Labor For Bernie Is Booming In Iowa

Seeing workers in call centers, smelters at Alcoa, skilled trades workers at John Deere, or servers at the sandwich shops, the support is contagious and nearly universal.

Bernie Sanders and ‘The Big Short’

After watching "The Big Short" and talking to viewers, it’s hard to argue against Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ demands to increase taxes on the billionaires and break up the banks.

On the Road for Bernie in Iowa

Sanders reportedly became the first major presidential candidate to walk a picket line while campaigning since Robert Kennedy in 1968 when he joined a picket line against a food manufacturing company.

I’m Endorsing and Volunteering for Bernie!

When I ended my third term as president of CWA, I pledged to help build the "movement of 50 million for economic justice and democracy." Today, I am endorsing Bernie Sanders for president and volunteering to help in his campaign.

Viewpoint From Honduras

At the deportation center in San Pedro Sula, planes land with over 100 Hondurans a day, returned from our border prisons to their native land. They tell heartbreaking tales of failed attempts to join their families or find work.

Trade Yes, But a Different Track

We're in the middle of a David vs. Goliath battle. Corporate lobbyists are waging a campaign to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal rushed through Congress with little debate. But a broad coalition has come together to take on Goliath.

Fix The Dysfunctional Senate

Originally posted at Communications Workers of America. The American people need to demand that the majority have rules that mean that key issues of the day are discussed — not […]