We Are All Steeworkers

So I took a tour of a steel plant today. There was a lot of hot, molten steel, but also high-tech computerized systems running the show, making sure just enough […]
Tula Connell

Dude, Where’s My Industrial Policy?

Increasingly people are asking about our country’s plan for restoring and reinventing the economy. And that means thinking about manufacturing – the root of economic power. How will we revive […]

American Protectionism is a Myth

A post by Leo Gerard and Scott N. Paul Our nation faces rising unemployment, staggering debts, shrinking trade, and no sense of when (and if) a real recovery — one […]
Leo Gerard

Making It In America

Washington’s special genius is for gridlock. As we’re seeing in the health care debate, the entire system is designed to frustrate action — even when Democrats have a popular president, […]
Robert Borosage

Stronger Trade Policies From Obama’s Trade Representative

In Pittsburgh today, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk announced that the Obama administration will take a more aggressive approach to supporting American industrial workers through greater protection of labor rights […]
Steven Capozzola

Obama’s Chance To Stand Up To China

President Obama will get an opportunity in the coming weeks to show American workers that he has the mettle to get tough with China when that country flouts the basic […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The United States Needs a Cohesive Industrial Policy

Clyde Prestowitz is absolutely right that the United States needs a cohesive, forward-looking national industrial policy. And furthermore, he is correct in pointing out the “policies of China, Japan, Korea […]
Steven Capozzola

I Pledge to Buy a Made-in-U.S. Car

I pledge that soon I will buy a new, fuel-efficient car—built in America by United Auto Workers members. I’m asking YOU to take this pledge with me and get others […]
Roger Hickey

GM to American Workers: Pay for Your Own Execution

The proposition General Motors has presented to the United Auto Workers and American taxpayers in its latest restructuring plan is simple: You must pay for your own execution. GM, which […]
Leo Gerard

The Bus Ride To Save American Manufacturing

Assembly-line workers and Michigan communities aren’t the only ones with a stake in a strong U.S. auto manufacturing industry. More than 7.2 million paychecks are tied to U.S. autos, ranging […]
Steven Capozzola

Save the Jeep, Save the Nation

In 1941, car manufacturer Willys-Overland demonstrated the strength and sturdiness of its new Army scout vehicle — the Jeep — to Congress by driving it up the U.S. Capitol steps. […]
Leo Gerard

The Next Bailout: Handouts or Hybrids?

So another irresponsible industry is in deep trouble and wants a government bailout. This time, it’s the auto industry. General Motors is literally worth nothing, according to Deutsche Bank, and […]
Bill Scher
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