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The blame game is in full effect.

Conservatives are not blaming themselves and their failed ideology, but President Bush and the Republican leadership for not being conservative enough.

The conservative movement pioneer Richard Viguerie railed against “Big Government Republicanism”

(As if the citizens of New Orleans wished Republicans provided them with less government).

He ripped the presidential frontrunners as insufficiently conservative, while anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly complained the media was forcing McCain, Giuliani and Romney on them.

(Hugging the Iraq war and gearing up for Iran apparently isn’t as important as hating gays and immigrants. Though Mitt’s people are out in force here, trying to persaude the skeptics.)

And failed gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell attacked the GOP as “in disarray” plagued with “moral corruption,” “incompetence” and “public policy duplicity.”

(Well, he’s got a point there.)

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