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Sen. John McCain, today, from The Politico:

Asking for a dose of straight talk, AP’s Liz Sidoti asked McCain if the country had entered recession.

“I certainly think so,” McCain replied.

John McCain, January 10, 2008, at a GOP presidential debate:

And by the way, I don’t believe we’re headed into a recession. I believe the fundamentals of this economy are strong, and I believe they will remain strong. This is a rough patch, but I think America’s greatness lies ahead of us.

When speaking to conservative leaders, McCain ignored the economic stress middle-class Americans have suffered throughout in the last several years. Now that he has to speak to a broader electorate, he has to drop the delusion and get back to reality. The Politico also reports that McCain said “there is a role for government” in improving the economy, furthering his rhetorical shift away from anti-government conservatism.

But it is nothing new for conservatives to mask their conservatism to an American electorate that is fundamentally progressive. Voters will have to decide in the end if McCain does talk straight when it comes to the economy.

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