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KKK Tries To Sway Election

KKK embraces Trump. Mother Jones: "The KKK quarterly The Crusader ('The Premier Voice Of The White Resistance') devoted its latest front page to a throaty defense of Trump's 'Make America Great Again' slogan ... [KKK leader Pastor Thomas] Robb stopped short of calling it a formal endorsement ... The Trump campaign ... issued a statement denouncing the paper."

"White nationalists plot Election Day show of force" reports Politico: "The National Socialist Movement, various factions of the Ku Klux Klan and the white nationalist American Freedom Party all are deploying members to watch polls, either 'informally' or, they say, through the Trump campaign. The Oath Keepers, a group of former law enforcement and military members that often shows up in public heavily armed, is advising members to go undercover and conduct 'intelligence-gathering' at polling places, and Donald Trump ally Roger Stone is organizing his own exit polling, aiming to monitor thousands of precincts across the country."

Backlash Against Schumer, Ryan

"Liberals wary of Schumer tax plan" reports The Hill: "Sen. Charles Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) ideas for overhauling the tax system are encountering skepticism on the left ... viewing them as too favorable to corporations at a time when populist sentiment is running high ... Schumer has floated the idea of 'deemed repatriation' for corporate earnings outside the U.S. and a minimum tax on future foreign earnings regardless of whether they are repatriated. While Schumer has not specified the rates he would like to see for those taxes, he has suggested they should be lower than 35 percent ... opposition from the left is unlikely to deter Schumer, who has shown a willingness to take on the liberal base in the past."

House Freedom Caucus plots post-election strategy. Politico: "Top members of the House Freedom Caucus will hold a rare, pre-election strategy session in Washington on Wednesday to chart the group's moves in November and beyond. One of the most pressing questions preoccupying Washington is what the group will do about Paul Ryan..."

Pressure to Shape Clinton Cabinet

Congressional people of color press Clinton for diverse cabinet. The Hill: "The congressional Hispanic, Asian and black caucuses recently held separate meetings with Clinton’s transition team to put forward names of minority candidates for Cabinet and high-ranking administration posts ... Former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who is heading the transition team, attended some of those meetings ... Here are some of the names the so-called Tri-Caucus ... has floated..."

WP edit board slams progressives for trying to shape Clinton cabinet: " Ms. Clinton is being told, apparently, to apply a series of litmus tests to her potential nominees ... The advance veto on future nominees that Ms. Warren and Mr. Sanders are seeking, if carried to its logical extreme, would make them de facto usurpers of presidential power."

Bernie Flexes Muschle

Bernie Sanders opposes MA ballot initiative to greatly increase number of charter schools. Boston Herald quotes: "Wall Street must not be allowed to hijack public education in Massachusetts."

Sanders calls out drug company for price gouging. The Hill: "Eli Lilly's stock dropped nearly 2 percentage points after Sanders criticized the rising price of the company's Humalog brand insulin, citing a Washington Post report on soaring costs of the diabetes drug."

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