Will Teacher Uprisings Change Democrats?

Anyone wondering whether teacher uprisings this spring will influence party politics and elections in November should look at what’s happened in this year’s primaries so far. Most prominent among primary […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 93

Idaho Voters Rise Up Together

Change is coming in Idaho: candidates are finally starting to pay attention to people who have been forgotten and left out of the political process, who now demand politicians be accountable to them.
Adrienne Evans
  • 138

NC Teachers Shout ‘Listen to Us!’ to Lawmakers

Why does it take shutting down thousands of schools to get political leaders’ attention? What is this “dialogue people haven’t been wanting to have”? The gap between what goes on in schools and what gets decided in state capitals and Washington D.C. has gotten way too wide.
Jeff Bryant
  • 345

There’s No Political Machine That Can’t Be Beat

When they started their race for the Pennsylvania State House, everyone told Summer Lee, Sara Innamorato and Elizabeth Fiedler they could never win. It was a longshot, people said. They […]
Daniel Doubet
  • 91

Yes, Collusion

A large proportion of Donald Trump’s tweets and speeches vehemently claim there was “no collusion” between Trump and/or his campaign and agents of the Russian government. (The Washington Post counts […]
Miles Mogulescu
  • 102

Why Primary Fights Are Good for the Democratic Party

Primary season is underway, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has faced growing backlash to its heavy-handed interventions on behalf of some favored candidates. Texas Democrat Laura Moser is running […]
Robert Borosage
  • 270

Real Corruption: The Scott Pruitt Story

Question: Which of these scandals should result in EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s removal from office? A) his cushy, poorly documented, below-market rental deal on a lobbyist friend’s Capitol Hill townhouse; B) […]
Richard Eskow
  • 259

We Can Build an America That Works for All of Us

I’m stepping up to run for Congress because I’m sick and tired of working my heart out to support other people working their hearts out to not get any further ahead. We can fight for a politics that work for all of us. So that’s what we’re doing, and we’re doing it deeply.
Jess King
  • 100

Providing a Chance for a Better Way of Life

Paulette Jordan, candidate for governor of Idaho, speaks at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on April 24th, 2018. Jordan, a former member of the Coeur D’Alene Tribal Council, […]
Paulette Jordan
  • 333

Primary Day: Lessons for Democrats

Pundits should avoid, at all costs, the sin of “premature evaluation.” The May 7 primaries did not send a simple or unambiguous message. One thing remains clear, however: In November, […]
Richard Eskow
  • 234

Charter Schools Threaten the Existence of Public Education

Proclaiming May 6-12 National Charter Schools Week, President Trump kicked off a huge public relations campaign by the charter industry to ballyhoo the supposed success of these schools, although that […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 92

The GOP Tax Cuts Are Bad Champagne for Small Business

Mere hours before Congress went into recess last December, Republicans and the high-rollers who bankroll them were popping champagne. Without a single vote from Democrats, they’d finally accomplished with taxes […]
Angela Simaan
  • 170

Mnuchin Flips Tax-Scam Grift, Hopes Nobody Notices

With a little-noticed remark at a friendly event, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin discarded his past arguments for the Trump/GOP tax bill. All Mnuchin could offer in their place was one […]
Richard Eskow
  • 390

How Elites Scam Americans Out of Housing

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Ben “I’ve Never Had to Worry about Affording Housing” Carson, wants to triple the rent that low-income American families pay for federally […]
Olivia Alperstein
  • 126

The Right Lashes Out at Uprising Teachers

As mass teacher walkouts and protests ebb in Arizona and Colorado, bold new actions are ramping up in North Carolina. This spring’s teacher uprisings may well last through the end […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 259

Protect the Workers Who Save Our Lives

Working in a hospital, nursing home or ambulance is dangerous. Sometimes fatally so. It’s not so much that a worker might catch a communicable disease, although that happens. The real […]
Leo Gerard
  • 65

We Must Stop the Assembly Line of Conservative Judges

“Reining in the activist judges is an enormous job, but the American people are up to the task,” says Carrie Serevino, the former clerk to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas […]
Daniel Doubet
  • 235

Kentucky Teachers’ Walkout Catalyzes More Advocacy

Headlines about teachers’ strikes may have moved on from Kentucky and Oklahoma to Arizona and Colorado, but the uprisings these wildcat teachers started have not, according to numerous sources I’ve […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 379

HUD’s Carson Offers Tenants Insults, Not Solutions

75 low-and moderate-income tenants and manufactured homeowners repeatedly disrupted Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson at a speech in Las Vegas on Wednesday, asking, “where will we go?” […]
Tara Raghuveer, Liz Ryan Murray
  • 145

Tell Congress: Curb the President’s War Powers

This week, the Senate will decide whether to confirm CIA Director Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. Pompeo is a key figure in Trump’s new war cabinet, along with National […]
Robert Borosage
  • 41

The Fake Frugality of the Fabulously Rich

As a society, we simply do not want to believe that our rich may have gained their riches through exploiting others or rigging our economy or just finding themselves in the right place at the right time.

Arizona’s Uprising Teachers Build Bridges, Not Walls

We can add Arizona to the ever-growing list of states where teachers are saying “enough” to state-imposed financial austerity, and walking off the job to protest years of pay cuts, […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 337

Why We Must Save the VA for Veterans

As a ten-year U.S. Army combat veteran, I’ve felt my share of aches and pains following my service to my country. And I know firsthand how the Veterans Administration uniquely […]
Chuck Tyler
  • 135

Why Teacher Uprisings May Hit Blue States Too

Surprising results from a new survey of teachers reveal the depth of “financial strain” classroom professionals face. These include high levels of college debt, stagnation of already subpar pay, increasing […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 325

We Need a Housing Revolution Now

Here’s an experiment: If you’re not downtown as you read this, go there now and find some homeless people. They probably won’t be hard to find. Now, look at their […]
Richard Eskow
  • 11

Why Should We Tax the Rich?

The orthodoxy that dominates today’s Republican Party — and the ranks of “business-friendly” Democrats — rests on a simple approach to economic policy. Let’s be nice, this orthodoxy holds, to […]

North Carolina’s Public Reckoning of CIA Torture

President Donald Trump’s nominee for CIA director, Gina Haspel, is reported to have overseen a U.S. site in Thailand where torture of a suspected terrorist took place. Later she allegedly helped destroy […]
Alexandra Moore
  • 114

The Real Deal on Trump’s Trade Tantrums

“Trade wars are good, and easy to win,” tweeted Donald Trump when he threatened to slap tariffs on China and other nations he accused of “assaulting our country” last month. […]
Robert Borosage
  • 275
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