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Kochs Push for Tax Cuts

Koch brothers move to back WH tax-cut plan. Bloomberg: "After times of only tepid support for President Donald Trump’s agenda, the billionaire Koch brothers are putting their financial muscle behind the White House’s plan to overhaul U.S. taxes. Two gatherings in Washington this week mark the start of the push, and the network of conservative advocacy groups controlled by the Kochs has already lined up events in 36 states to make sure members of Congress hear the call for lower taxes when they’re home for their August recess. The move marks a pivot for the Kochs, who didn’t support Trump in 2016 and have come out against some of his policies. The network - joined by many of the nation’s retailers - scored a kill last week when Republican leaders abandoned the so-called border-adjusted tax on domestic sales and imports."

Citizen groups protest Koch-backed tax reforms. Common Dreams: "As Republicans attempt to quickly shift attention from their failed effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act to their goal of overhauling the tax code—an objective that is being cheered on and bankrolled by Charles and David Koch—early signs indicate that their plans will face similarly fierce resistance... In addition to organizing events in 36 states to push the GOP's right-wing tax agenda, Koch-affiliated groups have also begun running digital ads promoting tax cuts for individuals and businesses."

Health Options

CBO says drug price bill would save billions. IBT: "Allowing Americans to purchase lower-priced medicines from other countries would save the federal government alone more than $6 billion, according to a new analysis from the Congressional Budget Office. The report comes as the pharmaceutical industry has ramped up its lobbying — including against a legislative initiative that would let Americans purchase lower-priced medicines from countries such as Canada."

Sen. Sanders calls for public option in every state. NPR: "Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to introduce bill for single-payer health care, and endorses offering a public insurance option in every state."

WH Drug Commission Wants More Medicaid

White House commission on drug abuse recommends increasing Medicaid spending. ThinkProgress: "The commission, which is chaired by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), said the best way to 'rapidly increase treatment capacity' is to expand the availability of treatment under Medicaid with more federal funds. The commission, which also includes the governors of Massachusetts and North Carolina, calls expanding the availability of Medicaid 'the single fastest way to increase treatment availability across the nation.'"

Building the Wall

US Customs may fast-track border-wall construction through Texas wildlife refuge. DailyKOS: "According to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official, Customs and Border Protection 'has been quietly preparing a site to build a nearly 3-mile border barrier through the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge,' a plan that stands to cut straight through a wildcat refuge and 'some of the last surviving stands of sabal palm trees in South Texas."

New Civil Rights Enforcers Specialize in Undermining Rights

New civil rights chief at Justice has spent his career undermining civil rights. ThinkProgress: "John Gore, a Republican lawyer in Washington, will serve in the interim until Trump’s nominee for the position, Eric Dreiband, secures a hearing... Gore had been 'actively involved in redistricting litigation' in private practice and listed six cases in which he defended state governments accused of violating the Voting Rights Act through gerrymandering... Dreiband, also a former Jones Day attorney, has represented a tobacco company in an age discrimination case and Bloomberg in a pregnancy discrimination case."

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