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As we head into a critical political year, a new compelling book has laid out the road map for progressive victory: Bob Creamer’s “Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight. How Progressive Can Win.”

Creamer has been on the front lines, fighting the forces of conservatism, for four decades. And as Sen. Richard Durbin said: “Bob Creamer takes his readers from values to votes with practical tactics and insight gathered over decades of experience. This book is for players…spectators need not apply.”

Progressive leaders from across the country are praising his book. For example:

Senator Sherrod Brown: “If every activist in America read Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight, we could change our country. This book will help bring on the New Progressive Era. It’s that good.”

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson: “It’s a must read for anyone who is passionate about changing America – now.” founder Wes Boyd: “Bob Creamer gives citizens an owners manual for Democracy.”

And Campaign for America’s Future own Roger Hickey says: “It lays out a blueprint — and an optimistic attitude — for taking our country back. Everyone who cares about America’s future should buy this book.”

“Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight. How Progressive Can Win” is available at

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