The Resistance and the Democratic Party

Resistance to Donald Trump needs an outside/inside strategy. Its strength comes from the streets. But it must also work to transform the Democratic Party into a people’s party, and not one beholden to the corporate donor class.
Miles Mogulescu
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Trading Rules for Workers

Automation, regulation, illegal immigration and lack of education didn't kill U.S. manufacturing jobs. Globalization did. A series of bad trade deals cost millions of jobs, and must be replaced with worker-centered, fair trade pacts.
Leo Gerard
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Trump’s Attack on Trans Kids Is an Attack on Everyone

The Trump administration’s reversal of Obama's protections for trans students is about more than bathrooms. Trump is telling states they can discriminate against trans students as they desire.
Xoai Pham
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Policing America’s Plutocracy

The White House wants to see local cops get tough with poor people who break federal laws on immigration. Why not crack down on the rich who scoff at federal tax laws?

CPAC and the DNC: A Party Is Not a Movement

Perez isn't the problem; power is. The Democratic Party won't change until it's confronted with a movement determined to change it, and starts to tell a story that reflects the lives of ordinary people.
Richard Eskow
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Trump and DeVos Hatch a Deceptive Scheme to Push School Vouchers

A school voucher program is on President Trump's’s agenda — but it’s not being called that. There are reasons for this deception, and it’s important for progressives to understand Trump's scheme before the public debate starts.
Jeff Bryant
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Yes, We Can Fight Trump’s Deportation Force

President Trump’s desire to turn ICE into a deportation force strikes fear in the hearts of many immigrant families. The good news is we can fight back and win if we stand together. Here’s how.
Mehrdad Azemun
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Trump Tax Con: Tax Cuts Steal Democracy

The Trump administration, as have all Republican administrations, is promoting tax cuts for the rich, saying they will “create growth.” Tax cuts actually force cuts in the things our government does to make our lives better.

Wall Street Sodbusters

Big-money speculators are buying up farms, charging tenants to farm it and boxing young, real farmers out of the market. Of course, the Wall Street plowboys don’t soil their own soft hands by actually farming.
Jim Hightower
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Tech, Trump and Uber [video]

From online harassment to digital strikebreaking, tech is different in the age of Trump — or, more precisely, the public policy concerns raised by powerful tech companies are heightened by the administration's actions.
Richard Eskow
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Keith Ellison’s Quest for DNC Chair

Rep. Keith Ellison offers a lifeline to the Democratic Party that is floundering. The question is whether the Democratic National Committee's 447 members will accept it when they choose their new chair on Saturday.
Robert Borosage
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A New Rationalization for Riches

Right-wingers are celebrating a depressing new history of those rare moments when wealth became better distributed as activists are exploring encouraging pathways to a New Economy that sustains our planet and fosters equality.

We Need a Sea Change to See Change

This is nothing more than a basket of gleeful, surgical giveaways to big-dollar Republican donors. We need to expose, at every opportunity, that we’re watching. We need to make it clear that we will remember this in 2018 and 2020.

The People Fired Puzder

It’s no accident that Puzder bowed out just two days after National Security Adviser Gen. Mike T. Flynn’s resignation. The Trump administration’s confidence is shaken. GOP unanimity is broken.

Resisting Trump Is Not Enough

Trump is in the White House in large part because of the establishment’s failures over the past decades. Progressives need to advance a concrete agenda, and that means taking on Democrats-in-Name-Only.
Robert Borosage
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Donald Trump Has Pulled an Epic Bait-and-Switch

Waiting on Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s desk is Trump’s order instructing him to launch a review aimed at dismantling much of the financial regulation passed after Wall Street’s wilding blew up the economy.
Robert Borosage
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What Did Trump Know About Flynn and When Did He Know It?

If Michael T. Flynn informed Trump about his multiple conversations with the Russian ambassador about rolling back Obama’s sanctions to punish Russia for interfering in the U.S. presidential election, it’s an impeachable offense. For Trump.
Miles Mogulescu
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Off-Shorers Should Shut Up

Corporations that offshore jobs to make a few extra bucks follow a "Greed First" policy. Their CEOs should shut up and listen to the American job creators on the Jobs Initiative.
Leo Gerard
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What Do We Know about Neil Gorsuch?

Ian Milhiser, the Think Progress justice editor, explored Trump's Supreme Court nominee in an interview that explored his background, ideology and judicial philosophy.
Richard Eskow
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We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight Tom Price

Let’s protect the Affordable Care Act by doing what Democrats should have done all along: by making the case for a better health care system, and then fighting for it. That means making the case for government itself.
Richard Eskow
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