Live Free or Die But You Cant Vote

The Dartmouth College Republicans and the Dartmouth College Democrats have teamed up to fight a New Hampshire bill that seeks to disenfranchise students who attend college outside of their hometown. […]

The Politics of Madison Interview on Russia Today

We discussed the implications of the Madison movement in an interview on “Russia Today” television yesterday. The interviewer started out by asking me about the President’s political position before we […]
Richard Eskow

Koch Brothers “Prank” No Laughing Matter

Madison — Embattled Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker came under fire today after news broke about statements he made in a 20-minute phone call from a Boston-area alternative news reporter posing […]
Mary Bottari

Wisconsin & The GOPs War on the Middle Class

In a post about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s bid to strip public employee unions of collective bargaining — the most important and effective tool for protecting workers — Van Jones […]
Terrance Heath

The War Against the Republic The Battle of Madison

Sometimes it’s worth looking at current events through the eyes of a historian chronicling the end of an age, or those of a district attorney in a time of corruption. […]
Richard Eskow

Wisconsin The Fight For The Future

VIDEO: Why Others Should Join The Wisconsin Protests Campaign for America’s Future co-director Robert Borosage joins FireDogLake editor Jane Hamsher and Wisconsin AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer Stephanie Bloomingdale on Cenk Uygur’s show […]
Robert Borosage

Tea Party Winning Poll Has Hints For A Momentum Shift

Dig into the numbers of the latest Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard University poll on the recession and race and it’s easy to see how the Obama administration and congressional Democrats […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Top 5 Why Wisconsin Matters To You

Demanding bold solutions to today’s jobs crisis.Read the series » Register for The Summit on Jobs & America’s Future » Thousands are rallying in Wisconsin and across the nation to […]
Bill Scher

Live Reporting from the Wisconsin Rally

Tens of thousands of Wisconsin residents are flooding the State Capitol in Madison in protest of Governor Walker’s proposed budget "repair" bill that would end 50 years of collective bargaining […]
Mary Bottari

Wisconsin Plunder on the Right

Governor Scott Walker, the self-described “Tea Party Governor” of Wisconsin, likes to present himself as a faux populist, standing against powerful public employee unions for the little guy. In fact, […]
Robert Borosage

Tea Party Win

E.J. Dionne is half right: Take five steps back and consider the nature of the political conversation in our nation’s capital. You would never know that it’s taking place at […]

Chance and Change

This month, as protests swept the Middle East and toppled strongmen in Egypt and Tunisia, thousands of American adolescents rushed to see rising teen pop star Greyson Chance in concert. […]
Alan Jenkins

WI Dems Show Right Way To Filibuster

In Wisconsin the Governor and Republican majority are trying to strip state employees of the right to collective bargaining. The are literally trying to “ram through” in a very short […]

The GOPs Cement Shoes for the Economy

I’ll say it again. When progressives and conservatives talk about jobs, we are not talking about the same thing. Nor do we talk about jobs for the same reasons, it […]
Terrance Heath

Miller Picking on Poor Kids isnt Tough

Rep. George Miller calling out mock tough conservatives — and Gov Christie for that matter. What is the measure of political courage? It isn’t tough to kick poor kids. Finally […]
Robert Borosage

Cuts vs More Cuts Thats No Debate

Demanding bold solutions to today’s jobs crisis.Read the series » Register for The Summit on Jobs & America’s Future » Earlier this week, Senate Democratic leaders said their budget would […]
Bill Scher

Gov Chris Christie The Biggest Sham In American Politics

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is being puffed up by many conservatives as the refreshing, straight-talking principled budget slasher that could lead a nationwide right-wing resurgence. Yesterday, conservatives drooled as […]
Bill Scher

John Boehners So Be It Economics

With a turn of phrase that ranks right up there with "I’m alright, Jack," "We care about the small people," and "Let them eat cake," House Speaker John Boehner voiced […]
Terrance Heath

Writing Off Real Americans

It looks like the Republicans have decided they don’t need the votes of any people who work for the government or any of their families: If House Republicans succeed in […]

CPAC & The Trouble With True Believers

Covering CPAC was like stepping through the looking glass. It was like a lot of political conferences I’ve seen, just with the context flipped. Usually, these conferences are mix of […]
Terrance Heath

Trump Speaks Truth To The Tea Party at CPAC

Believe it or not, the appearance of Donald Trump at CPAC was not the most surreal moment of my first day at the conference. That came later, but not by […]
Terrance Heath

J-O-B-S CPACs Four Letter Word

Demanding bold solutions to today’s jobs crisis.Read the series » Register for The Summit on Jobs & America’s Future » I have to admit, I got a little excited during […]
Terrance Heath

Succor the Rich Suffer the Child

The blizzard of budget numbers flurrying around Washington is disorienting. Republicans are talking about cuts in the next seven months. The president’s budget proposes cuts in FY 2012 that begins […]
Robert Borosage

The GOPs Pyrrhic Victory Why It Wont Work Pt 4 of 4

President Obama is right. The Democrats got a "shellacking" in the midterm election. But not from the people who voted. And in a sense, the pundits and prognosticators are maybe […]
Terrance Heath

Budget Choice Govern Or Gut

Demanding bold solutions to today’s jobs crisis.Read the series » Register for The Summit on Jobs & America’s Future » Governing for We, the People, or gutting for the benefit […]

Republicans Are CUTTING Jobs Programs

The country has been waiting for the promised action on jobs and unemployment since the new Congress came in. Nothing yet. We’ve had the show-vote on health care, we’ve had […]

President Antes Up 15M New Jobs GOP Folds

Demanding bold solutions to today’s jobs crisis.Read the series » Register for The Summit on Jobs & America’s Future » There’s a risk that the budget battle descends into a […]
Bill Scher
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