Progressive Breakfast for May 4

Morning Message

Bernie Sanders Wins Indiana – And The Political Debate

Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist insurgent, won Indiana convincingly Tuesday night – 52.5 percent to 47.5 percent – over Hillary Clinton, the establishment moderate. This is a remarkable victory, a statement of the extent and scope of the Sanders surge ... Indiana is a Wonder bread state – Midwestern, centrist, largely white, religious ... But young voters, liberals flooded into the polling booths and swept Sanders to victory ... Sanders may not be winning his struggle against the delegate math, as the mainstream media keeps reminding us, but he is winning the political debate.

GOP Trumped

Cruz quits, and the Republican Party dies, says The Atlantic’s Molly Ball: “…to the anti-Trump faction, the GOP they cherished for decades as a vehicle for right-of-center ideas seemed to be no more … But the party was broken before Trump came along, and Cruz helped to break it.”

NYT’s Ross Douthat proclaims loss for conservatism: “…it turned out that Republican voters didn’t want True Conservatism any more than they wanted Bushism 2.0 … movement conservative ideas and litmus tests don’t really have any purchase on millions of Republican voters…”

Trump loses to Clinton by 13, Sanders by 16 in new CNN poll.

Map looks terrible for Trump. NYT: “… Mr. Trump trails Mrs. Clinton by around 10 percentage points in early general election surveys, both nationally and in key battleground states. He even trails in some polls of several states where Mitt Romney won in 2012, like North Carolina, Arizona, Missouri and Utah … he is struggling to reunite the voters who supported Mr. Romney — especially white women and white college-educated voters.”

Will anti-Trump Republicans vote Clinton? W. Post: “One strategy under discussion is to focus on helping down-ballot GOP candidates while sitting out the presidential race … A more drastic and difficult option: rallying support for a third-party candidate … Mark Salter, a former aide to Sen. John McCain [tweeted] ‘I’m with her.'”

Bernie Boost

Bernie gets lift in Indiana. Yahoo! News: “…Tuesday’s win doesn’t propel Sanders very far; he and Clinton will roughly split Indiana’s 83 Democratic delegates because his victory was narrow. But the win fuels the senator’s argument that he should keep fighting until the end…”

Indiana Dems shift left. W. Post: “…preliminary exit poll data reported by CNN showed that the electorate in the state was more likely to identify as liberal than in other Midwestern states, and less likely to identify as moderate. What’s more, the change since 2008 was much larger than in those other states …”

Increases leverage for convention. The Atlantic: “…even if he does not win the White House, he might still claim victory if he can leave a progressive stamp on the Democratic party platform. To achieve even that, Sanders will need to prove that he can maintain widespread support … The Indiana victory is an opportunity to reverse [momentum.]”

Sanders defiant. The Hill quotes: “I think that it is basically irresponsible and extremely undemocratic to say to the people of West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, California — our largest state — that they should not have the right to cast a ballot to determine who the president of the United States will be, or what the agenda of the Democratic Party will be … We are in this race to win.”

Clinton pivots to Trump anyway. Politico: “…the Clinton campaign has finalized a series of senior hires around the country, expanded the size of her central swing-state planning team in New York, and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been transferred to strategically important state parties from the Democratic National Committee. She’s also scheduled a series of public speeches and private meetings in states that will be crucial to her general election campaign.”

Breakfast Sides

Obama in Flint today. NYT: “The president is traveling there after an appeal from an 8-year-old girl, Mari Copeny, who asked to meet with the president when she went to Washington for a Flint hearing on Capitol Hill in March. Instead, the president will travel to Flint and meet with her there. Mr. Obama also plans to meet with Gov. Rick Snyder…”

WH nears overtime pay rule change. The Hill: “Industry and nonprofit groups are pushing back against several aspects of the rule, including the proposed salary maximum for earning overtime pay, the annual adjustment rate for overtime wages and the deadline for businesses to comply … The White House office held 22 meetings on the proposal in April, according to its calendar, and groups say more meetings are planned this week.”