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Hatred Flares

17-year-old Muslim girl assaulted and killed after leaving Virginia mosque. WaPo:
"According to accounts from police and a mosque official, a group of four or five teens were walking back from breakfast at IHOP early Sunday when they were confronted by a motorist. All but one of the teens ran to the mosque, where the group reported that the girl had been left behind... The girl’s mother said detectives told her that Nabra was struck with a metal bat. The killing rattled a Muslim community in the midst of celebrating Ramadan, a month of religious observance in which adherents fast from dawn to sunset for about a month."

Acquittal of cop in slaying of African-American Minnesotan worsens blacks' fears they could be next. DailyKOS: "Concealed-carry permit-holders are encouraged in many gun-training classes and by numerous law enforcement agencies always to inform an officer who stops them that they are armed so that no surprises lead to incidents like that which left Castile dead in his car with five bullets in his body. But Castile’s informing Officer Jeronimo Yanez that he had a firearm and license for it seemed to trigger the cop’s worst instincts instead of relaxing him. He blazed away, firing seven times."

Rollbacks in Education and Cuba Policy

DeVos rolls back student protections, campus civil rights enforcement. NPR: "The U.S. Department of Education is rolling back two regulations introduced during the Obama administration and designed to protect students, especially those at for-profit colleges... the Department of Education has loosened the requirements for campus investigations of civil rights violations and complaints related to sexual assault. Advocates fear the move will limit enforcement."

Trump announces Cuba policy reversal. The Atlantic: "President Trump announced Friday a drastic change in the U.S.-Cuba relationship, swapping a policy of cultural exchange to bring about democratic ideals for something closer to the embargo-style policies from past decades. Speaking in Miami’s Little Havana district, Trump said he plans to cut off income to the Castro regime, with the hopes of bringing about free elections, by once again limiting tourism and trade to the island. Reversing U.S.-Cuba policy was a campaign promise of Trump’s — one that has grown increasingly unpopular with the majority of Republican voters."

Trump's Financial Disclosure

Trump details how he’s profiting off the presidency. ThinkProgress: "The documents provide financial information for the period of time between last January and this spring — encompassing the lead-up to the presidential election and Trump’s transition into the White House. Trump’s sprawling business empire is difficult to definitively quantify. However, the filings do show that the properties Trump has visited frequently as president have seen significant gains in income, the D.C. hotel at the center of an ethical controversy has generated millions in revenue, and the royalties for Trump’s books have soared."

More from

Tennessee Dads Ask Senators for a Simple Father’s Day Gift. Andy Spears: "A group of Tennessee dads gathered on a rainy Nashville day to ask Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander for a simple gift: for Father's Day, they want them to protect Medicaid. Senators, are you listening?"

Infighting Is Good for the Democratic Party. Bob Borosage: "The debate within the Democratic Party isn’t a diversion or a liability; it is a necessary step on the road to recovery. Progressives have energy, passion, and a bold agenda for change. Isn’t it time to debate ideas and strategy?

Did Trump Revive Failed Cold War Cuba Policy to Buy Rubio’s Loyalty? Miles Mogulescu: "Did Trump make a deal with Senator Marco Rubio to go easy in the Russia investigation in exchange for reimposing failed Cold War sanctions on Cuba, which also help the president's business interests on the island?"

Subjugation in Steel. Leo Gerard: "To protect national security, American steel and family-supporting jobs, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and President Trump must stand strong against unfair foreign trade in steel that kills American jobs and creates American dependency."

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