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Mass Arrests Of Immigrants In Los Angeles

ICE launches new immigration sweep in L.A. area; at least 100 detained so far. LA Times: "Federal officials are in the midst of an immigration enforcement operation in the Los Angeles area and have so far detained more than 100 people suspected of being in violation of immigration laws. The sweep, which began Sunday, is focusing on 'individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security,' Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Sarah Rodriguez said... 'uncooperative jurisdictions' such as Los Angeles, she said, have forced ICE agents to 'conduct at-large arrests in the community, putting officers, the general public and the aliens at greater risk, and increasing the incidence of collateral arrests. That is what ICE is now doing in Los Angeles, and what ICE will continue to do in uncooperative jurisdictions,' Rodriguez said. The Los Angeles Police Department and many other California law enforcement agencies have said they will not cooperate with ICE on sweeps. The LAPD has long had a policy that prevents officers from asking people about their immigration status, a rule designed to encourage those here illegally to cooperate with law enforcement in criminal investigations."

Senate Immigration Talks Hit Wall

Immigration push hits a wall as senate deadline nears. NPR: "Prospects for a Senate immigration bill appear dim, as lawmakers fear they won't be able to craft a single bill that can pass with bipartisan support and still win the support of President Trump, which is necessary for the House to consider any legislation passed by the Senate. Senators scrambled behind the scenes to try to rally support for a bipartisan compromise on Wednesday, ahead of a deadline set by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to finish immigration by the end of the week. But the mood was dour after the White House rejected any legislation that does not further limit legal immigration, and lawmakers aim to start leaving town for a week-long recess on Thursday night."

Trump Threatens Veto Of Any Immigration Compromise

Bipartisan group reaches deal on immigration, fulfilling some Trump demands. WaPo:
"A bipartisan group of senators reached a deal on immigration Wednesday as President Trump attempted to preemptively undercut the proposal by delivering an ultimatum: Pass my plan or risk a veto. The self-dubbed 'Common Sense Caucus' of senators late Wednesday circulated legislation that would fulfill Trump’s calls to grant legal status to 1.8 million young immigrants and would appropriate $25 billion for southern border security construction projects over the next decade — not immediately, as Trump wants. The bill also would curb family-based immigration programs, but not to the extent Trump is seeking, and would not end a diversity visa lottery program that he wants eliminated. Word of an agreement came as formal debate on immigration policy is set to intensify Thursday. The new bipartisan plan is slated for a vote, as is the GOP proposal sought by Trump, another Republican bill that would punish “sanctuary” cities and a bipartisan idea that would significantly water down Trump’s demands."

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Black Families Flee Extended School Year. Bernie Horn: "School “reformers” have, for decades, promoted the idea of extending the number of school days per year, from the current norm of 180 days to 190 or 200. Yet for all their talk, there has been extremely little evidence that two or four additional weeks of school would help children succeed in life."

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