker retraining. [Blah blah blah] let’s take our unemployment insurance programs [blah blah blah] when workers lose their jobs because of globalization, for example, that we don’t just leave them behind [blah blah blah.]

STEPHANOPOULOS: I understand that he’s called for that, but why is he for preserving the tax break for keeping profits overseas?

FIORINA: Well describe to me the tax break that Obama thinks is being maintained for companies that leave profits overseas. There is not an incentive today, I can tell you as a CEO, you don’t get a tax break for leaving profit overseas. What you get —

STEPHANOPOULOS: You get to defer the taxes on this profits as long as they stay overseas. And that’s what he [Obama] wants to take away.

FIORINA: But that’s exactly the point. If the tax rate were lowered on businesses in this country, businesses would bring money back…

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, not if they can pay no taxes for leaving them overseas, which is what the law is right now.

Many missed opportunities to ask Fiorina if she is concerned about jobs going overseas, why does she promote “right-shoring.” But give Stephanopoulos points not looking away at the illogical argument for keeping the loophole that rewards unpatriotic companies which avoid paying taxes.

Also on ABC, Sen. Harry Reid was not asked about reports that a final deal on the FISA will include immunity for telecom companies that allegedly broke the law by providing private consumer data to the Bush White House. Concerns about FISA remain absent from Sunday show chatter.

But CBS’ Face The Nation did actually mention that former Sen. John Edwards has a new anti-poverty plan! Even asked him a couple of questions about it.

CBS tosses us a crumb, don’t eat it all in one sitting.

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