An Open Letter to the Republican Establishment

You are the captains of American industry, the titans of Wall Street, and the billionaires who for decades have been the backbone of the Republican Party. But you’re paying a big price – and about to pay far more.

When Too Much is Terrible

China makes too much steel. With government subsidies and currency manipulation that are illegal under international trade rules, China sells steel overseas at below production cost, bankrupting fair market manufacturers and killing jobs.
Leo Gerard

Supreme Obstruction

Normally (and according to the Constitution) the process is that the President nominates a new justice, the Senate holds hearings, and there is a vote to confirm that nominee or not. According to the Constitution, that’s their job.

South Carolina: Clinton’s “Firewall” Holds

Hillary Clinton won a landslide victory in South Carolina's Democratic presidential primary. Bernie Sanders was unable to cut into her solid African-American support. Yet even as she cruised to victory, warning signs were still flashing.
Robert Borosage

Wingnut Week In Review: Unintelligible Yelling

Thursday night’s tenth GOP presidential debate was, ironically, best summed up by CNN’s closed captioner for the hearing impaired, who spoke for all who were appalled and somewhat frightened by how the GOP has devolved.
Terrance Heath

A Greener Leap Year

What if an extra day somehow slipped into your month? This being a leap year, it’s a reasonable question. The climate justice movement won’t take this 366th day for granted.

Meet The Conservatives Who Would Leave Trump’s Party

A Donald Trump nomination means several elements of the Republican Party will sit out the election, vote third-party or even vote Democrat. The seams of the GOP coalition are tearing apart in front of our eyes.
Bill Scher

Black Votes Matter, Because Black Lives Matter

Democrats are beginning to understand that black votes matter to their margin of victory. But to earn those votes, Democrats have to prove that black votes matter to them, with policies that prove black lives matter to them.
Terrance Heath

Why the Right Should Fear Inequality

Conservatives who worry about government "red tape" smothering "freedom" need to take a closer look at our great economic divides. And if they did, they'd start supporting America's trade unions instead of trying to subvert them.

The End of the Establishment?

Something very big has happened, and it’s not due to Bernie Sanders’ magnetism or Donald Trump’s likeability. It’s a rebellion against the establishment. The question is why the establishment has been so slow to see this.

Donald Trump Will Not Be President of the United States

Donald Trump keeps winning primaries. On Tuesday, he won big in Nevada caucuses. He leads in the vast number of upcoming March primaries. He's on his way to the nomination. But he will not be elected president of the United States.
Robert Borosage

Murdering American Manufacturing: “Strictly Business”

GOP candidates boast about building a physical wall to keep poor Mexican immigrants out of America. They fail to offer an economic barrier to prevent U.S. corporations from impoverishing American workers by exporting their jobs to Mexico.
Leo Gerard

Momentum For Education Policy That Improves The Odds For Success

Signs continue to indicate momentum for a new emerging education policy narrative that treats student poverty as a real issue to be addressed rather than as an excuse to be dismissed – underscored in the relaunch of a schools initiative.
Jeff Bryant

The Sanders “Economic Plan” Controversy

"Establishment" economists attacked Bernie Sanders by attacking an analysis by economist Gerald Friedman. Friedman said Sanders' plan would produce significant growth in an economy that continues to underperform.

South Carolina and Nevada: Populism Still Rising

The populist revolt in both parties continues to roil both parties. On the Republican side, the establishment favorite -- Jeb! -- is gone. On the Democratic side, the Sanders surge continues to grow.
Robert Borosage

Wingnut Week In Review: CSI Scalia

That didn’t take long: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead on Saturday morning, after expiring in his sleep on Friday night. The conspiracy theories started late Sunday.
Terrance Heath

The Supreme Court Wasn’t Designed For This Political Heat

The confrontation over selecting a successor to Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court shows how politicized our courts have become, exposing judicial decisions as political choices rather than legal ones.
Robert Borosage

Why The Republican Party Must Stop Trump, and How It Can

Trump's non-ideological campaign of hate would split the party, whether or not the GOP allows him to claim the nomination. Better to excommunicate him, cleanse the party of hate and purify conservatism.
Bill Scher

What School Walk-Ins Teach Us

This week, thousands of supporters of public education demonstrated in a series of “walk-in” protests in over 30 cities and 900 schools. What these protests tell us is a hard, bitter truth about our schools.
Jeff Bryant

Global Recession: A Real and Present Danger?

The presidential debates have treated ISIS and Syria as America's central security threats. Ignored is the increasing threat of a global economic downturn that would undermine our security far more than ISIS can imagine.
Robert Borosage

The Death of the Republican Party

I’m writing to you today to announce the death of the Republican Party. It is no longer a living, vital, animate organization. It died in 2016. RIP. It has been replaced by warring tribes.
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