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The Coal Industry Wants You In The Dark

If you've watched any cable news show in the last year, chances are you've probably seen one or a thousand ads from the fossil fuel industry attacking regulations and/or trying to paint their products as necessary for prosperity. If nothing else, the sheer volume of...

Tea Party Republicans Cant Stomach Helping Students

Speaker John Boehner is having a heckuva time getting his very-right-wing caucus to support any debt ceiling increase that wasn't written on a stone tablet by Ayn Rand herself. What is really striking about the process of trying to appeal to the Republican caucus,...

House GOP Leaders Rally Caucus To Hurt Some People

How do you fire up a crowd of congressional Republicans to get them to blindly cast really really bad votes? Easy, just show them a clip from a violent movie! HELL YEAH!! Last night the GOP did just that at their closed-door caucus meeting. The movie of choice was...

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