Americans Scorn Conservative Stimulus Package

The Washington Post publishes a poll showing most Americans support the tax deal. No surprise: selling a tax cut doesn’t require a profile in courage. The poll provides two […]
Robert Borosage

Its (Still) The Economic Paradigm Stupid

Yesterday I wrote that the President may have sacrificed his long-term vision on trade and economic/industrial policy to day-to-day concerns and politics. The tax-cut deal is another indicator that a […]

Quietly Ticking Time Bomb in Fed Data

Last week, the Federal Reserve was finally forced by law to release some (not all) of the details of its back-door bailout of the global financial system. The Fed data […]
Mary Bottari

The Liberal Dilemma

Kevin Drum wrote an interesting post about the Democrats’ dilemma in dealing with a hardcore opposition that literally doesn’t care if their policies cause human suffering. (Indeed, they actually promote […]

Compassionless Conservatism

It has been said before — recently, even — but it bears saying again and again, as any truth does. Conservatives have finally, and completely, abandoned compassion. Progressives spent much […]
Terrance Heath

Fight Is On For A Better Tax Deal

Democrats in the House of Representatives today opted not to settle for the deal on tax cuts handed to them by President Obama and congressional Republicans, and that opens the […]
Isaiah J. Poole

And The Door Revolves

Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.C., is almost certain to be chairman of the Senate Banking Committee next year, once current chair Chris Dodd, D-Conn., is out of office. Johnson has never […]
Zach Carter

The New Silent Majority

In 2008, Barack Obama said this: “I think Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not …” He might want to rethink that […]
Richard Eskow

Barney Frank and the Fed Bailout Fallacy

Mike Stark has posted a provocative on-the-street interview with Barney Frank about the recently released Fed data. Frank offers what is now a standard defense of the Fed’s bailout operations: […]
Zach Carter

The Untold Cost of the Tax Deal

The White House is peddling its tax-cut deal as a needed stimulus plan, a boost to the economy that will create jobs and generate growth. This new-found concern for jobs […]
Robert Borosage

Do The Deal: For The Jobless. For The Economy.

Deal or No Deal?’s Bill Scher and Dave Johnson make their cases for and against the preliminary tax cut deal between the President and Republican leaders. Bill Scher’s case […]
Bill Scher

60 Billion in Tax Cuts The Real Cost

David Leonhardt in the NYT does a good service by laying out simply what $60 billion a year in tax cuts — the amount that will go to those earning […]
Robert Borosage

Democratic Seppuku Too Horrible to Watch

Politics is not rocket science. Karl Rove and the political witch doctors like to pretend they can concoct mysterious potions to steal elections, but that’s just con man puffery. Politics […]
Robert Borosage

Bad Deal; Wrong Direction

So now we have the deal. In a society of extreme inequality, the rich – well represented by a unified Republican claque – will make out like bandits: An average […]
Robert Borosage

A Tax Deal Fit For The Gilded Age

President Barack Obama and Congressional Republicans are ready to mortgage the American economy to billionaires in exchange for a few months of unemployment benefits. This deal is easily the gravest […]
Zach Carter

Why We Need A High Estate Tax

Until this week here is what we heard over and over (and over and over and over and over): Because of budget deficits (caused by tax cuts for the rich […]

Highway Robbery and the Progressive Future

Kevin Drum gives a pretty thorough analysis of President Obama’s open assault on the mainstream Democratic Party at yesterday’s press conference, and declares that “programmatic liberalism is dead.” I think […]
Zach Carter

Champions of the Already Haves

The deal is down. Liberals irate. The press trolling for firebrand denunciations of the president. So it is worth noting the obvious that could otherwise be lost in the noise. […]
Robert Borosage

Tuesday A Day Of Solidarity With The Jobless

While much of the media focuses on who wins and loses on Capitol Hill in the battle over extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, the numbers of […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Emo Executive A Self-Help Plan for Jamie Dimon

I don’t hate Jamie Dimon. He’s smart and hard-working, and undoubtedly wants to believe that his work contributes to society. But his bank continues to harm millions of Americans, and […]
Richard Eskow

Are Tea Party Members Getting Played

Are the Main Street Tea Party members getting “played” by Wall Street and big-corporate billionaires? There is a big, big, big difference between what the regular members and the big-money […]

Spare Us Another 8 Years of Faulty USChina Trade Policy

On Monday, The International Trade Commission (ITC) unanimously voted to recommend that President Obama impose tariffs on the import of Chinese tires for three years. The new administration will have […]

Obamas Deficit Frankenstein

The Presidential Deficit Commission has issued its report — sort of — and the president has a problem. Like Dr. Frankenstein in the Mary Shelley novel, he built a creature […]
Richard Eskow

Health Care Reform Is Deficit Reduction Remember That

When health care reform was signed into law, President Barack Obama correctly described it as “biggest deficit reduction plan since the 1990s.” In fact, the Congressional Budget Office projected it […]
Bill Scher

Korea Free Trade Agreement Another NAFTA

There are reports that the Korea Free Trade Agreement is nearly concluded. Unfortunately the problems with the labor portions of the Bush-negotiated agreement were not addressed, which means we might […]
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