Obamas Top Priority Must Be Jobs Not Republican Appeasement

Economic policy has faced grave challenges over the past two years, hamstrung by obstructionist Republicans in the U.S. Senate and Wall Street-friendly advisers in the Obama administration. With the Republican […]
Zach Carter

Progressives Fare Better Than Blue Dogs In Contested Races

The conservative Blue Dog House Democrats, who borrowed heavily from Republican and Tea Party themes in an effort to save their jobs, floundered badly Tuesday. Meanwhile, Progressive Caucus members in […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Now Republicans Must Deliver JOBS

The election is over and it was about one thing: jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. Democrats didn’t deliver enough jobs so they got tossed. That pretty much sums it up. […]

Wider Tea Party Appeal Only In Alice In Wonderland

It did not take long for a mainstream newspaper—The New York Times, no less—to rush into print an analysis with the headline that Tuesday’s Republican election victories “Suggest Wider Appeal […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Conservatives Dont Misread Your Mandate

It is, once more, the economy, stupid. This election was overwhelmingly about one thing—the lousy economy. Democrats paid the price as voters expressed their discontent. Conservatives in both parties are […]
Robert Borosage

How Howard Zinn Would Face Today

Moyers delivered this speech October 29, 2010, as part of the Howard Zinn Lecture Series at Boston University. I was honored when you asked me to join in celebrating Howard […]

Why We Still Suffer with Our Suffrage

Let’s try to get more precise. America’s super rich aren’t ‘buying’ our elections. They’re making an ‘investment’ in prosperity. Their own. And so what have Americans learned from the now-concluded […]

Reclaiming our Story

Whatever the results this Election Day, it’s clear that visionary progressive ideas will be less welcome at the start of the next Congress. And that’s saying something, given their track […]
Alan Jenkins

Local Progressive Voter Guides (Share Like Crazy)

Which is better, voter guides or sliced bread? I say voter guides. Please drop whatever you’re doing right now (you’re reading my article so technically you’re all mine for the […]

Win or Lose Perriello Reveals Progressive Power

Tom Perriello always knew it would be hard to hold his seat in Congress. The progressive Democrat from Albemarle County, Va. represents a district designed to nullify liberal votes with […]
Zach Carter

Alan Greenspan and Things Forgotten

Ah, the things we forget. This was then: Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan greenlighted the Bush tax cuts, saying that Clinton was paying down the country’s debt too fast as […]

This Is Not Your Country

This is not your country. Nor is it mine. That we were born here, along with our forebears hardly matters. This has been the message of the Tea Party since […]
Terrance Heath

About Voting

Polls show that a significant number of people who might be on “our side” are not going to bother to vote. Some are even switching sides. The big corporations and […]

Winning The Race To The Bottom

Conservative policies have propelled us into a global race to the bottom. Conservatives can take pride: we’re winning! “Free trade” — moving factories across borders to evade the protections of […]

Vote As If The Planet Depends On It Because It Does

While many progressives have lamented the inability of the President and the congressional leadership to pass legislation capping greenhouse gas emission, few have recognized that the White House always had […]
Bill Scher

Vote for Hope

The electorate is bitter and angry. It’s no wonder. Foreclosures rise while Wall Street bankers, whose recklessness caused this grave recession, grab million dollar bonuses. Unemployment is stuck at 9.5 […]
Leo Gerard

The Battle Over Social Security in FL-08

We’re working with some of the best state-level bloggers from around the country to help us tell the truth about key economic and social policy issues, and to draw the […]
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