Republicans Should Fear An Obama Executive Order On Immigration

On immigration reform, President Barack Obama retains the upper hand. House Republicans have five weeks to accept reality and pass legislation, or ignore it and give Obama another chance to lead, like with climate and minimum wage.
Bill Scher
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The Risk For Republicans In Fighting The Cap On Carbon

With the EPA out strong with a creative rule designed to avoid negative economic impact, and with sharp prebuttals against attacks about lost jobs and higher bills, Republicans may want to take heed before overplaying their hand.
Bill Scher
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Norquist v. Ingraham and the Momentum for Immigration Reform

Grover Norquist visited Laura Ingraham's radio show, then chastised her and her allies because "they throw around ‘amnesty’ in criticizing every single reform that we’re looking at." The left is united and the right is divided.
Bill Scher
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Can The New Populism Save The Climate?

As progressives gather in Washington on May 22 for the New Populism Conference, to shape and organize around a populist agenda, it's worth discussing if and how populism can be harnessed to save the planet.
Bill Scher
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Obama’s 2014 Climate Push Proves Policy Is Above Politics

If President Obama wants to duck climate politics before the midterms, he has a funny way of showing it. The EPA is planning to formally propose it's biggest set of climate rules covering existing power plants "within weeks."
Bill Scher
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Warren Keynotes May 22 Conference on “New Populism”

With a new wave of populism rising, Campaign for America's Future has announced that tickets are on sale for "The New Populism Conference," convening May 22 and featuring Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Bill Scher
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When Republicans Were Sane and a Bush Raised Taxes

24 years ago, a Republican president raised taxes on the wealthy, and on gas consumption. Yesterday, he was given a "Profile in Courage" award. Will any of today's Republicans think about following in his footsteps?
Bill Scher
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Why The Brothers Koch Can’t Beat Energy From Mother Nature

In state after state, fossil fuel interests are trying to repeal renewable energy mandates, impose fees on solar power customers and block the EPA from cutting carbon emissions from power plants. And they keep losing.
Bill Scher
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Republican Resistance To Jobless Aid Starts To Crack

Republicans are suddenly talking about compromises in order to pass the Senate's extended unemployment insurance bill. They are feeling the pressure. Give them some more by calling Boehner at (513) 285-9008.
Bill Scher
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What Everyone Is Missing About The Obamacare Deadline

Under the law, for 2014, we don't have a complete individual mandate. This year's penalty for being uninsured is relatively light. Not so next year, and even less so the year after that.
Bill Scher
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Washington Conservatives, Leave The States Alone!

Why won't the professional conservative movement listen to these "instruments of self-government," these "laboratories of democracy," these "centers of innovation"?
Bill Scher
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