Workers Rights Are Civil Rights

This week the minimum wage rose by 70 cents to $7.25 an hour, a beggar’s lot really, but still corporations across America decried it. Good times or bad, somehow Wall […]
Leo Gerard

The Health Care Debate: Another Country Heard From

One of the big differences between the 1993 Hillarycare debate and our current conversation is that we’re hearing a lot more fact and lot less fiction about how other countries’ […]
Sara Robinson

Will The Birthers Kill Health Care Reform?

The Weekly World News reports this week: “The official copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate was stolen this week by Republicans wishing to halt his health care reform … A […]
Bill Scher

Dude, Where’s My Industrial Policy?

Increasingly people are asking about our country’s plan for restoring and reinventing the economy. And that means thinking about manufacturing – the root of economic power. How will we revive […]

American Protectionism is a Myth

A post by Leo Gerard and Scott N. Paul Our nation faces rising unemployment, staggering debts, shrinking trade, and no sense of when (and if) a real recovery — one […]
Leo Gerard

Making It In America

Washington’s special genius is for gridlock. As we’re seeing in the health care debate, the entire system is designed to frustrate action — even when Democrats have a popular president, […]
Robert Borosage

Getting Mad At The Fed—And Getting Even

Normally, working-class people don’t think much about the Federal Reserve and, as a recent article in The New York Times suggests, the Federal Reserve doesn’t spend much time thinking about […]
Isaiah J. Poole

We Need More Health Care Debate! = Filibuster

Today for the second day in a row, the President made formal remarks exposing the true agenda of the “don’t rush health care” posse: “I understand that some will try […]
Bill Scher

Making It In America: A Key Progressive Objective

The widespread frustration with this nation’s perceived lack of urgency and focus on industrial policy was captured well in Monday’s New York Times article on the subject, which contained this […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Obama v. Jindal. Round 2. Health Care. It’s Not Pretty.

Five months ago, Republican rising star Gov. Bobby Jindal was tapped to formally respond to President Barack Obama’s address to the joint session of Congress. Jindal’s fact-challenged speech, dismissive of […]
Bill Scher

From Tax Breaks to Tax Hits

In the struggle for a less unequal America, could the House health care surtax on the wealthy turn out to be a game-changer? The push to overhaul the system that […]

How the Right Works: Pay for Principles

Some stories don’t really require elaboration. This from Politico’s Playbook this a.m. The American Conservative Union asked FedEx for a check for $2 million to $3 million in return for […]
Robert Borosage

Stronger Trade Policies From Obama’s Trade Representative

In Pittsburgh today, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk announced that the Obama administration will take a more aggressive approach to supporting American industrial workers through greater protection of labor rights […]
Steven Capozzola

Harry Alford’s Condescension

The right-wing blogosphere is abuzz over the supposed smackdown between Sen. Barbara Boxer and Harry C. Alford, who portrays himself as an “African American and a veteran” who is insulted […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Choice: Second Stimulus Or ‘Lost Decade’

It’s worth slogging through the minutes of the June Federal Reserve Open Market Committee meeting. Read the deliberations of the Fed board members and staff and you see an economic […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Let The Financial Inquest Begin

Now that congressional leaders have named the members of the Financial Services Inquiry Commission—what is often referred to as the "Pecora Commission"—we are going to see once again who is […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Thank You Sarah Palin

Thank you Sarah Palin, for crystallizing the choice facing us on climate and energy. With her Washington Post oped, Sarah Palin is taking her position as the most popular Republican […]
Bill Scher

For the Health of the Nation: Ensure a Public Option

Just days ago, America celebrated her birthday with fireworks, spontaneous renditions of the Star Spangled Banner and chants of, “We’re Number One!” In a crucial area, health care, the chant […]
Leo Gerard

You Get The Recovery You Pay For

From the beginning of this economic crisis, policy makers seem to have forgotten (or perhaps learned too well) a basic economic rule. It’s one I used to have paraphrased in […]
Terrance Heath

USA Today Can’t Read Its Own Health Care Poll

A new USA Today/Gallup poll confirms the public supports health care reform paid for with a progressive tax plan. The paper reports: “By 56%-33%, those surveyed endorse the idea of […]
Bill Scher

Beyond Kyoto: Time to Switch Targets?

To curb climate change, suggests a new report from a top-notch global scientific team, we really ought to start focusing on rich people, not rich nations. The world’s most influential […]

Don’t Tax Benefits

Americans are demanding health care reform that guarantees them quality, affordable insurance, reduces the burden of health costs on employers and individuals and provides backup coverage through a public health […]
Roger Hickey

Rapping Without Health Insurance

Try telling Maureen Yancey that health care reform is too expensive for the country to tackle right now, or that we should leave everything to the private insurance market. Yancey […]
Isaiah J. Poole

What Religious Progressives Bring To The Party

I spent several days over last weekend as a volunteer webworker covering the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in Salt Lake City. These annual confabs are always a highlight of the […]
Sara Robinson

Building a Clean Energy Economy: The IMPACT Act

The Waxman-Markey Clean Energy and Security Act squeaked through the House of Representatives late last week (219-212). Although some expressed doubts, many people consider the bill a terrific breakthrough and […]

Symbolic Blather: Washington’s Congenital Disease

This Congress potentially could be the most productive in over 40 years. It has passed the largest recovery plan in the nation’s history. It extended health care to millions of […]
Robert Borosage

It’s More Than Madoff

I scoffed when Bernie Madoff,through his  lawyers, asked for a twelve year sentence in his fraud case. What some people think they can get away with pales only in comparison […]
Terrance Heath
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