Warren Keynotes May 22 Conference on “New Populism”

With a new wave of populism rising, Campaign for America's Future has announced that tickets are on sale for "The New Populism Conference," convening May 22 and featuring Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Bill Scher
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When Republicans Were Sane and a Bush Raised Taxes

24 years ago, a Republican president raised taxes on the wealthy, and on gas consumption. Yesterday, he was given a "Profile in Courage" award. Will any of today's Republicans think about following in his footsteps?
Bill Scher
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Why The Brothers Koch Can’t Beat Energy From Mother Nature

In state after state, fossil fuel interests are trying to repeal renewable energy mandates, impose fees on solar power customers and block the EPA from cutting carbon emissions from power plants. And they keep losing.
Bill Scher
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Republican Resistance To Jobless Aid Starts To Crack

Republicans are suddenly talking about compromises in order to pass the Senate's extended unemployment insurance bill. They are feeling the pressure. Give them some more by calling Boehner at (513) 285-9008.
Bill Scher
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What Everyone Is Missing About The Obamacare Deadline

Under the law, for 2014, we don't have a complete individual mandate. This year's penalty for being uninsured is relatively light. Not so next year, and even less so the year after that.
Bill Scher
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Washington Conservatives, Leave The States Alone!

Why won't the professional conservative movement listen to these "instruments of self-government," these "laboratories of democracy," these "centers of innovation"?
Bill Scher
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A Serious Party Takes Climate Seriously

When Sen. Ted Cruz wanted to talk to the nation about health care, he read "Green Eggs and Ham." When 30 senators seized the Senate floor last night for an all-night talk-a-thon about climate change, they delivered the facts.
Bill Scher
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No, Romney and Palin Were Not Right About Russia

Romney's complaint was that Obama wasn't supporting long-range missile defense systems over Russian objections. But Bush did support them, and the same thing happened.
Bill Scher
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Making Washington Work

Yes, Republicans are furiously obstructing all they can, and this Congress may be end up being one of the least productive in history. But don't throw in the towel on immigration or minimum wage.
Bill Scher
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Republicans To Unemployed: Drop Dead

Republicans today ended all doubt: They do not want to help the long-term unemployed. Given a bill that would help for a mere three extra months without adding to the deficit, Republicans filibustered it.
Bill Scher
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Are Dems Running 1996 Playbook To Raise The Minimum Wage?

Nearly every president since the minimum wage was established has signed into law a minimum wage increase, even when a conservative Congress loathed a Democratic president -- such as in 1949 and 1996.
Bill Scher
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Barack Obama: Climate Realist

"Climate change is a fact," said President Obama at the State of the Union. While that was directly lobbed at climate deniers, it was also implicitly aimed at those environmentalists who have been critical of his support for natural gas.
Bill Scher
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Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement Taking Off

Three decades ago the divestment movement help bring down apartheid. Today a new generation of activists is using divestment to bring down fossil fuel companies wrecking the climate.
Bill Scher
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Can Executive Action Save The Climate?

John Podesta wrote the book on advancing policy through executive action, and now he's inside the White House. Will his climate plan now go in effect, and is it enough?
Bill Scher
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Keep The Pressure On The Senate To Save The Unemployed

The legislation can still get bogged down, lose momentum, then eventually get pushed aside as other pressing matters inevitably arise ... if the politicians think the public doesn't care.
Bill Scher
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