What Happened To The Progressive Majority?

On a day in which voters in Arkansas, Kentucky and Pennsylvania are heading to the polls in what is being widely described as an anti-politician, anti-government rage, and with a […]
Isaiah J. Poole

In Defense Of The Volcker Rule

Some version of Wall Street reform is going to pass the Senate this week. The question now is how strong that reform will be. There are still three crucial battles […]
Zach Carter

Wall Street: Terminators in the Casino

Anyone who’s ever seen a Terminator movie knows that civilization ended when a computer system called “Skynet” came alive and tried to terminate the human race by starting a nuclear […]
Richard Eskow

Taking It To K Street

It’s a wet, rainy day in Washington D.C. Enough to soak anyone who stands outside long enough. But it wasn’t enough to put out the fiery anger of hundreds of […]
Terrance Heath

Climate Change: Four Futures

As the debate over the climate bill heats up, there’s one rule of thumb that may help you keep your bearings as the rhetoric becomes more gaseous and the weeds […]
Sara Robinson

Congress FAILs On Jobs AGAIN!

It is hard to imagine out here in the real world, but there seem to be people in the Congress who think they can get (or deserve to be) re-elected […]

Hey, Union-Busters: We’ll Give You Supermajority

Corporate CEOs, union-busting lawyers, and conservative politicians who pander to the rich condemned a National Mediation Board (NMB) Ruling this week. They complained that the NMB gave railway and airline […]
Leo Gerard

Livestreaming the closed door debt commission pt. 2

Last week I livestreamed the first closed door meeting of the president’s fiscal commission. I did this out of frustration that we received no response to a letter that we […]
Alex Lawson

More Regulation the Solution, Not the Problem

The governors of the Gulf Coast states, all Republicans, asked the federal government for help dealing with the BP oil spill — yeah, the government, the very organization that their […]
Leo Gerard

The Big Bank Lobby: Too Big to Bare?

240 former legislators, bank committee staffers, and Treasury officials deployed to lobby. $600 million spent in lobbying, trade association activity and political contributions since March 2008. And that is just […]
Robert Borosage

Senate Approves Bernie Sanders’ Fed Audit

The Senate approved an amendment from Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., that would subject the Federal Reserve’s bailout operations to a one-time audit. The vote was 96 – 0 in favor […]
Zach Carter

The David Brooks Spin Machine: From Roberts To Kagan

While it is doubtful that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan shares Chief Justice John Roberts’ conservative judicial activist approach to the Constitution, their backgrounds upon nomination are similar. Both are […]
Bill Scher

Social Security Works for Children

Although best known as a retirement program, Social Security can provide substantial income to children and their families. Children receive Social Security benefits either directly or indirectly when a working […]
Alex Lawson
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