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Congressional conservatives are spending their August recess in an interesting way: telling their constituents about their hard work … to keep health insurance away from kids.

Well, they’re not quite that honest. Following the lead of the HHS Hacks, they’re spreading misinformation about House and Senate legislation around their home states.

But bloggers are on the case.

Ditch Mitch truth-squads Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s dishonestly named op-ed “Kids First.”

Blue Jersey does the same for Rep. Scott Garrett’s propaganda, published in New Jersey’s The Record and the conservative site Town Hall.

Texas’ Blue 19th finds Rep. Randy Neugebauer is effectively telling constituents he “voted for SCHIP before he voted against it.” (via Thurman Hart’s SCHIP roundup at DailyKos)

The Washington conservative machine is flailing about trying to stoke opposition to expanding SCHIP [State Children’s Health Insurance Program].

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