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Once again, the Sunday shows go 0-for-3 for the Watchdog.

On ABC’s This Week, Newt Gingrich was given free publicity for his new book, without being challenged on the ridiculous and demonstrably false premises of the book.

On CBS’ Face The Nation, former Gov. Mitt Romney repeated his pledge to invest “substantially more in basic science and research … fuel technologies [and] automotive technologies.” But he was not pressed on how he would square that position with his promise to cut overall spending after adjusting for inflation.

On Fox News Sunday, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani was not asked why he believes spending should be cut as much as taxes, if he also believes his tax cuts would generate more revenue.

But, the Watchdog gives an honorary mention to Fox’s Chris Wallace, suspending Fox’s usual preferential treatment of Giuliani, and noting that his plan cuts taxes more for families earning $120,000 than those earning $80,000.

Although, as Fox has the wealthiest audience of all the cable news channels, perhaps that was not seen as a criticism.

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