Progressive Breakfast for November 25

Morning Message

What Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law Might Say Thursday

Here’s something (not) to look forward to: Thanksgiving dinner with your family in the time of Trump. This week you’re heading home to spend quality time with your family. Of course, your right-wing brother-in-law (RWBIL) is going to be there, spouting off quotes from Trump and Rush and fully Foxified. Actual facts will not be present at this table and would not penetrate the Drudge-shield if they were, but conspiracy theories will abound. Brace yourself.

Bernie Goes Big On Immigration

Sanders proposes his own immigration executive action. W. Post: “…he would take executive action to allow undocumented immigrants who’ve been in the United States for at least five years to stay in the country without fear of being deported … Sanders’s plan also includes provisions to allow undocumented immigrants to purchase health insurance through the exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act …”

Clinton pledges to stop saying “illegal immigrant” when asked during Facebook Q&A. The Hill quotes: “Yes, I will. As I’ve said throughout this campaign, the people at the heart of this issue are children, parents, families, DREAMers. They have names, and hopes and dreams that deserve to be respected.”

Obama’s immigration orders in Supreme Court’s hands. Bloomberg: “The court could act imminently on a request by Texas and 25 other states for a 30-day extension of the deadline to respond to the administration’s bid for a hearing … If the court grants the request, the justices would have to deviate from their normal scheduling practices to consider the case during the nine-month term that ends in June. The administration says the court should allow only an 8-day extension to ensure the case can be heard this term.”

Clinton Holds Iowa Edge

Hillary up by 9 in Iowa. NYT: “More than four out of five Iowa Democrats think Hillary Rodham Clinton can win the general election, compared with only half who think the same of Senator Bernie Sanders … More voters in the new survey said that Mr. Sanders could better handle the economy, voters’ No. 1 issue, and more think he shares their values and cares about people like them.”

“Hillary Clinton’s Middle-Class Tax Pledge Divides Democrats” reports Time: “Critics say it is a crafty political move that would limit the ambition of proposals on everything from expanding Social Security to healthcare reform. It reinforces a long-running Republican argument that some would prefer to defeat head on. And, to put it simply, it makes it hard to pay for things Democrats want.”

Kochs Seek Corporate Criminal Sentencing Reform

Bipartisan sentencing reform talks caught on corporate criminal sentencing reform. NYT: “…that joint effort is facing its most significant test — over a House bill that Koch Industries says would make the criminal justice system fairer, but that the Justice Department says would make it significantly harder to prosecute corporate polluters, producers of tainted food and other white-collar criminals.”

Treasury Secretary Lew defends Dodd-Frank in Bloomberg oped: “…it would be irresponsible to turn the clock back to the era when these monitors were not in place and we experienced the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Yet that is exactly what some Republicans are attempting to do, and Democrats should not join them.”