Obama’s Half Measures Won’t Save the States

Demanding bold solutions to today’s jobs crisis.Read the series » Register for The Summit on Jobs & America’s Future » Much could be done to help state budgets and reduce […]

Why We Need A Jobs Summit

To break the inside-the-Beltway consensus that a robust, government-led effort to lower the unemployment rate this year should not be on the table for legislative debate, the Campaign for America’s […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Revisiting the Reagan Nightmare

"Now that he is safely dead, let us praise him." poet Carl Wendell Hines wrote of Martin Luther King Jr., after his assassination. Ronald Reagan has been "safely dead" for […]
Terrance Heath

A Business Case for Greater Equality

If our business leaders spoke Norwegian, President Obama wouldn’t have to beg them to do the right thing. A new report offers a fascinating window into the Scandinavian business mind. […]

Obama at the Chamber Strategic Retreat

President Obama’s visit to the Chamber of Commerce always seemed bizarre. Reaching out to the U.S. Chamber isn’t like reaching out to business. Under the guidance of Tom Donohue, the […]
Robert Borosage

The Chamber Of Commerce Is Anti-Business

President Obama is speaking today to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The press is reporting this as an effort to be “pro-business,” to “patch up” relations with business, to “reach […]

Its Not Going To Be Changed By The Corporations

Earlier tonight, Robert Borosage appeared on MSNBC to analyze the President’s appearance before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Excerpts from his remarks are below the video clip. Visit msnbc.com for […]
Robert Borosage

Jobs Los Angeles 3010 Initiative

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been pushing what he calls the 30/10 Initiative. The idea is simple: take all of local transportation projects around the country that are planned […]


The Democratic Leadership Council, according to press reports, is broke and closing its doors. For anyone who cares about working and poor people, this is a demise that should have […]
Robert Borosage

Defunding Health Reform Latest GOP Pledge To Crumble

Before becoming Speaker, Rep. John Boehner flatly pledged to deny all funding to the health reform law if he couldn’t repeal it, saying, “They’ll get not one dime from us. […]
Bill Scher

Egypt Human Rights and America

After two weeks behind the curve on the uprising in Egypt, the Obama administration seems to have found it’s voice, recognizing that our national interests and our national values point […]
Alan Jenkins

Republican Budget Plan Bankers and Plutocrats First

Conservative Republican legislators have vowed to block raising the debt limit to force deep cuts in spending on everything from head start to K-to12 education, to health research. They vow […]
Robert Borosage

Banksters Back in the Black JP Morgan Chase

Earnings and bonus reports are rolling in and the big, bailed-out banks are back in the black. In 2010, total compensation and benefits at publicly traded Wall Street banks and […]
Mary Bottari

Imported from Detroit

Check out the Eminem Chrysler Superbowl Ad: The Motor City, with moxie
Robert Borosage

After Obama Speaks Will The Chamber Spend

President Barack Obama addresses the U.S. Chamber of Commerce today. In a preview of his remarks, the Washington Post reports that infrastructure investment will be a “likely point of focus […]
Bill Scher

Democracy or Plutocracy A Chart

DEMOCRACY PLUTOCRACY We, the People Wealthy Few One Person One Vote One Dollar One Vote Government Limited Government Majority Supermajority Information Propaganda Taxes on the Wealthy Tax Cuts for the […]

Peddling Poison for Fun and Profit

Wall Streeters made fortunes, the new official report on America’s 2008 economic meltdown charges, defrauding the American public. They’re still making fortunes — and this new official report is already […]

Odd Jobs Report

Today’s monthly jobs report was odd. There were few new jobs, but the unemplopyment rate dropped again as even more people gave up looking for work. This month they blame […]

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Conclusions

Clear and compelling: The Big Bank Catastrophe. Worth Reading And a brutal critique by Tom Adams and Yves Smith: The fraud was even worse than the Commission suggests. My own […]
Robert Borosage

Let No Crisis Go to Waste The Conservative Version

Steve Forbes, former presidential candidate, and editor in chief of Forbes Magazine argues from this “Greece/Ireland-like crisis battering local U.S. governments” that “a lot of good may come.” He lists […]
Robert Borosage

What GEs Immelt Brings to Administration

“A third group of companies simply seems to have become expert at avoiding taxes. When the three accounting professors analyzed more than 2,000 companies, they found big variations in tax […]
Robert Borosage

The Reagan Ruins

The celebration of Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday doesn’t come until early March, but the devotions have been going on for years. For conservatives, Reagan is the lodestar, the genial demigod […]
Robert Borosage

The Buffett Balanced-Trade Idea

I want to bring attention to a post today,Balance Trade—Make Jobs, by Bill Parks. In the post Parks writes about the harm being caused by our trade imbalances: The U.S. […]

Reagans Trajectory

Greg Sargent highlights a post by Brendan Nyhan about the myth that Reagan turned the American people against government and adds: The key takeaway here is that public attitudes towards […]

Why Judges Matter

Republicans have obstructed the confirmation of unprecedented numbers of Obama judicial nominees. Vacancies have grown so bad that even Justice Roberts, the partisan Chief Justice, urged the Senate to act, […]
Robert Borosage
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