Why Democrats Can’t Govern I

They’d rather switch than fight. Consider. Elizabeth Warren, brilliant Harvard Law Professor, stalwart defender of America’s beleagued middle class, championed the Consumer Financial Protection Agency as essential to protecting consumers […]
Robert Borosage

Standing With The Unemployed

Today’s image from the Rose Garden was a potent one: President Obama, standing with three of America’s long-term jobless, calling on Congress to end the Republican filibuster of unemployment benefits […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Republicans Kiss the Rich; Diss the Jobless

A brutal competition pits worker against worker continually now in this country. Five unemployed people vie with each other for each available job. It’s like a cruel game of musical […]
Leo Gerard

Move Over, Climate Change Deniers

Make room for a new right-wing assault on scientific research. In the cross-hairs this time: the massive epidemiological evidence on inequality’s horrific toll on our health and overall well-being. Just […]

Paying A Premium In China

Over the weekend the San Jose News carried a story, Made in China, bought in China — for more, describing some of the barriers Chinese consumers face when buying goods […]

Are Our Bosses Becoming Meaner?

The staggering gap between CEO and worker pay, new research from three business scholars suggests, has left America’s workplaces still more nasty, brutish, and short. We have today in academia, […]

The World’s Craziest Conservatives?

It would be funny, if only it wasn’t reality. That’s what I thought when I came across this while perusing videos on my iPhone recently. It’s a pretty good compliation […]
Terrance Heath

Wall Street Reform Clears Final Filibuster

Good news: The Senate just secured 60 votes to proceed on Wall Street reform, clearing the way for the legislation’s final passage today or Saturday. The legislation garnered the votes […]
Zach Carter

Why Corporate Tax Cuts Won’t Put People to Work

Conservatives have reverted back to calling for corporate tax cuts to stimulate the economy and put people to work. Consider this mindless reflex rather than policy. Corporations are sitting on […]
Robert Borosage

Who Gets US Out of the Hole We Are In?

Voters are in a surly temper. The economy stinks. Jobs are scarce. Wages are under pressure. One in 4 homes with mortgages is underwater. Retirement savings have been butchered; pensions […]
Robert Borosage

Tax Cuts & Mitch McConnell’s “Puzzling Evidence”

There are times when you wonder a politician actually believes what he’s saying, is just seeing how much he can get away with saying, doesn’t know how reality-challenged he sounds, […]
Terrance Heath

Today Is National Currency Call-In Day

From the Citizens Trade Campaign Earlier this year, 130 members of Congress sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner urging him to designate China as a currency manipulator. This […]

Opportunity Marching Forward

The Washington Post reported this week that a coalition of over 150 social justice and public interest groups has come together to call for job creation and investment in opportunity, […]
Alan Jenkins

We are No. 2; We are No. 2!

For 110 years America has reigned as the world’s number one manufacturing nation. Next year, China is expected to wrest that title from the United States. Last year, the U.S. […]
Leo Gerard

Call Congress On China Currency

At the AFL-CIO Blog: Call-In Day, July 13: Tell Congress to Pass Currency Legislation. On July 13, tens of thousands of manufacturers across the country—members of the Fair Currency Coalition […]

Senators, The Unemployed Have A Job For You

Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell, what will you say to Jeff Sumner of Louisville when the lights go out in his house at the end of this week? How proud will […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Our Myopia Around the Mighty

Over half of America has already felt the Great Recession, personally and profoundly. Yet life at our economy’s summit remains ever so sweet. That’s a bitter reality we really ought […]

Will The Tea Party Movement Die Out?

The following was my contribution to The Hill’s weekly “blogger face-off,” as the conservative Ace of Spades and myself answered the question “Like Sen. Graham said, will the Tea Party […]
Bill Scher

The Grip of the Old Economy II

The Washington Post’s Neil Irwin today offers a good summary of foreboding reality: in the halting economic recovery, the global ec
Robert Borosage

The Grip of the Old Economy

President Obama touted his National Export Initiative this week, boasting that in the first quarter of this year, exports were up 17% from a year ago. Increased exports abroad generate […]
Robert Borosage
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