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Health Care Scramble

Senate GOP leaders hope for health care vote next week. ABC:
“Republican leaders are hoping to stage a climactic vote on their health care bill next week, though internal rifts over divisive issues like coverage requirements and Medicaid cuts leave the timing and even the measure’s fate in question. ‘We need to start voting’ on the GOP bill scuttling much of President Barack Obama’s health care law, No. 2 Senate GOP leader John Cornyn of Texas told reporters Monday. Some Republicans said a revised version of the bill could be introduced Thursday, and Cornyn said the ‘goal’ was for a vote next week.”

Republicans are still seven votes shy on health care. Five Thirty Eight: “Republicans appear to be at least seven votes short of the 50 they need to get a health care bill through the Senate, which is basically where they were when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell unveiled a draft bill more than two weeks ago.”

Conservatives bet on risky plan that could tank Obamacare markets. Politico: “Ted Cruz’s plan to give insurers freedom to sell plans that don’t comply with Obamacare’s insurance regulations may be conservatives’ last best chance to salvage the stalled Senate health care bill. But it might also send Obamacare insurance markets into a death spiral… health care finance experts warn it could further destabilize the troubled Obamacare marketplaces, potentially causing them to collapse as premiums skyrocket and healthier customers flee — accomplishing the demise of Obamacare in practice rather than legislatively.”

Who Resists

Capitol police arrest 80 people protesting against the GOP health care bill. Time: “Police on Monday said they arrested 80 people protesting the Senate Republicans’ health care bill in Washington, D.C.
Activists around the country have been flocking to the offices of their elected representatives to express their dismay at the bill, which proposes significant cuts to Medicaid and which the Congressional Budget Office said would result in an additional 22 million people losing insurance by 2026.”

3 lawsuits filed against White House panel on voter fraud. NYT: “Three lawsuits, filed separately by civil rights groups, underscored the depth of opposition by the Trump administration’s critics to the panel, the Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, even before it formally meets. The commission’s official mandate is to look at flaws in federal voting systems and practices that could encourage fraud and undermine public confidence in elections. But advocacy groups and many Democratic leaders have called it a Potemkin exercise intended to validate President Trump’s groundless claim that millions of illegal ballots cost him a popular-vote victory in November. The true goal, they say, is to lay the groundwork for Congress to place strict qualifications on registering and voting that would primarily suppress opposition to Republican candidates for office.”

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There’s Only One Way to End the War in Afghanistan. Robert Borosage: “The United States continues its longest war – now in its 16th year – without a clue about how to win or how to get out. President Trump shows no sign of changing course, and the troop surge he plans to authorize is not the answer.”

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