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Trump May Target More Immigrants With Temporary Protected Status

The next DACA? Trump administration turns to another class of immigrants. CNN: "As the nation's immigrant community grapples with President Donald Trump's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, a similar move could be looming for hundreds of thousands of other undocumented immigrants who have been permitted to build lives in the United States, in some cases for decades. At issue is 'temporary protected status,' a provision of immigration law that allows the government to grant temporary work authorizations and protection from deportation to undocumented immigrants from certain countries where life remains dangerous. Conditions that could merit the status include armed conflict and civil war, natural disasters, epidemics and 'other extraordinary and temporary conditions.' The status is intended to be temporary, but many of the designated countries have had their crises continue for years, resulting in certain groups' protections lasting for decades."

ICE Snares Relatives of Undocumented Children

Relatives of undocumented children caught up in ICE dragnet. ProPublica: "This summer, a Kansas City man named Edwin got a call from immigration officials. They had picked up his nephew at the southern border and wanted to release the teen into his care. So Edwin went online and bought a bed. Later that week, he was contacted again, this time by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detective who knocked at his door. The agent gave Edwin a letter saying he needed to come to headquarters for an interview about three federal crimes: conspiracy, visa fraud and human smuggling. Across the country, people like Edwin who have taken in young undocumented relatives are being swept up in what ICE calls a crackdown on guardians who pay human smugglers. More than 400 people were arrested over the course of two months this summer as part of the new approach."

Protesters Clash in Pacific Northwest

Demonstrators clash in Northwest rallies; multiple arrests made. Oregon Live: "Dueling protests took to the streets of downtown Portland and Vancouver, with demonstrators squaring off in sometimes heated exchanges Sunday afternoon and police making multiple arrests... The altercation followed a heated but short rally in Portland, which drew hundreds, and one in Vancouver, where as many as 150 supporters of the conservative group Patriot Prayer gathered at the Vancouver Landing Amphitheater along the shores of the Columbia River. The Vancouver rally, organized by group leader Joey Gibson, included speeches in support of freedom, veterans, God and the American flag. A larger group of counterprotesters who vocally decried fascism and Nazis gathered nearby, with police from Vancouver, Portland and the Clark County Sheriff's Office keeping the groups separated."

Kobach Spreads Baseless Claims of Voter Fraud

Did Bannon and Breitbart fabricate a media decoy to distract from Trump's biggest scandal? AlterNet: "Why did Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the national voice of the Republican’s toxic effort to hijack elections by rigging the voting process, sprea out a pathetic and immediately debunked big lie about thousands of illegal voters in New Hampshire last November—an allegation that also was debunked last winter by none other than Donald Trump’s first campaign manager Corey Lewandoski? Kobach’s tirade was swiftly slapped down. The headline from the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law’s blog gave the gist, 'Kobach Discovers College Students Live in College Towns.' The Washington Post’s David Weigel tweeted, 'In one hour, I found four legit NH voters whom Kobach accused of being fraudulent.' Going deeper, Philip Bump, his Post colleague, said Kobach was unfit to co-chair Trump’s presidential commission on election integrity and every media outlet knows by now he is a serial liar on this topic. 'What I’m saying is that the arguments Kobach presents about fraud in New Hampshire—and I recognize the significance of what I’m about to write—should have been too far afield even for Breitbart,' wrote Bump.That's the clue: Kobach’s screed was published on Breitbart News on September 7, the same day The New York Times put online its Friday above-the-fold front-page blockbuster, 'To Sway Vote, Russia Used Army of Fake Americans: Flooding Twitter and Facebook, Imposters Helped Fuel Anger in Polarized U.S.' by Scott Shane."

Trump Organization Hires Chinese State Construction Firm

Trump Company hires Chinese state-owned firm despite election promises. The Hill: "President Trump's family business reportedly hired a construction company owned by the Chinese government to work on a project even though Trump promised it would not work with any foreign entities while he was in the White House. A $32 million contract was awarded to the Middle East subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation by DAMAC Properties, the Trump Organization's partner."

Internal Debate Rages in Democratic Party

What Do Democrats Really Stand For? Politico:
"Make no mistake: Democrats are just as divided as Republicans these days. Embarrassed by their election losses, they are fighting over everything from their diagnosis of why Trump beat them in 2016 to how much to stake themselves on an oust-him-at-all-costs strategy now. Their internal battles may not be as sexy as the unprecedented hostile takeover of the GOP by an outsider president not beholden to it – yet they are just as consequential."

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Canadian Mounties to the Rescue of American Workers. Leo Gerard: "Americans like to see themselves as heroes to the underdog, but, it's Canada who is riding to the rescue of downtrodden American workers, by demanding union rights in negotiations for a new North American Free Trade Agreement."

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