On Climate: Do Something

With a climate protection and clean energy jobs bill already facing stiff resistance in the Senate, I was afraid that the post-Massachusetts election fallout would bury it for the year. […]
Bill Scher

Financial Reform: We Can’t Afford To Lose

Finance/Insurance/Real Estate 2010 election cycle so far: $$85,064,470. (2008 cycle: $476 million, 2006, $260 million) Lobbying: $336.9 million in 2009; $459,8 million in 2008. Loans Commercial banks September 2009 $6.537 […]
Isaiah J. Poole

How To Dump the Teabaggers

Tea bags are meant to be tossed out. They are useful, at most, once or twice in their lifetimes. Beyond that, they lose flavor and strength, eventually becoming weak as […]
Terrance Heath

Duck and Cover: The New Obama Program

“Our government,” wrote Justice Lewis Brandeis, “is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example.” And also by what its […]
Robert Borosage

Bernanke Vote: Where Does Your Senator Stand?

Is your senator going to vote this week to re-appoint Ben Bernanke to run the Federal Reserve, without demanding any accountability for actions before and during the financial crisis? Let’s […]
Robert Borosage

Ten Lessons for Talking About Racial Equity in the Age of Obama

Experience from around the country shows that discussing racial inequity and promoting racial justice are particularly challenging today. Some Americans have long been skeptical about the continued existence of racial […]
Alan Jenkins

Harold Ford Shows The Fiscal Foolishness Of Wannabe Centrists

Today, Harold Ford Jr., Democratic Leadership Council president, “Morning Joe” pundit, and now early applicant for the Martha Coakley Award For Spectacular Senatorial Flameouts, laid out his 2010 vision in […]
Bill Scher

Wall Street’s Bonus Binge in Perspective

A relative handful of Americans, a key congressional panel forecasts, will take home more this year than half the nation’s taxpayers combined. Americans worried about the ever-intensifying concentration of wealth […]

Tim Geithner’s Wrong Again: We Need A Breakup

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on PBS late Thursday said that President Obama doesn’t really want to break up the banks. But one of the authors of a report that looks […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Working Class Has Spoken. Will Democrats Listen?

Massachusetts voters sent a strong signal to Washington lawmakers Tuesday that they want results—and aren’t seeing any. Not on health care reform, not on job creation and not on fixing […]
Tula Connell

The Two-ness of Being Barack Obama, Pt. 2

The history of the American Negro is the history of this strife,—this longing to attain self-conscious manhood, to merge his double self into a better and truer self. In this […]
Terrance Heath

Wall Street Rumble: A Fight We’re All Ready To Have

It does not matter whether today’s pronouncement on financial reform by President Obama was prompted by Tuesday’s election disaster in Massachusetts or was a long-building unleashing of his inner populist. […]
Isaiah J. Poole

It’s Official. Corporations Rule.

People have been wondering for years who runs our country. People or wealthy corporations? Today the Supreme Court settled the debate. Today’s decision, Citizens United v. FEC, tilts the balance […]

The Two-ness of Being Barack Obama, Pt. 1

…It is a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others, of measuring one’s soul by the tape of a world […]
Terrance Heath

Progressives Issue “Warning” On Debt Commission

Earlier today, progressive leaders representing more than 50 organizations declared their opposition to the Conrad-Gregg debt commission proposal, which is expected to be introduced on the Senate floor soon as […]
Bill Scher

John Judis on the Democratic Challenge

John Judis describes the challenge facing Obama and Democrats well today. A good antidote to the Blue Dog and New Dem tripe that will flood the media. It is a […]
Robert Borosage

The New Democratic Nonsense

Left Out in the Cold The thrill is gone. Now it’s recrimination time. Who is to blame for the end of the romance? A lot of stuff and nonsense will […]
Robert Borosage

Take Action: Time to Stand Up to the Big Banks

On the heels of Elizabeth Warren’s rallying cry for a Consumer Financial Protection Agency, Campaign for America’s Future called on our supporters to join the fight. The following call to […]
Robert Borosage

Japan’s Stunning Hubris: Automotive Protectionism

Here’s a scenario you didn’t see: The North American International Auto Show got underway last week and not a single Japanese car was allowed. Such a slight would be unthinkable, […]
Steven Capozzola

A Banker Bonus Dilemma for Reformers

Would a stiff tax on banker bonuses blunt Wall Street profiteering — or let the vast majority of America’s wealthy off the hook? “Wall Street,” the New York Times observed […]
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