The Fed Gets It Right. Now Let’s Move to Full Employment

The Federal Reserve took off the table the immediate fear that a rate hike would set in motion a slowing down of economic growth. But there's a longer-term issue of reclaiming the definition of "full employment"
Isaiah J. Poole

The GOP Agenda (Or Lack Thereof)

To hear Republican presidential candidates tell it, the most important issue facing the nation is Hillary Clinton’s old emails. Not climate change, not growing inequality, or our tattered justice system — just Clinton's emails.
Donald Kaul

NPR Does Mind-Reading on Overtime Rule

NPR had a bizarre piece on the Labor Department's new overtime rules which seemed intended to undermine them. The bulk of the piece is devoted to the views of employers. No workers who will be affected by this rule were interviewed.
Dean Baker

The Tide Of History Flows Left

Liberals always win. Complex social struggles may take centuries or decades, he says, but they eventually bring victory for human rights, more democratic liberties and other progressive goals.
James A. Haught

Why Conservatives Want the Kim Davis Saga To Be Over

Anti-gay Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis has gone back to work, and back to square one. Although she shows no signs of going away, conservatives want Davis' saga to be over — and soon.
Terrance Heath

Will TPP Set Back LGBT Rights?

Will our country prioritize people, human rights, and morality — or corporate profits? Pride@Work hopes our country will prioritize human rights in upcoming trade agreements.

Sanders and Corbyn: There Is An Alternative

Jeremy Corbyn, the Bernie Sanders of British politics, has swept to a stunning upset victory to head the Labour Party. Could that happen here? One thing is clear: The center will not hold.
Robert Borosage

Stop Garnishing Social Security Benefits to Pay Student Debt

Many seniors' Social Security benefits are being garnished to continue to pay student loans they took out a lifetime ago. But student debt activists and seniors are now joining together to say “Enough!” Join us.
Roger Hickey

Wingnut Week In Review: The Truth Hurts

Things got ugly this week, when Fox News anchor Shep Smith told the truth about Kentucky county clerk, and anti-gay theocrat, Kim Davis. The truth hurts, and wingnuts didn’t like it one bit.
Terrance Heath
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A Crisis of Public Morality, Not Private Morality

America’s problems have nothing to do with what happens in bedrooms. Our problems have everything to do with what occurs in boardrooms, and whether corporations and wealthy individuals are allowed to undermine our democracy.

Why Can’t Republicans Accept Reality On Iran?

Those watching the juvenile tactics on the House floor may ask themselves who they would rather handle our delicate foreign policy matters: those who accept reality or those who don't.
Bill Scher

Jeb Bush’s Voodoo Economics, Same As The Old One

The tax plan the Republican candidate has released this week shows he is as wedded to failed conservative economic orthodoxy as his relatives and the rest of the Republican political leadership.
Isaiah J. Poole

Hurricane Francis

After a three-day jaunt in Cuba, the People’s Pope will fly to Washington. He’ll become the first pontiff to address Congress while quite possibly urging lawmakers to take firm action on climate change and to promote immigration reform.

Why Kim Davis Isn’t Quite The Martyr She Intended To Be

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, seemed set to become a full fledged right-wing martyr/saint. Then a funny thing happened on the way to her canonization.
Terrance Heath
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On the Road for Bernie in Iowa

Sanders reportedly became the first major presidential candidate to walk a picket line while campaigning since Robert Kennedy in 1968 when he joined a picket line against a food manufacturing company.

Corporations Deploy Anti-Worker Weapon

Corporations' growing use of lockouts to force workers to accept CEO demands demonstrates that the already powerful -- corporations -- have secured even more might in their relationship with workers.
Leo Gerard

Wingnut Week In Review: Mountain Out of a Molehill

This week, President Obama gave a national landmark its name back. Wingnuts tried to make a mountain out of that molehill. Meanwhile, a Kentucky county clerk goes from standing in the chapel door to sitting in jail.
Terrance Heath
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Jobs and the Action We Need

The jobs report released today will stoke the debate over whether the Fed should hike interest rates. But the real deal is that wages are still declining. And we need Congress to act, not the Fed.
Robert Borosage
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