Public Option Drama Lingers As Finance Committee Meets

The Senate Finance Committee began its formal drafting of its version of health care reform. And after the initial round of opening statements, we still don’t know where the votes […]
Bill Scher

Steel City: Forgotten But Not Gone

In the lead up to the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, mainstream media are telling half a story. Everyone seems to agree that heavy industry is a thing of the past. […]

Protect Insurance Companies PSA

Finally, we see some of Hollywood’s A-list actors get on board this incredibly important issue. It is time we stand up and defend insurance company profits! Protect Insurance Companies PSA […]
Alex Lawson

Obama Immigration Policy: Record Arrests

New data just came in from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University. In the first nine months of fiscal year 2009 the U.S. government reported 67,994 new […]

Who Are They Listening To?

Last week the New England Journal of Medicine published a poll that showed 63 percent of doctors support giving people the choice of a public health insurance option. This morning, […]
Alex Lawson

The G-20: Lessons from Pittsburgh

The G-20 Summit is in Pittsburgh later this week. Leaders from the 20 countries that collectively represent two-thirds of the world’s population, 80 percent of world trade and 90 percent […]

The Morality of Health Care Reform, Pt 3

“I don’t understand you Americans. You blow billions on a useless war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and billions more to bail out banks that nearly bankrupted the world economy, but […]
Terrance Heath

The Angelides Commission: Tell America What Happened

Today the new Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, modeled after the New Deal-era Pecora Commission, begins its investigation into possible misconduct by the financial sector causing last year’s market meltdown. Campaign […]
Robert Borosage

Pecora II Meets, Grassroots Mobilizes

In their first meeting Wednesday, members of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission—often characterized as the second coming of the Pecora Commission that investigated the causes of the Great Depression—clarified how […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Measure of Our Progress

In the previous post, I included a quote from Franklin Roosevelt’s Second Inaugural Address. We are determined to make every American citizen the subject of his country’s interest and concern; […]
Terrance Heath

Obama Plans to Reform Economy, Not Just Health Insurance

Let’s go back, just for a minute, to a time before screaming teabaggers, before Republicans decided to kill health insurance reform as a means to politically destroy this country’s first […]
Leo Gerard

The Morality of Health Care Reform, Pt. 2

“We are determined to make every American citizen the subject of his country’s interest and concern; and we will never regard any faithful law-abiding group within our borders as superfluous. […]
Terrance Heath

Sen. Rockefeller Says No To Baucus Bill

Sen. Jay Rockefeller, chair of the health subcommittee in the Senate Finance Committee, just announced on a media conference call with the Institute for America’s Future, that there is “no […]
Bill Scher

The ACORN Vote: End The Appeasement

Last night, on a 83-7 vote, the Senate voted to bar ACORN from receiving any funds in the fiscal 2010 Transportation and HUD appropriations bills. If the House follows suit, […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Mugging of the Common Good

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, ….The best lack all conviction, while the worstAre full of passionate intensity. Surely some revelation is […]
Robert Borosage

Finally, a President with the Guts to Enforce Trade Laws

Barack Obama proved Friday he’s got grit. He enforced trade laws. These are special trade safeguard rules called “Section 421” that the Chinese had agreed to obey to gain entrance […]
Leo Gerard

The Morality of Health Care Reform, Pt. 1

During Take Back America 2008, I spent part of a day running around with a camera and a microphone asking people which issue was most important to them in the […]
Terrance Heath

Heritage Foundation Blames Poverty On … Air Conditioning

Thursday’s U.S. Census Bureau report on poverty and income, which showed the poverty rate increasing from 12.5 percent in 2007 to 13.2 percent 2008 and the median household income falling […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Postcard from Canada: Why I Missed Obama’s Speech

True confessions: I missed the health care speech. I was sacked out in my attic bedroom high on a mountainside in Vancouver, sleeping off a narcotic haze and the exhausting aftermath of a long night spent in the emergency room.
Sara Robinson

Conservative Health Care Response Ignores Facts

The reviews of President Obama’s health care speech before a joint session of Congress have been fairly glowing. Most agree that the President made a strong case for health insurance […]
Brian Dockstader

Today, We’re Going To Learn About Temper Tantrums

Earlier today on WHMP’s Bill Dwight Show, I offered my analysis of President Obama’s speech. The segment starts about five minutes in. Terrance Heath made the point earlier today that […]
Bill Scher

Congress Is For Grown-Ups Only

I didn’t see the president’s speech on health care reform last night, because it fell right in the middle of the kids’ bedtime. I read about it afterwards. But I […]
Terrance Heath

The President’s Speech: What Now?

The President gives a great speech. He offers reason against hysteria. He summons us to our better angels. He challenges politicians and Americans to do "great things," because that is […]
Robert Borosage
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