Enormous, Humongous Trade Deficit Grows

The July trade report is out. Exports are rising, but imports are rising even more. So our vast, humongous, enormous, out-of-control trade deficit continues its upward trajectory, sucking more jobs and money from our economy.

Fresh Hell When Congress Returns

What fresh hell is this? When Congress returns Republicans are going to try their damndest to shut down the government over Obamacare. After that they will cross the Styx, and threaten to explode the world economy. How much damage will they do?
Fresh Hell When Congress Returns

Take The Texas Job-Poaching Test

Inequality awareness test: If someome makes $50,000 in one state, but the company lays the worker off and moves to a low-wage state to hire someone for $25,000, doesn't that mean that net wages paid to American workers is $25,000 less?

My Dream — It All Starts With Jobs

As we remember Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech, it is a good time to reflect on our own dreams of what our society could become. What is my dream? It starts with jobs. But it goes on from there.

Every New Job Helps Our Economy

Let’s put people to work fixing our roads and bridges, and teaching our children. Here's one way to show how a job-creation program starts a virtuous cycle that benefits everyone.
Every New Job Helps Our Economy

America Deserves A Solar Manufacturing Industry

America used to have a thriving computer-chip manufacturing industry. Now China does that. America deserves to have a solar manufacturing industry, even if the "serious people" say this should end up in China, too. This is about jobs.

The Terrible Divide Between Top And Bottom

Two new stories today that just happened to be located one after the other in my news feed illustrate the divide between what most of us are experiencing, and how the Very Serious People see good times rolling.

Blame The Auto Trade Deficit, Not Detroit’s Workers

Republicans are trying to get people to blame Detroit's working people for Detroit's problems, while just ignoring the $12 billion/month automotive trade deficit caused by "free trade" agreements. Seriously? They expect us to swallow that nonsense?

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Please.

It is not hard to imagine ways we could fix the terrible unemployment situation. Fix the country's crumbling infrastructure. Fix trade. Stop the stupid "sequester" budget cuts. You can even get a little bit visionary.

Enormous, Humongous Trade Deficit Shrank In June

The enormous, humongous, vast, staggering, unbelievable, job-sucking, economy-sucking US trade deficit shrank to “only” $34.2 billion from a revised $44.1 billion in May. Exports of US goods and petroleum were […]

Repatriation Tax Mistakes

If you reward bad behavior you create an incentive for the bad behavior to continue. This is certainly the case with taxes on profits made outside the country. Rewarding multinational […]

Happy Birthday Medicare!

Today is the 48th birthday of Medicare! President Johnson signing the Medicare program into law, July 30, 1965. Photo credit: LBJ Presidential Library. Before Medicare only half of older Americans […]

Jobs Fix Economy, Cuts Cut Economy

The President is pushing a jobs agenda to grow the economy “from the midddle out.” Insider DC is mocking him because the ideas — infrastructure, American manufacturing, fund our schools […]

How About Coal Ash For School Lunches?

House Republicans just passed a bill to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of authority to regulate coal ash. Maybe they plan to “save money” by putting it in school lunches? […]

Not Sexist Summers, Please

Larry Summers for the Fed? Seriously? There are better choices for Federal Reserve chair; in particular, Janet Yellen is more than qualified and would do a great job. Ezra Klein […]
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