The Koch Brothers Cue the Music

A slick new ad campaign from America’s most notorious billionaires is tugging at our heartstrings — and distorting the debate over inequality. The good news? We have a new antidote.

Nobody Cares About Paul Ryan’s Conservative Rehash

Ryan has served up cold conservative porridge. Nothing that showed any lessons learned from the failed conservatism of the past. Nothing that went beyond hack anti-Obama talking points.
Bill Scher

For Nine Souls in Charleston, One Year Later

We live on. Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, we live on in memory. So let's start by remembering each of them by name, the nine kind souls who welcomed a stranger into their midst one year ago.
Richard Eskow

Trump: Big Mouth, Empty Suit

Donald Trump has a big mouth. But a look into his actual issue positions reveals him to be an empty suit. Beyond promises "it will be beautiful," he really offers terrible oppression of people of color and non-Christians.

Would You Trust Henry Kissinger with Your Social Security?

The Peterson Foundation has added Henry Kissinger to a list of defense experts who declare that the federal debt is the "single biggest threat to our national security." But consider Kissinger's own threats to our global well-being.
Richard Eskow

Paul Ryan Is No Better Than Donald Trump For The Climate

Ryan new anti-regulatory package willfully ignores that the planet "has been made considerably worse by the addition of global warming," requiring action to make the planet better. But what do you expect? He's voting for Donald Trump.
Bill Scher

Announcing The Rock Against the TPP Concert Tour

There will be a free concert in Denver, at Summit Music Hall on Saturday, July 23rd, to mobilize opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. This concert will kick off a national " Rock Against the TPP " roadshow tour.

What Will Bernie Do?

The mainstream media is playing a mug's game – fanning drama about what Bernie Sanders will do now that the primaries are over. The fact is, we know exactly what Bernie will do. The question is what Hillary Clinton will do.
Robert Borosage

Nonprofits Rallying Behind New Overtime Rule

More than 150 of the nation's leading nonprofit and advocacy organizations have endorsed a new Department of Labor rule that would give lower-wage workers the overtime they deserve for working more than 40 hours a week.
Isaiah J. Poole

Small Mind, Not Small Hands, Disqualifies Trump

Donald Trump a small-tent guy. Only rich white male Christians like him fit in. That, frankly, is un-American. And certainly unbefitting a person who is supposed to represent the best interests of all Americans.
Leo Gerard

Reflections on Orlando: Terror Does Not Discriminate

In the midst of pitched battles over whether some Americans can discriminate against LGBT Americans based on religion, we are viscerally reminded that terror and violence do not discriminate.
Terrance Heath

If Anything Can Unite the Democrats, It’s Climate

Even if you are convinced that Clinton's climate platform is insufficient, the logical course of action is not to let the Oval Office become occupied by someone who calls global warming a "hoax."
Bill Scher

Burning Issues: U.S. Corporations Evading Taxes

Hillary Clinton has yet to make herself clear on how she would crack down on corporations using offshore havens to avoid paying taxes, Frank Clemente of Americans for Tax Reform says in this Burning Issues video.
Burning Issues Video

The Fight for $15 Takes On D.C. and the Democratic Platform

Members of the Democratic Party platform committee were greeted by dozens of low-wage workers challenging them to support "$15 and a union" – on the heels of a victory that showed how people power has changed the game.
Isaiah J. Poole

Clinton Makes History; For Sanders “The Struggle Continues”

Hillary Clinton established herself as the "presumptive nominee" of the Democratic Party last night, the first woman to capture that honor. Bernie Sanders, in a speech the media burlesqued, promised to continue the struggle.
Robert Borosage

Burning Issues: Military Trainers in Iraq and Afghanistan

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis questions in this Burning Issues video the strategy of using U.S. troops to train foreign fighters after seeing first hand the failures of this strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Burning Issues Video

The Anti-Job-Creation Party Wants Welfare Recipients To Work

The principle that every person who wants to work should have a job is one that progressives and conservatives could unite around – if conservatives believed that government had a role to play in helping to create jobs.
Isaiah J. Poole

The Buck Never Stops at Donald Trump

Donald Trump told veterans on national TV that he raised $6 million for them. Then he refused to account for where the money went. Trump believes he should always be praised and never held liable, no matter what he does.
Leo Gerard
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