Small May Not Always Be Beautiful

Have you been keeping your own personal list of issues that should have received some attention in this year’s election campaigns but didn’t? Here’s one issue you may have overlooked: America’s incredible housing squeeze.

We Were All Outsiders in Trump’s America Once — Even Trump

We were all strangers once, all except the first people of this land. Some of us can’t remember that because we’re too consumed with hate, or fear, or anger, or ambition. But it’s true. We were all strangers once.
Richard Eskow

It’s Not New: Sexual Assault in the Election and in History

Trump, Clinton, and their respective supporters have been framing the issue as a debate over whose actions are worse. But to morally condemn individual acts of sexual assault while ignoring gendered inequality in general is wrong.
Sandy Banard

Five Truths About Charter Schools

Major national newspapers published editorials criticizing the NAACP's call for a moratorium on charter schools. These editorials have got it wrong. Here’s what everyone needs to know about charter schools
Jeff Bryant

Why Is Washington Still Pushing the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Bizarrely, first thing after this election is over, President Obama, the Republican leaders of the House and Senate and the business lobby are planning to launch a full-court press to drive the TPP through a lame-duck session of Congress.
Robert Borosage
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“CoreCivic”: New Name, Same For-Profit Prison Greed

CCA has now followed competitors like the “Management and Training Corporation” by adopting a name that hides its true nature. If you can't even mention your industry in your company’s name, it's probably time for a new line of work.
Richard Eskow

Progressives Pushing on Executive Appointments? Scandal!

Even as they push hard to get Clinton elected, Progressive Senators and organizations are gearing up to influence her future appointments. This has rendered Wall Street apoplectic -- which proves how important it is.
Robert Borosage
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In This Hate-Filled Election, There’s Always Love

We're using the days before our wedding to do an extreme road trip – five states in five days – to uncover the love story that we believe is the future of American democracy.
George Goehl and Ai-jen Poo

A Conversation on the Real Living Wage in America

A new report from the People's Action Institute documents the real cost of living in the United States. We discussed the report with its author, Allyson Fredericksen.
Richard Eskow

The Biggest House Race Of 2016: Teachout vs. Faso

If there's one House race that encapsulates the hopes of the Bernie Sanders revolution, it is the race for the currently Republican-held open seat in upstate New York's 19th congressional district.
Bill Scher

Army Medic: Trump is a “Blue Falcon”

Trump likes to claim that he would be “great for the veterans,” but veterans like me know better. I served in Iraq as an Army Combat Medic and saw first hand the stakes of the decisions that will be made by our next Commander-in-Chief.

Halloween Horror: Trump’s Poll Trolls

Fearing they could not win fair and square, Republicans took steps to prevent young, old, black and Hispanic people – people likely to vote Democratic – from reaching the polls. This GOP Frankenstein threatens democracy itself.
Leo Gerard

TPP “Partner” Jails Human Rights Blogger

A human rights blogger who writes under the pseudonym Mother Mushroom has been arrested by the Vietnam government for "corruption against the state." Yet Vietnam is still included in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

What Obama Never Got About Education

The legacy of the Obama administration on education will be mostly that he generally didn't get it. Indeed the very place he recently chose to tout his work on graduation rates indicates how little his administration understands the issues
Jeff Bryant

The Geniuses Who Brought You the Iraq War Are at It Again

The “Blob”—the epithet Obama speechwriter Ben Rhodes used to scorn Washington’s inbred, vainglorious, bipartisan foreign-policy elite—is striking back. The Blob has driven us into one folly after another. And it is calling for more.
Robert Borosage
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