Progressives Issue “Warning” On Debt Commission

Earlier today, progressive leaders representing more than 50 organizations declared their opposition to the Conrad-Gregg debt commission proposal, which is expected to be introduced on the Senate floor soon as […]
Bill Scher

John Judis on the Democratic Challenge

John Judis describes the challenge facing Obama and Democrats well today. A good antidote to the Blue Dog and New Dem tripe that will flood the media. It is a […]
Robert Borosage

The New Democratic Nonsense

Left Out in the Cold The thrill is gone. Now it’s recrimination time. Who is to blame for the end of the romance? A lot of stuff and nonsense will […]
Robert Borosage

Take Action: Time to Stand Up to the Big Banks

On the heels of Elizabeth Warren’s rallying cry for a Consumer Financial Protection Agency, Campaign for America’s Future called on our supporters to join the fight. The following call to […]
Robert Borosage

Japan’s Stunning Hubris: Automotive Protectionism

Here’s a scenario you didn’t see: The North American International Auto Show got underway last week and not a single Japanese car was allowed. Such a slight would be unthinkable, […]
Steven Capozzola

A Banker Bonus Dilemma for Reformers

Would a stiff tax on banker bonuses blunt Wall Street profiteering — or let the vast majority of America’s wealthy off the hook? “Wall Street,” the New York Times observed […]

Michael Steele Sides With … Big Banks

Eugene Robinson thinks maybe Michael Steele is crazy like a fox. I think he’s just plain crazy (and only slightly crazier than the GOP for hiring him in the first […]
Terrance Heath

WSJ Calls for More Regulation

Yes, the apostle of free markets, the scourge of regulation and taxation, the bastion of nutcase supply side economics – the Wall Street Journal editorial page – has come out […]
Robert Borosage

The Washington Post: Always Fighting the Wrong War

The Washington Post has an uncanny knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, pushing the wrong policies and making the wrong moves. That’s four wrongs in […]
Richard Eskow

2010: The Futurist Weighs In (Part 1)

It’s the New Year, and I’m celebrating by coming back to work after a three-month sabbatical from CAF. After four years of pretty consistent blogging, I needed some distance, some […]
Sara Robinson

Special – Today Only! Call To Stop the Health Tax

The AFL-CIO has announced that it is coordinating a “National Call-In Blitz” today.. If you call this toll free number – 1-877-3-AFLCIO (1-877-323-5246) – you can “urge your representative to […]
Richard Eskow

Jonathan Chait’s Endless Love

The New Republic’s Jonathan Chait has penned an ode to the excise tax on health benefits. He says his “faith in the Cadillac tax remains ardent,” even after being led […]
Richard Eskow

The Importance of Progressive Primary Challenges

When Sen. Arlen Specter switched from the GOP to the Democratic Party early last year, citing the Republican Party’s extreme shift to the far-right in recent years, many progressives found […]
Brian Dockstader

Negroes Against Apartheid

So who even uses the word “Negro” anymore, much less the phrase “Negro dialect”? Apparently Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in a conversation with reporters before Barack Obama became president. […]
Alan Jenkins

A Tax Even Its Defenders Can’t Love

People are saying that the so-called Cadillac tax “might fall flat” and “has real problems.”  And those are its defenders.  I can’t remember any new policy in recent history whose […]
Richard Eskow

In Trade, Too Often, the Victim is Blamed

A screwy thing happened after the United Steelworkers and eight domestic steel producers won their trade case late in December against Chinese manufacturers of the steel pipe used for oil […]
Leo Gerard

The 15% Solution

A blogger contact has told me of a new argument in favor of the health excise tax: Since the tax will be imposed on insurers, the Senate’s limit of 15% […]
Richard Eskow

When Will the White House Wake Up?

Congress may be gridlocked, but the Obama administration has the power, even without congressional action, to take on the CEO set — and the windfalls that are so enraging average […]

NYT’s David Leonhardt Keeps Clinging to Disproved Ideas

The beat goes on: David Leonhardt, the Times economics blogger and tax supporter, had this exchange regarding the Senate’s health excise tax on NPR’s “Marketplace” program: Leonhardt: (It’s) a tax […]
Richard Eskow

Video Shows Obama Denouncing the ‘Cadillac Tax’

Blogger and video producer Lee Stranahan has produced a video that includes footage of Barack Obama denouncing the so-called ‘Cadillac tax’ during last year’s Presidential campaign. Stranahan, who is an […]
Richard Eskow

In a Lost Decade, We Had Big Winners

By nearly every measure, average Americans lost ground in the “Aughts.” They’ve been losing ground — to the rich — for three full decades now. Will the ‘Teens’ make that […]

The Morality of Health Care Reform, Pt. 7 of 7

i The fury and dialogue catalyzed by Joe Lieberman’s unsurprising treachery on health care reform — along with futile efforts to court Olympia Snowe, and the dealmaking with Ben Nelson […]
Terrance Heath

Pete Peterson Is An Ideologue, Not An Oracle

The New York Times reported today on The Fiscal Times scandal that has the Washington Post on the defensive. And the NYT framed the controversy in the exact right way […]
Bill Scher

People Who Matter

Note: This is an extended version of a “Letter to the Editor” I emailed to Newsweek upon seeing their December 19th issue. I know what was meant by it, but […]
Terrance Heath
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