A Dramatic Restructuring of Government, Budget Cuts Ahead

Trump's plan calls for a reduction of $10.5 trillion in spending over the next decade. Except he calls for an increase in military spending meaning that domestic programs would have to take even bigger cuts in order to reach the total.
Mark Trahant

Trump’s Perverse Populism

Donald Trump’s inaugural address stunned Washington elites. Yet it deserves attention for it reveals how Trump’s right-wing populism distorts America’s populist tradition.
Robert Borosage
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From March To Movement

Now comes the hard part—transforming the extraordinary energy of the Womens March into an organized movement that can show up not just on one day, but day after day, and achieve real political power.
Miles Mogulescu

The Poisonous Politics of David Brock

Brock is not a man of the left. His institutions are not grounded in the populist-progressive movement. He’s an agent of the Democratic establishment, funded significantly by its biggest donors.
Robert Borosage
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Does Betsy DeVos Care About Racial Equity? We Still Don’t Know.

It's not surprising someone who has never been a teacher, never run a school, never served as a public official official overseeing education, and never been engaged in scholarly work on education is not well versed in education policy.
Jeff Bryant
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Why This Price Is Wrong

The next health secretary shouldn’t have a record of benefiting from prescription drug profiteering. Profiteering shouldn’t be at the heart of our health care system — we need less corporate control of our health care, not more.

Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Aluminum Bat

To preserve a vital American manufacturing capability -- aluminum smelting -- against predatory conduct by a foreign power, the administration must speak loudly and carry a big aluminum bat.
Leo Gerard
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Three Reasons John Lewis is Right That Trump Is Illegitimate

Donald Trump is not only morally an illegitimate President, but actually an illegitimate President who would not have won, but for (1) voter suppression, (2) Comey’s letter, and (3) Russian intervention aimed at helping Trump.
Miles Mogulescu

Booker and the Big Pharma Dems Have No Excuse. This Vote Proves It.

It’s disappointing when Democrats offer implausible excuses for their votes, as Sen. Cory Booker and twelve other senators did. It’s downright outrageous when those same Democrats claim their votes were driven by drug safety concerns.
Richard Eskow

Resisting the Trumpublican Shock Doctrine Blitzkrieg

Trumpublicans are intent on manipulating the shock of Donald Trump's victory to roll back much of the New Deal and Great Society. It’s incumbent upon everyone who cares about democracy and the common good to fight back.
Miles Mogulescu

Will Betsy DeVos Restart The ‘Education Wars’?

Trump's nominating Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education risks “reigniting the education wars,” says teachers union leader Randi Weingarten. Indeed, Democrats in Congress are showing an uncharacteristically unified front in opposing her
Jeff Bryant
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Republicans, Here’s Your Way Out Of the Obamacare Vise

The Republicans are in a jam. But there is a way out. It requires Republicans to prioritize maintaining political power over sticking with ideological principles. That should not be a problem.
Bill Scher
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How Many Won’t Watch Trump’s Inauguration?

On The Rick Smith Show, I discussed how low TV ratings would rattle Trump, as well as other issues looming large for the incoming administration. Check out the podcast.
Bill Scher
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Don’t Watch Donald Trump’s Inauguration

A mass refusal by the public to watch Donald Trump on TV will deprive him of big ratings, which he routinely uses to create a false impression of widespread popularity.
Bill Scher
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How Trump Is Like Reagan … And How He Is Not

With eleven days until Donald Trump is inaugurated as President, at least half of the country is in disoriented shock. And while in many respects what is happening is unprecedented, in other respects, we've been here before.
Bill Scher
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Democrats Who Oppose Betsy DeVos Have Nothing To Lose

From a political standpoint, the education reform agenda has been bipartisan because it had to be. Republicans needed Democrats in their inside game to help push ideas for privatization through government channels. Now, that's changed.
Jeff Bryant
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An Arrogant Entrance, A Sad Exit

With a new Congress and White House committed to wealth’s concentration, we’ll sorely miss the scholar who dedicated his life to documenting wealth’s maldistribution.

Sorry Donald, Republicans Own Health Care Now

Donald Trump and the Republicans own the government, and so, they own Obamacare. That's what Barack Obama intended and that's why Obamacare will never be truly repealed.
Bill Scher
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The Carolina Coup and the Fight for Public Education

The naked power grab by Republicans in North Carolina has shocked the nation. But few people understand that a struggle over public education is at the center of the fight against an authoritarian government in the era of Donald Trump
Jeff Bryant
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Girding For The Education Fight Ahead

To get an idea of what kind of education policies to expect under Trump, look at Wall St, where the stock price of K12 Inc., the country’s largest operator of online charters, has reached an all time high
Jeff Bryant
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