Filibuster Neil Gorsuch; Tradition Demands It

Republicans have done violence to Senate traditions for years. The nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is the fruit of their disrespect for tradition. It's time for all Democrats to say no.
Richard Eskow

Koch Caucus Continues Its Assault on Healthcare

Billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch agressively fund "dark-money" campaigns for far-right causes through sham grassroots organizations, and contribute to eighty percent of the far-right "Freedom Caucus" members in Congress.
Richard Eskow

New York Must ‘Raise The Age’ For Juvenile Offenders Now

New York is one of only two states that charges sixteen and seventeen year olds as adults in criminal courts. This puts tens of thousands of teenagers in adult prisons. Our governor and legislature must act now to end this archaic practice.
Stanley Fritz

A New Way to Equal Pay For All Women

Equal Pay Day is here. That's the date when women working full-time, year-round catch up to men’s earnings from the previous year. If you're a working woman, or a man who cares about the women in your life, this matters to you.

Gorsuch’s Approval Would Put Vulnerable Students At Risk

Neil Gorsuch's court opinions reveal a pattern of antipathy toward students with disabilities. We must oppose his approval to the Supreme Court, as it would cement neglect for the vulnerable in legal precedent for generations to come.
Jeff Bryant

Make Every Democratic Senator Filibuster Gorsuch

It's time to use every tactic in the book - mass demonstrations, petitions, calls, and emails - to make clear that every Democrat who doesn't filibuster Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination will face a primary challenge.
Miles Mogulescu

Roger Wilkins: A Man of Honor for a Tempestuous Time

Words fail to give full measure to Roger Wilkins, who left us just after his 85th birthday. A great champion of social justice, proud father and good friend, he will be missed.
Robert Borosage
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Trump’s Climate Order Assaults Vulnerable Communities

President Trump's sweeping executive order reverses years of efforts to promote clean air, water and energy. His claim? Environmental protections are bad for jobs. His solution? Windfalls to industry that threaten vulnerable communities.
Jordan Estevão

Gorsuch on Labor: A Soulless Man Cannot Serve Justice

The fact that Judge Gorsuch, born and bred a one-percenter, decided the "frozen trucker" case and others for moneyed interests without a thought for people injured on the job, disqualifies him for a seat on the nation’s highest court.
Leo Gerard

Did You Vote For Unfair Pay and Unsafe Workplaces?

“Fair pay and safe workplaces” sums it up. The rule, which Trump and the Republicans saw fit to repeal, stated that our government should contract with companies that have “a satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics.”

The Big Lie Behind Trump’s Education Budget

The anger public school advocates have for Trump's proposed education budget cuts is well-deserved. But the target for their anger should not be just the extent of the cuts but also how the cuts are being pitched to the public.
Jeff Bryant

ALEC’s Push for a Constitutional Convention Reaches Wisconsin

A constitutional convention makes for a snappy hashtag, #ConCon. But, as GOP leaders in Idaho recently discovered, it is an impractical idea that could result in a "runaway" convention that dangerously rewrites the U.S. Constitution.
Richard Eskow

America Can’t Afford Another Gorsuch in Government

Neil Gorsuch is not the first in his family to seek high office. As a teen he watched his mother, former EPA chief Anne Gorsuch, as she oversaw the mishandling of funds and withheld evidence from Congress. He later condoned these actions.
Lois Gibbs

Blocking Gorsuch Matters Now More Than Ever

We must force wavering Democratic senators to filibuster Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court, by showing up at their offices to let them know they will face primary challenges if they let him pass.
Miles Mogulescu

Democrats Should Focus More on Jobs, Less on Russia

Democrats must confront the moral horrors of Trump's policies head-on: jobs, healthcare, civil rights and the Supreme Court are all under attack. We must defend these first, even if there's a 'smell of treason' in the air.
Robert Borosage
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Grassroots Power Stalls Trumpcare

People's Action groups stood up in Pennsylvania and other states to let elected officials know we won't let them trade away health care for a tax break to the richest two percent of the country.
Rafael Diaz

Alaska, Montana & Indian Health Benefits Under Fire

The story of Alaska and Montana is not front and center in the health-care debate in the House, but it should be. Both states get a raw deal under the GOP's plan, and Montana doesn't even get a vote.
Mark Trahant

GOP Health Bill Endangers the Lives of Trans People

Trans people may lose health care under the GOP, just because they are trans. We need to fight for what we all deserve: health care in which no one fears dying because we don’t have the resources or access to stay alive.
Xoai Pham

Communities Say: Trump Water Policies Make Us Sick!

Detroit, Reno and other cities across the country rallied on World Water Day to demand that our representatives defend our access to safe drinking water and stop cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency.
Jordan Estevão

Speaking Truth to Lies in the Trump Era

We live in a new era, with untruths all around us. Here are ten ways advocates, journalists, and everyday people can cut through the lies and get the real story out in what we write and say.
Alan Jenkins

Reaffirm Our National Community By Forgiving Student Debt

This is a more important time than ever to reaffirm our bravest and highest values. Jubilee – the ancient concept of debt forgiveness as an affirmation of community – reflects those values.
Mary Green Swig | Steven L. Swig | Richard Eskow

Republican Budget Endangers Americans at Work and Home

Trump's budget doesn't make us secure. It slashes and burns protections to our environment, labor and education. Americans sickened by pollution are weak. Workers threatened by explosions on the job are less safe, not more.
Leo Gerard

We Must Filibuster Gorsuch’s Federalist Society Agenda

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch shows every sign he supports the Federalist Society's pro-corporate, far-right agenda. Democratic senators must filibuster his nomination, or face primary challenges in their home states.
Miles Mogulescu

Five Reasons Moderate Democrats Should Oppose Neil Gorsuch

Nobody’s suggesting Democrats should behave like Republicans. But it’s no longer “moderate” to pretend the rules haven’t changed. In today’s world, a vote for Gorsuch is a vote for extremism over moderation.
Richard Eskow

The Return of the Railroad Robber Baron

If you don’t pay me $230 million, the new CEO at railroad giant CSX warns, I’ll walk away, and let your workers keep their jobs. He means it. At his previous CEO stop, Hunter Harrison cut another railroad's workforce by 34 percent.

Trump’s EPA Cuts: No One Will Protect Us

President Trump’s deep cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency terrify me. They will gut the agency, removing protections for American families and our children.
Lois Gibbs
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