Trump ‘Signing’ Statement Risks Funding for All Tribal Housing

Language President Trump attached to his recent signing of the omnibus spending bill that just passed Congress targets federal programs that serve American Indians, Alaska Natives, as well as those that fund historically black colleges.
Mark Trahant

Trumpcare Is Really Trump-Don’t-Care

No, there’s no caring in the GOP health legislation. It’s all politics. They promised for seven years to repeal Obamacare. Now that they control all branches of government, they’re intent on doing just that, no matter who they hurt.
Leo Gerard

What’s At Stake When We Talk About Healthcare

Citizens everywhere are asking hard questions to the 217 Republicans who voted in Congress to repeal Obamacare. People's Action's Julie Chinitz offers tips on how to talk with friends, family and our leaders about why healthcare matters.

In France, Neoliberalism Defeats Neofascism… For Now

Neoliberal Emmanuel Macron has defeated neofascist Marine Le Pen to become France's next president. That's good news, but neoliberalism is part of what has fueled Le Pen's rise, so it's too early to break out the Beaujolais.
Miles Mogulescu

How Trump Could Actually Stop Offshoring

U.S. Presidents have often leaned on government contractors to change the way they operate, as a condition to receiving tax dollars. On day one, Trump could have saved thousands of U.S. jobs. He didn't.
Chuck Jones

How the “People’s Budget” Can Help Redress Inequality

The Progressive Caucus frames its budget around the central challenge of our time: how to make this economy work for working people, and redress the savage inequality that is undermining our democracy. It offers us a strategy to get there.
Robert Borosage

The Democrats’ Dilemma On Charter Schools

Trump and DeVos have put Democratic charter school advocates in a bind. Dems are trying to differentiate themselves with misleading claims about how the charter industry works, as in David Leonhardt's recent New York Times op-ed.
Jeff Bryant

Attention, Democrats: Voters Want More Government, Not Less

A recent poll finds a record number of Americans say that the government should do more — not less — to solve the nation's problems. That's the highest it's been since the question was first asked, and we should all take note.
Richard Eskow

The Right Doesn’t Understand Protesters; Big Surprise

Why would protesters show up at the Heritage Foundation to call them out for supporting policies that slash and privatize critical government programs for low-income and working-class people? That's what seems to perplex them.
Bryce Oates

Fighting to Save Healthcare on the Jersey Shore

New Jersey, still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, faces a double whammy as Republicans plan to toss people off Medicaid, jack up costs for people who are older and poorer, and rip up protections for people with preexisting conditions.
Jody Stewart

Who’s Behind the Billionaire PAC Targeting Elizabeth Warren?

The conservative group America Rising is targeting Sen. Elizabeth Warren as she tours the country in support of her new book. Why? Their billionaire backers might lose cushy tax breaks and regulatory favors under the policies she supports.
Richard Eskow

Another GOP Tax Plan for Captains of Industry

Trump's tax plan richly rewards captains of industry and real estate, like himself. But the middle class, not so fast. The poor, not at all. Someone needs to tell Trump that tycoons sporting navy golf polos aren’t blue-collar workers.
Leo Gerard

Time to Recall a Progressive ‘Truly Great’ First 100 Days

The Resistance needs to develop a memory of how past generations confronted reactionary threats to democracy. We should do so to remind us how a progressive President and people launched a revolution and started making America truly great.
Harvey J Kaye

Congress Saves Budget Fights for Another Day

Congress has a spending plan that rejects many of President Trump’s priorities. It also includes more money for federal Indian programs. But remember: it’s only enough money to fund government operations through the end of September.
Mark Trahant

Yes, Obama’s $400,000 Speech is a Problem

Obama’s payday for a Wall Street speech reflects a longstanding pattern of behavior from Democratic leaders: talk like liberals, govern from the center, then make a lot of money once you’re out of office.
Richard Eskow

The First 100 Days of Resistance

From the Women’s March that inaugurated his presidency to the town-hall activism that blunted his first healthcare bill, the progressive resistance to Trump and his party has outperformed even the most optimistic expectations.
Richard Eskow

The Stunning Disappearance of Candidate Trump

Trump's neck-snapping series of flip-flops on signature populist issues have been met with deep sighs of relief, but this should worry Democrats and anyone concerned about the future of our country.
Robert Borosage

The Price for Killing Workers Must be Prison for CEOs

The only way to make workers’ lives matter is to make prison a real possibility for CEOs and supervisors. Lethal greed must have consequences. Fines are no threat; only prison is. America needs its own Westray Law.
Leo Gerard

Save Our Financial Protections; Save the CFPB

Wall Street's business model is fraud. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was created to fight fraud. So naturally Wall Street and Republicans in Congress are trying to kill the CFPB as fast as they can.

Meet the Leaders of the New Grassroots Resistance

Twelve hundred grassroots activists gathered in Washington, D.C. to pledge support for a shared progressive agenda. Meet some of these new leaders, who share a commitment to work together to put people and planet first.
Tim Wilkins

Rise Up Platform: From Protest to Power

As People’s Action, we are united by our belief that all people have a right to health care, safe affordable housing, clean air and water, to self-expression and dignity, to personal and collective freedom, and to justice.
People's Action

Watch Rep. Keith Ellison in Healthcare Town Hall

At the People's Action Hometown Rising Town Hall, Rep. Keith Ellison and other champions from across the country shared our stories and strategy for taking on new dangers to our health care from GOP budget and tax proposals.
Tim Wilkins
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