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Tell Your Senators to VOTE NO! Today to Save Health Care

The Senate has voted to move forward on health care repeal, so the fight is far from over. More votes to come. Call your senators: Tell them to VOTE NO! Protect Medicaid and health care for everyone in the country.

Senate Opens Votes on Health Care Repeal

Senate votes down broad health repeal, more votes to come. NYT: “The Senate voted narrowly on Tuesday to begin debate on a bill to repeal major provisions of the Affordable Care Act, but hours later, Republican leaders suffered a setback when their most comprehensive plan to replace President Barack Obama’s health law fell far short of the votes it needed… The Senate is now moving ahead with debate, amendments and ultimately a final vote in the coming days on legislation that would have a profound effect on the American health care system — roughly one-sixth of the United States’ economy.”

How each senator voted on ACA replacement NYT: “The procedural vote was technically on whether the amendment complies with the budget act, but practically means that the BCRA can’t become law without being substantially rewritten. This week senators will debate and vote on several more amendments to a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.”

First GOP health care bill fails, with many more votes to come. Axios: “This was the Senate’s best attempt at an ACA replacement, after about two and a half months of closed-door meetings attempting to find something that could bridge the caucus’ deep divides. Its failure suggests Senate Republicans won’t be able to come together on a replacement plan without Democrats in the future, no matter what happens next. What’s next: A vote on a bill that repeals the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies, taxes and Medicaid expansion but leaves in place its regulations. It’s expected to be (Wednesday) at noon.”

Resistance Not Enough: Progressives Unveil People’s Platform

Progressives push to back #PeoplesPlatform on Capitol Hill. Common Dreams: “Dozens of organizations — including Our Revolution, National Nurses United, and Fight for 15—announced the launch of a new initiative titled ‘The Summer for Progress,’ during which activists across the country will pressure Democratic lawmakers to embrace ‘a bold, progressive agenda.’ This agenda, called the People’s Platform, includes legislation that would make public colleges tuition free, establish automatic voter registration, raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, and transform the American healthcare system into one that guarantees insurance to all.”

Interior Rolls Back Environmental Protections

As Interior Secretary swaggers through parks, his staff rolls back regulations. NYT: “Mr. Zinke’s staff on Tuesday filed a legal proposal to rescind the nation’s first safety regulation on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. They are exploring a proposal to loosen safety rules on underwater drilling equipment put in place after the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. They have rolled back an Obama-era order to block coal mining on public lands and delayed carrying out a regulation controlling emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, from oil and gas wells.”

ICE Agent Speaks Out on Immigration Crackdown

Veteran ICE agent speaks out against Trump’s immigration crackdown. New Yorker: “The agent, who has worked in federal immigration enforcement since the Clinton Administration, has been unsettled by the new order at ICE… since Inauguration Day, the Administration has explicitly encouraged them to pursue the undocumented as aggressively as possible. ‘We’re going to get sued,’ the agent told me at one point. ‘You have guys who are doing whatever they want in the field, going after whoever they want.'”

House Repeals CFPB Arbitration Rule

House Repeals Consumer Protection Arbitration Rule. Jubilee USA: “The House voted to repeal the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s rule that ‎made it easier for consumers to take joint legal action against banks and lenders.”

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A Southern California District Resists Bad Education Policy. Jeff Bryant: “Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos say public schools are a failed idea and we need other options. But a school district in Southern California is showing that given sufficient resources and supports, public schools can get the job done.”

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