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Tell Lawmakers To Vote NO! On Tax Cuts

Say no to the GOP tax scam! Call your senators today at 888-516-5820. and tell them to VOTE NO. The GOP plan gives huge tax breaks to corporations, the 1 percent, and the GOP's big-money donors. The rest of us will pay with big cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, education, and other necessities. We beat them before. Let's beat them back again.

GOP Tilts Tax Code To Favor Wealthy

Senators scramble to advance tax bill that increasingly rewards wealthy. NYT: "The Republican tax bill hurtling through Congress is increasingly tilting the United States tax code to benefit wealthy Americans, as party leaders race to shore up wavering lawmakers who are requesting more help for high-earning business owners. On Monday, as Republican lawmakers returned to Washington determined to quickly pass their tax overhaul, senators were in feverish talks to resolve concerns that could bedevil the bill’s passage. With pressure increasing on Republicans to produce a legislative victory, lawmakers are contemplating changes that would exacerbate the tax bill’s divide between the rich and the middle class. Those include efforts to further reward certain high-income business owners who are already receiving a tax break in the Senate bill but who are at the center of a concerted push by conservative lawmakers and trade groups to sweeten those benefits. As Republican leaders pressed for a Senate floor vote this week, there appeared to be little momentum for amendments that would help low-income Americans, which some Republican and many Democratic senators had sought."

Tax Plan Faces Budget Committee Vote

Senate tax drama intensifies as bill faces key panel vote. Reuters: "President Donald Trump's drive to overhaul the U.S. tax code headed toward a new drama on Tuesday in the Senate, where a pair of Republican lawmakers demanded changes to the party's tax bill in exchange for their help in moving the measure forward. Trump was due to lobby Republicans at their weekly policy luncheon in the U.S. Capitol, with the Senate poised for a possible vote on tax legislation as early as Thursday. The president has called on Republicans to deliver a tax bill to his desk before Christmas. But a Senate Budget Committee hearing on Tuesday, which Republican leaders hoped would send legislation to a full Senate vote, has become a potential hurdle with Republicans Ron Johnson and Bob Corker saying they may vote against the measure. Their opposition could be the first major obstacle for the Republican tax overhaul in the Senate, where political infighting killed the party's effort to overturn the Obamacare healthcare law earlier this year."

Trump Pick Freezes Hiring, Rules At Consumer Watchdog

Dueling officials spend chaotic day vying to lead federal consumer watchdog. WaPo: "Mulvaney showed up at the agency’s Washington headquarters early in the morning bearing a bag of doughnuts and then firing off an email ordering the staff to disregard any orders from English. His office tweeted photos of Mulvaney taking part in office meetings and he invited in the press to announce that he had declared a temporary freeze on hiring and rulemaking. The standoff is quickly turning into one of the highest-profile efforts by the Trump administration to roll back the government’s oversight over the financial industry. And it is bringing to a head a long-simmering partisan fight over the CFPB, an agency established in 2011 in response to the global financial crisis. The tug-of-war left the CFPB’s staff and contractors befuddled over how to proceed. Legal experts said any actions taken by either Mulvaney or English could later be challenged in court should they not ultimately prevail — effectively freezing the agency’s ongoing work. The CFPB, for example, is working on rules for debt collectors, which are now likely to stall, legal experts said."

Koch Brothers' Meredith To Buy Time Inc.

What the Koch brothers want with Time Inc. Axios: "The Koch Brothers are investing $650 million to support Meredith Corp.'s takeover of Time Inc., and insist that they won't have any managerial or editorial influence over the combined magazine publisher. But no one involved with the deal will say that the promise of passivity is codified in anything beyond press releases, and the prospect of a strong financial return is anything but certain... the Kochs' background makes it very tough to believe that this is a purely financial play. Already, the NY Times suggests there could be a data play combining Time Inc. subscriber info with with voter info held by Koch-owned i360. Or perhaps the Kochs would have an inside track on a divestiture, particularly if either TIME Magazine or Fortune were to be sold."

Project Veritas Fails To Snare WaPo With False Claims

A woman approached The Post with dramatic — and false — tale about Roy Moore. She appears to be part of undercover sting operation. WaPo: "A woman who falsely claimed to The Washington Post that Roy Moore, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama, impregnated her as a teenager appears to work with an organization that uses deceptive tactics to secretly record conversations in an effort to embarrass its targets... on Monday morning, Post reporters saw her walking into the New York offices of Project Veritas, an organization that targets the mainstream news media and left-leaning groups. The organization sets up undercover “stings” that involve using false cover stories and covert video recordings meant to expose what the group says is media bias. James O’Keefe, the Project Veritas founder who was convicted of a misdemeanor in 2010 for using a fake identity to enter a federal building during a previous sting, declined to answer questions about the woman outside the organization’s offices on Monday morning shortly after the woman walked inside."

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How to Stop a Tax Plan Rigged for the Rich. Sam Pizzigati:"Average Americans today are facing an elite hellbent on a tax "reform" that funnels new fortunes to the already fortunate. This year’s situation bears a remarkable resemblance to the epic tax battle of 1932, a largely forgotten struggle that set the stage for an entire generation of increasing equality. Could this history repeat? It certainly is already echoing."

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