The Kochs Can’t Buy The Pope

The Kochs can't buy the Pope, but presumably they have some members of Congress on retainer. Still, perhaps the Pope can turn at least one Republican away from oil and coal patrons.
Bill Scher
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How To Win The Race For Hillary’s Platform

The real Democratic race is not about whether Hillary will win. Rather, it’s who will win Hillary. If you want populist progressives to successfully influence her platform, then you should come to Washington this weekend for Populism2015.
Bill Scher
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Warren Explains How We Solve Inequality and CO2 Pollution

At Monday's 'Good Jobs Green Jobs' conference, Sen. Elizabeth Warren deftly melded her case for a stronger middle class with her call to avert a climate crisis. The next step will be taken at the Populism2015 conference.
Bill Scher
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Building a Populist Movement That Can Stop Global Warming

The days when the environmentalism was constantly pitted against economic growth are ending, even if climate science deniers continue to spread fear about economic devastation if we cap our carbon pollution.
Bill Scher
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Obama’s Climate Pledge: Is It Enough?

President Obama's pledge is based on programs already in the works that don't need approval from a Republican Congress. More effort – and a new Congress – will eventually be needed to avert a climate crisis.
Bill Scher
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The Choice Before The Republican Party: Grow or Die

A healthy Republican primary would feature a competition of ideas to reach those presently outside the narrow Republican tent, with multiple candidates trying to better Jeb Bush's thin, if well-meaning, appeals.
Bill Scher
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McConnell’s Literal Scorched Earth Campaign

McConnell is executing a literal scorched-earth strategy: urging governors to adopt a quasi-nullification strategy and ignore federal authority ... ensure we fail to do our part to avert the baking of the planet.
Bill Scher
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Republicans Opt For Fiscal Suicide

Republicans will fully own this radical vision to "reduce [government] to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub." You might have thought Grover Norquist was joking, but these Republicans aren't.
Bill Scher
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Why Does Jeb Bush Keep Touting His Failures?

Jeb Bush is developing an odd habit of breezily touting parts of his record that don't look good up close. We've already had one President Bush who liked to say that up is down. Didn't work out too well.
Why Does Jeb Bush Keep Touting His Failures?
Bill Scher
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Are Republicans Insane Enough To Propose a Balanced Budget?

A 10-year balanced budget would require $5.5 trillion in deficit reduction by people who don't believe in tax increases or military spending cuts. By the final year, social spending would have to slashed in half.
Bill Scher
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Tom Cotton Should Watch More ‘Schoolhouse Rock’

If Sen. Cotton fully understood the U.S. Constitution, he would know that he needs 67 Senate votes if he's going to act like he can override a presidential veto. And his letter only has 47 signatures.
Bill Scher
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MSNBC Roundtable: What If Hillary Doesn’t Run? [VIDEO]

Yesterday on MSNBC's "Up With Steve Kornacki," I discussed my recent POLITICO Magazine analysis "What If HIllary Bows Out?" Of course, the former Secretary is highly likely to run. But exploring the matter still has value.
Bill Scher
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Jeb Really Is a Bush

Jeb Bush's speech to the Detroit Economic Club pledging to close the "opportunity gap" is strikingly similar to George W. Bush's 1999 stump speech touting "compassionate conservatism."
Bill Scher
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Four Bogus Attacks On The Obama Budget, Debunked

Are congressional Republicans ready to have an honest debate between to competing budgetary visions for America? Nope. Just bogus attacks that try to kick up enough sand so we can't have an honest debate.
Bill Scher
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You Think Sarah Palin Is Incoherent? Listen To Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush's address to the National Automobile Dealers Association attracted much positive press. He sounded like an adult. He was willing to challenge conservative orthodoxy. Just one problem: it didn't make any sense.
Bill Scher
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Republicans Feeling The Climate Squeeze

It is becoming increasingly unacceptable, even among Republicans, to defend the "hoax" line. We are moving toward a climate debate over how to solve the problem, not whether there is a problem.
Bill Scher
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The Republican 40-Hour Work Week Scam

One of the first bills passed by the Republican House after being in session for three days was the "Save American Workers Act of 2015" - and by "save" Republicans meant saving 1.5 million workers from the burden of having health insurance.
Bill Scher
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ObamaRail Picks Up Speed

Yesterday's ground-breaking ceremony for California's high-speed rail system was the second major advancement in President Obama's vision for modernizing America's train tracks in the last two weeks.
Bill Scher
  • 25 Proves Liberal Government Works

It's not as much fun to write about as a broken website, but is humming along this year. And the decades-long rise of the cost of health insurance premiums appears to have been arrested.
Bill Scher
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Is Jeb Bush Too Conservative To Win?

Much of the initial analysis of Jeb Bush's candidacy centers on the question if he is too moderate to win the Republican primary. The more important question is if Jeb is too conservative to win the general election.
Bill Scher
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Time For a Democratic Tea Party?

Can the populist wing of the party expand its influence over the business-friendly wing, and will congressional Democrats will use their leverage to scuttle any White House-blessed bipartisan deals in 2015?
Bill Scher
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Bush vs. Obama on the Economy, In 3 Simple Charts [UPDATED]

The back-to-back Bush and Obama administrations allow us to easily compare the effectiveness of liberal and conservative economic policies. On jobs, unemployment and corporate profits, it's no contest.
Bill Scher
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Chuck Schumer Is Wrong. This Is The Real Mistake From 2010.

Pursuing health care reform did not stop President Obama from building on the stimulus. Congress did. President Obama proposed $80B of additional stimulus in June 2010. Blame the 53 Senators who killed it.
Bill Scher
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New Republican Plan: Defund Border Security

In other words, if Obama won't bend to Republicans demands, then funding for immigration enforcement will expire. And Republicans will be responsible for ending overnight all America does on a daily basis to secure the border.
Bill Scher
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Obama Forces Republicans To Choose: Latinos Or Haters

Tonight's presidential announcement will be a historic moment, especially for immigrant families who will no longer live in fear. On the other hand, watching Republicans go apoplectic is just going to be fun to watch.
Bill Scher
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Yes, Mitch McConnell Is Killing Coal

Neither the natural gas boom that is crowding out coal, nor the worldwide push for lower emissions is going away. The world is moving and Kentucky is standing still, because McConnell is keeping Kentucky stagnant.
Bill Scher
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How Republicans Co-Opted Populism

In the debate between populist progressives and self-described "centrists" over why Democrats lost the midterms and how they should recalibrate, it's worth recalling that Republicans won in part by co-opting populism.
Bill Scher
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Give Up, GOP: Climate Change Is The New Gay Marriage

They got burned on gay marriage. Now Republicans risk getting burned on climate. Just as there were signs in 2004 that Republicans were on the wrong side of history, so are there today.
Bill Scher
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