The Trillion-Dollar Shadow

What secrets are hidden in the Federal Reserve’s trillion-dollar shadow? Economic recovery depends on confidence, and confidence requires knowledge. But Senators like Chris Dodd and Judd Gregg don’t want us […]
Richard Eskow

Tea-Baggers: Out of Work and On the Dole

This is too rich. See, during the campaign, I watched countless videos of McCain-Palin supporters. I compiled snippets of them for two post-election videos, and I collected the videos in […]
Terrance Heath

CNBC: Made in America Making a Comeback

For many years we’ve been hearing about outsourcing and offshoring. President Obama has started taking steps to rebalance world trade and the pendulum is about to start swinging the other […]

Health Care Reform’s Hidden Tax Gem

The health care reform legislation President Obama signed into law last week takes a little-noticed but precedent-setting swipe at executive pay excess. The health care reform package that President Obama […]

Big George Takes Down the Banking Lobby

The Congress just voted to take over $60 billion in subsidies to the banks and invest it in aid to college students. The students beat the banks; hard to believe […]
Robert Borosage

Conservatives’ Race to Oblivion, Pt. 3

The big news, since President Obama signed health care reform into law, has been the threats made against Democratic lawmakers. [h/t, Prometheus.] But there is another threat looming, that isn’t […]
Terrance Heath

Change To Believe In or Focus for Hate-Mongering?

When President Barack Obama signed the historic health insurance reform bill, he said it was, “Change we can believe in.” He noted that his party has sought reform for more […]
Leo Gerard

What Would You Ask Tim Geithner If You Had the Chance?

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner delivered a populist stemwinder of a speech the other day, bringing his rhetorical A-game with comments like these: “Listen less to those whose judgments brought us […]
Richard Eskow

The Tea Party “Drops By”

Well, that didn’t take long. First members of Congress were pelted with bigoted slurs and spit upon, by a crowd cheered on by Republican members of Congress, to the point […]
Terrance Heath

Will Americans Reward the Party of “Hell No?”

House Republican leader John Boehner’s final rant against health care reform, featuring the refrain of “hell no,” aptly summarized the temper and the substance of the general Republican position as […]
Robert Borosage

Student Loans: The Right’s Hidden Agenda

President Obama’s “no-brainer” suggestion that the government get back into the direct lending business has such obvious fiscal merit that you’d think it would melt the heart of the most […]
Sara Robinson

Marching for America

Last Sunday, as the health care bill was being debated, 200,000 Americans gathered on the National Mall to urge action on another national priority: fixing our broken immigration system. Speakers […]
Alan Jenkins

Frum: Health Care a Republican Waterloo

David Frum is a conservative, former Bush speech-writer. He has the quaint view that Republicans in office should provide leadership, not zealotry. In this post, he describes the “crushing legislative […]
Robert Borosage

On Government Spending, Deficits, Etc.

There is much worry throughout the land about government spending, borrowing, deficits, debt and similar concerns. Conservatives are loudly declaring that the dollar is in danger, that the country is […]

NUMMI Closing – Resignation

The other day I wrote about the huge impact from California’s Toyota NUMMI plant closing, Toyota takes off with a ton of cash, we pay the costs, it’s the way […]

Why Is The Wall Street Journal So Chummy With China?

The Wall Street Journal says the U.S. is “wrong” to protest China’s “fixed yuan-dollar rate.” Their explanation is that many countries adopt a fixed rate, so as to ensure market […]
Steven Capozzola

Rep. Grayson Demands Release of AIG Materials

Rep. Alan Grayson has written a letter calling for the release of all documents and materials contained on AIG’s internal servers. His idea deserves support. US taxpayers rescued AIG and […]
Richard Eskow

Financial Reform: It’s the Derivatives, Stupid.

Tricky auto loans didn’t cause the financial meltdown on Wall Street. Unscrupulous payday lenders didn’t cost taxpayers a $700 billion “troubled asset” bailout. So fussing about whether U.S. Sen. Chris […]
Leo Gerard
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