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Today Last Day to Tell Lawmakers To Support Small Business Financing

It's incredibly hard for small business owners to get great ideas off the ground without access to bank loans at fair rates. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY we can tell the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) how important it is to support small businesses and their employees and protect them from predatory lenders.

Tell Lawmakers NOW to Support Small Businesses

SCOTUS Allows Refugee Ban To Take Effect

Justices allow refugee ban while case proceeds. NYT: "The Supreme Court on Tuesday temporarily allowed the Trump administration to stop some 24,000 refugees from entering the United States while the court considers broad challenges to the administration’s revised travel ban. The court’s brief order effectively reversed part of an appeals court ruling that had lifted the travel ban’s restrictions on the nation’s refugee program. There were no noted dissents."

Trump Seeks Dem Allies For Tax Reform

Trump woos Democrats on tax overhaul at White House dinner. Bloomberg: "Three Democratic senators joined President Donald Trump for a White House dinner Tuesday aimed at winning their support for an as-yet unreleased tax overhaul bill that would be written by Republican leaders. Trump’s guests -- Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Donnelly of Indiana -- are the only three Democratic senators who haven’t signed on to a list of conditions for supporting any tax legislation: that it not add to the federal deficit, that it not increase the burden on the middle class and that it go through the regular order process in Congress. In reaching out to them, Trump is amplifying a White House strategy that seems squarely aimed at Democrats. It calls for the president to rally support for tax legislation by visiting states he won in 2016 where a Democratic senator is up for re-election next year. But with many details of the legislation still unclear, the strategy’s effectiveness remains to be seen."

Booker Backs Sanders' Medicare For All

Single-payer pushes the health-care debate decidedly leftward. WaPo: "For months, public debate over the future of the U.S. health-care system has been focused on one theme: the inability of Washington Republicans to repeal-and-replace Obamacare, a vow they made incessantly on the campaign trail. That narrative may not predominate much longer, as single-payer legislation today takes (left) stage. Single-payer, in which the government would pay for almost all medical bills, 'is where the country has got to go,' Sanders said in an interview at his Senate office. 'Right now, if we want to move away from a dysfunctional, wasteful, bureaucratic system into a rational health-care system that guarantees coverage to everyone in a cost-effective way, the only way to do it is Medicare for All.'"

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