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The New York Times “Caucus” blog asserts: “There’s also the matter of whether Senator Obama is too liberal to bring about the change and bipartisan unity he speaks about.”

Has the media ever the raised the question if a candidate is “too conservative” to bring about change and bipartisanship?

That happens to be the more appropriate question. As Institute for America’s Future and Media Matters for America has chronicled, liberal progressive ideas and policies earn strong majority support from Americans: from Iraq to the economy to health care to energy to the broader issue of the role of our government to bring about change. The notion of America as a fundamentally conservative country is a myth.

But of course, history has shown that change can happen in many ways. With a clear public mandate, as FDR earned. Or by shoving things down the public’s throat or slipping things past them, approaches George W. Bush perfected.

Instead of playing word games, the media would be better off shining a bright light on the candidates’ actual positions, so the public can make their own decisions whether one candidate or another e is too much of anything.

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