Bipartisan Blight IV: The Shrinking Jobs Bill

"Yesterday, we took a step, a strong first step toward putting Americans back to work, but … it’s a first step. This is the beginning, not the end," Senate Majority […]
Robert Borosage

Montana Initiative Against Pay Day Usury

In Oregon, citizens mobilized to pass progressive tax hikes — on corporations and families making over $250,000 — to help avoid cuts in children’s and health care programs. Now in […]
Robert Borosage

Jobs: Bail Out States, Yes Or No?

The warnings are dire. Just yesterday, for example: Recession Tightens Grip on State Tax Revenues, The recession can now claim another troublesome record: state tax collections shrank at the end […]

Social Security Works For America

In honor of the 75th anniversary of Social Security we are kicking off a blog series called “Social Security Works…” every post will examine an aspect or group of people […]
Alex Lawson

Tea Party: Everything You Know Is Wrong

The Tea Party is shaping up to be 2010’s first major media darling. First came the storm of coverage that surrounded the Tea Party convention in Nashville two weeks ago. […]
Sara Robinson

The Rising Toll Of Wall Street’s Global War

WEEKLY AUDIT The Global Economic Crisis Over the past thirty years, Wall Street has waged a steady war against governments around the globe, convincing policymakers of various ideological stripes that […]
Zach Carter

Power of the Pen

Last week President Obama used a strategy that should become an important part of his leadership going forward. On February 18, he issued an executive order creating a bipartisan commission […]
Alan Jenkins

Behold The (Extremely Tiny) Wonders Of Bipartisanship

Five Republican Senators joined most of the Democratic caucus to forge the necessary 60-vote supermajority allowing the Senate’s first jobs bill of the year to advance. Is this a cause […]
Bill Scher

Did the Founders Want Government Small?

The new conservative ‘Mount Vernon Statement’ unveiled last week claims that right-wingers are upholding what the Generation of 1776 held dear. But those right-wingers, history shows, are conveniently overlooking what […]

CPAC: Sideshow and Snake Oil, Pt 1.

The Sideshow Glenn Beck, in a sense, is right. CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, is not and could never be a “big tent.” Neither is the brand of conservatism […]
Terrance Heath

Five Former Treasury Secretaries Endorse Volcker Rule

Since the nation’s capital is enamored of bipartisanship in all its forms, it’s surprising that today’s letter from five former Treasury Secretaries – both Democratic and Republican – isn’t front […]
Richard Eskow

Deceptive Big Bank Ads Will be Key to Election 2010

Even before a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision blew the lid off corporate campaign spending, it was clear that the big banks would be key players in the 2010 election […]
Mary Bottari

Will the Public Option Surge Hit The Bipartisan Summit?

The Huffington Post headline states “Public Option Support Surging In Senate” after 18 Senators, with more possible to come, signed a letter calling for the choice of a public health […]
Bill Scher

On Bearing Grudges

President Barack Obama doesn’t begrudge Wall Street’s banksters their bonuses. The president, speaking in an interview, said in response to a question that while $17 million is "an extraordinary amount […]
Terrance Heath

Yes, Nuclear

I believe that global warming is the most serious threat humanity faces. So we need to use every possible technology we can to replace energy sources that put greenhouse gases […]

Now Obama Owns a Deficit Commission – and Senator Simpson

This morning President Obama signed an executive order creating a National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. This commission is based on an idea promoted by two Senators, Kent Conrad […]
Roger Hickey

Liberal Bashing

Now is the winter of Democratic discontent. And the knives are out. Liberalism, the Wall Street Journal tells us, has cracked up once more. Obama, sobered by trying to […]
Robert Borosage

Top 1%: Lower Tax Rate Than Their Secretaries

Yes, there is a class war, Warren Buffett once said, and my class is winning. The IRS study of taxes paid in 2007 makes his point. The top 1% of […]
Robert Borosage

Bipartisan Blight III: Evan Bayh Bye

Evan Bayh abruptly announced he was quitting the Senate days before the filing deadline for his Senate seat, without notice to his constituents, to his colleagues, to his party’s leaders […]
Robert Borosage

A Conservative Manifesto That’s Manifestly Off Base

An august group of conservative leaders released a statement early Wednesday asserting a recommitment to “the ideas of America’s founding.” The statement is meant to be a 21st-century version of […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Stimulus Steel Jobs In Youngstown

Thanks to the “stimulus plan” and rising demand from infrastructure work, a new steel rolling mill is opening in Youngstown, Ohio. Youngstown area to get 350 more jobs when new […]
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