Why Republicans Are Rebooting the For-Profit College Industry

A controversial rewrite of the Higher Education Act turns back the clock to when predatory for-profit colleges and lenders could purchase government officials and political appointees, then cripple students with debt and worthless degrees.
Jeff Bryant
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Charles Barkley’s Wise Words to Democrats on Alabama

Former NBA star Charles Barkley calls Doug Jones' Alabama Senate win "a wake-up call for Democrats to do better for black people and poor white people." If Democrats were to follow his frank advice, over their own, they might actually win.
Richard Eskow
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The Grassroots Won Alabama’s Senate Race

Doug Jones's victory in Alabama belongs to the voters, who rose up from the grassroots in a new movement to restore voting rights and met the challenge of keeping a homophobe, racist and accused pedophile out of the U.S. Senate.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Bending the Arc of History Towards Justice in Alabama

In his victory speech, Doug Jones recalled Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous words: “The arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice.” And today in Alabama it did, thanks to the voters who came together to reject hate.
Miles Mogulescu
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Making Every Vote Count in Alabama and Beyond

There’s a lot at stake in Alabama right now; every vote counts. That’s why we’ve been going door to door to let folks know they have the right to vote, and get them out to the polls. We're working together so people know We All Count.
Kenneth Glasgow
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Democrats Need More Democracy, Not Less

Two political scientists lament in a recent op-ed in the New York Times, that "the Democratic Party Becoming Too Democratic?" Their cherry-picked election data and anecdotes paint a misleading portrait of what our country needs.
Richard Eskow
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Republicans Declare War On Higher Education

The GOP's proposed rewrite of the Higher Education Act will compound the harm done by their tax plan. It further constricts learning opportunities for students, adds to the costs of education, and steers more money to for-profit businesses.
Jeff Bryant
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Can Democrats Do More to Stop the GOP Tax Cuts?

Congressional Democrats' resistance to the tax bill has been tepid, compared to their full-court press against repeal of the ACA. Have Democratic leaders been sending smoke signals to the donor class that they can have their tax cuts?
Miles Mogulescu
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Offshorers Demand: No Taxes, No Risk

NAFTA places all of the jeopardy on the shoulders of workers and communities while substantially eliminating normal business risks for corporations. A new NAFTA must prioritize the needs of workers over the demands of corporations.
Leo Gerard
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Why We’ve Got To Fight For Housing

Right now, in the United States of America, we’ve got somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000 people sleeping on the streets every single night. We’ve got to allow our voices to rise; we’ve got to stand up!
Emmanuel Cleaver
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We Have A Housing Emergency. Here’s How We Face It

Homelessness is on the rise, and the GOP's tax and budget plans will make the housing crisis worse. A People's Hearing on Housing with Congress members in Washington, DC highlighted these problems and solutions that match their scale.
Isaiah J. Poole
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The People’s Hearing on the Housing Crisis

Grassroots leaders from across the country are in Washington to tell Congress about the struggle they face to afford housing. They are joined by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Reps. Emanuel Cleaver and Jan Schakowsky at a live hearing.
Tim Wilkins
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“Every Darn Penny”: The GOP’s Philosophy on Death and Taxes

Republican Sen. Charles Grassley scorns working-class families for "spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies." So why can't we all just be rich, like him? To Grassley, it all comes down to philosophy.
Richard Eskow
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A Newly Elected Democratic Socialist On How to Win in Trump Country

“If we talk to people on issues in a universal way, we are going to get their vote.” That's how Pleasant Hill, Iowa's newest city councilperson, socialist Ross Grooters, says he won his seat, and how he thinks others can run and win, too.
Isaiah J. Poole
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It’s Time To Change More Than Trump

Every day, the media feasts on Trump’s lurid antics. Don’t fall for it. He’s a distraction, the clown show. And while he’s barking outside the big top, the GOP is inside, cutting away at our economy and the essentials of our public life.
Robert Borosage
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Help the Women of Walmart Today

Being a Walmart worker often means poverty pay, inflexible schedules, and disrespect from bosses. Now Walmart is trying to hide online behind brands like ModCloth and Bonobos. Join us to tell Walmart there's no hiding from bad behavior.
Tiffaney Meredith
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Small Business Leaders Unite Against Tax Cuts

