Thank (Or Spank) Your Congressperson

The conventional wisdom in Washington is that Saturday night’s historic vote for health care reform, including a public health insurance option, was that it was a “tough vote” — that […]
Bill Scher

The Morality of Health Care Reform, pt. 6

(The sixth in of a series of seven.) Nothing in Common If the cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words is true, then a couple of images might […]
Terrance Heath

New Unemployment, Old Solutions

Today’s unemployment data contain gloomy news. Gloomy, but expected. The interpretation of the data is even worse. First, the data. Unemployment rose to 10.2 percent last month, breaking the double […]

Boxer Avoids The Baucus Trap

Today, Sen. Barbara Boxer rammed through the Environment and Public Works Committee her version of clean energy jobs and climate protection legislation without any amendments, in order to circumvent the […]
Bill Scher

Green Shoots. For Whom?

Today’s “Productivity and Costs” data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics contain what looks like good news. Productivity increased at a 9.5 percent annual rate during the third quarter of […]

Don’t Know or Don’t Care?

House Republicans have presented a health care reform “plan” that doesn’t fix our broken health care system (but might make it worse), and (according to the CBO) doesn’t do much […]
Terrance Heath

What Do They Want?

First, it was Sen. Landerieu’s nonsense. Now we get this from Sen. Joe Lieberman. Enough is enough. When Democrats start parroting Republican talking points, they are showing us who they […]
Terrance Heath

Message To House: Don’t Allow Mini-Madoffs

The financial reform effort was dealt a significant setback in the House Financial Services Committee today when the committee approved a regulatory bill (HR 3817)
Isaiah J. Poole

Election Message: The Progressive Base Needs a Jolt

What do last night’s election results tell us about the electorate? Some numbers from New Jersey, Virginia and Maine. In 2008, Sen. John McCain lost the presidential race in NJ […]
Bill Scher

Failure is Their Only Option

Steve Benen asks a question about the Republican health care reform plan — or lack thereof — that I’m certain I’ve seen answered already. The House Republican leadership "guaranteed" that […]
Terrance Heath

From Crash to Meltdown in 80 Years

It’s was 80 years ago this week that the Crash of 1929 kicked off the Great Depression. Not quite 79 years later, the fall of Lehman Brothers on September 15, […]
Terrance Heath

Wall Street Pukes On Our Shoes

At the New Economy Conference, Leo Gerard of the United Steelworkers just said that deregulating Wall Street was like leaving a 3 year old in a candy store unsupervised for […]

The New Red-Ink Scare

We’ve got a new red scare. Forget Glenn Beck; the fear isn’t that America is going red, it’s that it is in the red. Conservatives in both parties are raising […]
Robert Borosage

Beyond Chicago: The Showdown Shifts To D.C.

Now that thousands of demonstrators confronted bankers at the “showdown in Chicago” during the American Bankers Association convention there this week, activist energy is now urgently shifting to Washington and […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Are You a Pre-Existing Condition?

I’ve referenced this story in a previous post, about a woman who was denied health insurance because (a) she was raped, (b) sought prophylactic HIV/AIDS treatment because it was unknown […]
Terrance Heath

Lieberman Lies About The Public Option

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Cigna) announced today he would filibuster the health care bill because it contains a public option compromise. Why does he want to do this? I don’t know […]
Bill Scher

Building a Smart Grid, Smartly

President Barack Obama announced today $3.4 billion in government grants to help build a “smart” electric grid. Like many Obama initiatives, it’s a smart first step. But much more is […]

What’s Behind Reid’s Public Option Move?

During today’s Bill Dwight Show airing on WHMP, I analyzed the substance, politics and risks of Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid’s move to put a public option, with an “opt-out” […]
Bill Scher

Foment a Green Industrial Revolution

We need to foment a new American industrial revolution. Specifically, we need a 21st-century burgeoning of green manufacturing in the United States. Americans going green – manufacturing windmills and solar […]
Leo Gerard

Public Option: This Is How It’s Supposed To Work

Today, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced he would submit a health care reform bill with a national public option that states could choose not to join. This is how […]
Bill Scher

China and the U.S. Housing Bubble

      We often write about how China’s policy to devalue its currency, the yuan, has been a key factor in the U.S. trade deficit. It’s not an easy […]
Tula Connell

Support for the Public Option Keeps Getting Stronger

“New Life for the Public Option” is the headline of Dan Balz’s excellent article in Sunday’s Washington Post.  It’s not an accident that this powerful idea has made yet another […]
Roger Hickey

Building The New Economy: The Interview

On yesterday’s The LiberalOasis Radio Show — broadcast by WHMP — blogger Dave Johnson previewed the Oct. 29 Building The New Economy conference, outlining the economic challenges posed by […]
Bill Scher

Singing For Health Care Reform

This is something I wish I’d been a part of, and I hope they call me if they need an extra baritone next time. (It’s rare that my vocal training […]
Terrance Heath

Financial Reform Clears House: Good First Step, Far More To Go

Campaign for America’s Future co-director Robert Borosage praised the House Financial Services Committee for taking steps to protect consumers from predatory financial practices by approving the creation of a new […]
Robert Borosage
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