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Our Revolution and Good Jobs Nation will hold a rally with low-wage federal contract workers Wednesday to launch "Good Jobs Defense" to call on President-elect Trump to stop all federal contractors from shipping jobs overseas and stealing the pay of workers who serve America.

Federal contractor workers across the country do things like haul military cargo at America’s ports, aid victims of natural disasters, help senior citizens receive their pensions, promote equal justice in U.S. courts, and cook and clean for Senators. A new study by Demos shows that federal contractors steal as much as $2.5 billion from contract workers annually by paying Americans less than the minimum wage, forcing them to work off the clock, and by misclassifying workers as “independent contractors.”

A rally will take place Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at 10am at Freedom Plaza, which is at 13th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW in Washington, DC. At the rally federal contract workers will be joined by Senator Bernie Sanders, Actor Danny Glover, Congressman Keith Ellison and members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus to call on Trump to keep his campaign promises that he will be a champion for America’s workers.

At the rally Good Jobs Nation and the new organization Our Revolution will also announce a "Good Jobs Defense" partnership to hold President-elect Trump accountable to keeping his campaign promises to America’s workers.

Over the past 3 years, Good Jobs Nation has organized 18 strikes by low-wage federal contract workers at the US Capitol, Senate, Pentagon and other national landmarks as well as filed wage theft complaints on behalf of 1500 workers to recover over $5 million in stolen wages.

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