The GOP's massive tax cuts for the wealthy will badly hurt small businesses, their employees and customers, according to Sen. Ron Wyden and job creators from all across the country who have joined him to denounce the plan.
Tim Wilkins
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GOP Takes War On Learning Into Senate Tax Plan, States

As the Republican-controlled Congress advances tax plans that slash public education, a new report reveals how state and local government officials, especially where GOP leadership dominates, are butchering school funding.
Jeff Bryant
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GOP Goes for Win on Taxes, Consequences be Damned

Republicans have had a rough year. To paraphrase a president: They've lost so much, they're tired of losing. They're aching for a win. But doing the wrong thing just to do something is not a win. It’s a scam perpetrated on American workers.
Leo Gerard
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Mulvaney’s In, Bankers Win, and Trump Shafts Americans Again

On his first day on the job, Mulvaney froze all hiring and rule-making at the CFPB, bringing consumer protection by the bureau to a standstill. The banks won the first round, and Trump proved again he's just a fast-talking huckster.
Richard Eskow
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Thousands of Native American Children Will Lose Health Insurance

Thousands of American Indian and Alaska Native children will lose health insurance unless Congress acts soon to reenact CHIP. The Indian Health Service will have to stretch its already thin dollars to try and cover this gap.
Mark Trahant
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Orrin Hatch’s “Bullcrap” on Taxes Is Exactly That

Sen. Orrin Hatch wants to slam shut the door of opportunity, so future generations can't have the help he used to start his career. Hatch's tax plan benefits the rich, not the working folks he claims to defend, and voters know it.
Richard Eskow
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How to Stop a Tax Plan Rigged for the Rich

Average Americans today are facing an elite hellbent on a tax “reform” that funnels new fortunes to the already fortunate. In 1932, Americans faced the same scenario — and dealt their elite a history-shifting defeat. Could history repeat?

Native People and Allies Pledge to Stop Keystone XL

The Keystone XL pipeline threatens our water, our livelihoods and our sacred sites. But we know it can be stopped, when Natives and non-Natives stand together in a values-led campaign that puts Mother Earth above profits from fossil fuels.

What Is the True Cost of Inequality?

The world has never been richer, says Credit Suisse. Net worth worldwide has jumped a remarkable $16.7 trillion over the past year. So why aren’t people worldwide cheering? That money has benefited only a precious few.

Republicans in Congress Think You’re an Idiot

As soon as they finish raiding the Treasury for big corporations and the wealthy, Republicans will push for more cuts in everything from education to Head Start. That isn’t just corrupt. It is criminal.
Robert Borosage
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The GOP Tax Plan: Make America Grieve Again

Rather than Make America Great Again, Congressional Republicans plan to Make America Grieve Again if their tax plan passes, as even more family-supporting factory jobs get shipped offshore to take advantage of the new tax rate of zero.
Leo Gerard
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Trump’s HHS Pick Alex Azar Is the Worst Pharma Bro of All

Nominating Alexander Azar for Health and Human Services Secretary is like pinning a sheriff's badge on Billy the Kid.  When it comes to public harm, the mild-mannered Azar puts blowhard "pharma bros" like Martin Shkreli to shame.
Richard Eskow
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The GOP Tax Plan Is a Declaration of War on Learning

What Republicans propose in their tax plans isn't just a raid on budget items for the sake of fiscal efficiency; their plans are part of a strategic offensive against the very idea that all children and youth have a right to learn.
Jeff Bryant
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Democrats Will Need More Than Resistance to Govern

Sweeping victories in last Tuesday’s elections provided a bracing tonic for Democrats. Party pros decry internal divisions, but the fact that grassroots activists are putting energy into electoral politics may be the best hope for renewal.
Robert Borosage
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7 Ways Democrats Misread the Election Results

If you're a Democrat, there's a name for that unfamiliar emotion you were feeling last Tuesday night. It's called happiness. But there is a serious risk that the party will draw the wrong lessons from last week's results. 
Richard Eskow
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Why We Need to Confront the Billionaires’ Paradise

New reports offer a rare glimpse into the world of the super-rich. Their concentrated wealth is the dark matter of the world economy: rarely seen, yet reshaping everything around it. We must confront this power before it is too late.
Richard Eskow
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Talking Truth About Guns & Gambling After Vegas

In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting, authorities and the NRA have put on a master class in how to bamboozle the media and whitewash unpleasant truths about guns and gambling. It's time to speak truth to power in this country.
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