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Women Win Big in VA Primaries

Democratic women win big in key Virginia House primaries. CNN: "In the four Virginia competitive US House races in November, female candidates have all won the Democratic nominations, the latest example of the party turning to women to unseat vulnerable Republicans in the President Donald Trump era. On Tuesday, three women -- Elaine Luria, Abigail Spanberger and Jennifer Wexton -- won Democratic primaries. Earlier this year at the party convention, journalist Leslie Cockburn won the nomination in Virginia's 5th Congressional District. There are currently no Democratic women in Virginia's 11-seat congressional delegation. Luria, a veteran, won the primary in Virginia's 2nd Congressional District, setting up a match with Republican Scott Taylor, and Spanberger, a former CIA operative, won her primary in Virginia's 7th Congressional District. State Sen. Wexton bested five other Democrats to win her primary in Virginia's 10th Congressional District, setting up a face-off with vulnerable Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock."

WI Voters Rebuke GOP Gov. Walker In Special Vote Win

Democrats just won a Wisconsin special election Scott Walker didn’t want to have. Vox: "Wisconsin Democrats just picked up a Republican-held state legislature seats in a duo of special elections on Tuesday, serving yet another wake-up call to Republicans in the state. Democrat Caleb Frostman, the former head of the Door County Economic Development Corp, won northeastern Wisconsin’s First Senate District, which voted for President Donald Trump by a whopping 17 points in 2016. Frostman’s seat will be up for reelection again in November. This is undoubtedly a victory for the state’s Democratic Party, in the third Wisconsin state election this year that has left Republicans sounding alarm bells. In January, Democrats flipped a rural Trump +17 state district with a comfortable 10-point margin of victory — a loss Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who is also up for reelection this year, called 'a wake-up call for Republicans in Wisconsin.' Liberals also won a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court by a huge margin in April."

Dems Challenge Trump Health Plan

Democrats sharpen attacks on Trump administration on drug prices and preexisting conditions. WaPo: "When the president announced his blueprint for addressing rising drug costs on May 30 he declared that within two weeks companies would willingly drop prices. That would be today. Cutting the nation's rising drug costs is a bipartisan goal, and for a time Democrats shared President Trump's campaign vision for cracking down on pharmaceutical companies and giving the government more power to negotiate deals. But Trump has walked back some of those positions, and at a Senate hearing Tuesday morning, the Democrats on the panel let Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar know they were not impressed with the White House plan."

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Wisconsin Progressives Score Special Election Upset Victory. Matt Brusky: " Wisconsin progressives won an important state legislative special election last night in Senate District 1, with the victory of Democrat Caleb Frostman. Frostman was endorsed by Citizen Action of Wisconsin, a People’s Action affiliate. Not only does Frostman’s victory flip the seat from Republican to Democrat, it is a rebuke from voters to Wisconsin’s GOP Governor Scott Walker, who refused to hold an election to fill the vacancy before May, as required by state law."

All MPA-Endorsed Candidates Win or Lead in Maine Primary. Mike Tipping: "The Maine People’s Alliance endorsed five progressive women in contested legislative primaries and Rep. Jared Golden in the Second District congressional race. According to initial results from the Associated Press, all of these candidates have won or are significantly ahead in their races, with votes from some towns still trickling in."

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