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Depending on the outcome, when the history of the 2016 presidential election is written, this will be known as the week the wheels fell off of Donald Trump’s campaign.

No one, but no one in politics had a worse week than than Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. A week of bizarre behavior and even more bizarre statements sent him plummeting in the polls. One poll has him trailing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by 15 points, another by nine points, and even a Fox News poll has him trailing by Clinton by 10 points.


Republicans are freaking out, and with good reason. Trump’s polling numbers in key battleground states are so bad that he might suck some down-ballot candidates into the abyss with him. The stink is getting so bad that Republicans are staying away from his Green Bay, Wis. campaign rally in droves today. Word is that some Republicans are planning to stage an intervention. Other Republicans are abandoning Trump like rats leaving a sinking ship.


What’s amazing is that Trump has done all of this damage to himself. For a guy who loves playing the victim, that’s quite a feat. Hillary Clinton’s campaign didn’t have to break a sweat to make any of this happen. It got so bad that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly couldn’t even keep a straight face while listening to Trump ranting at a rally in Daytona Beach, Fla., and rehashing some of his worst moments so far.


“Must he help them so generously every day,” Kelly asks? Well, some people are starting to think maybe he just can’t help himself. Sure, Trump’s behavior has some people batting around conspiracy theories about him once again: he’s a Clinton plant, a Russian agent working for Putin, etc.


The problem is that it takes control and discipline to pull off a conspiracy, and it’s apparent that Trump has neither in large quantities. It’s more likely that Trump just can’t help himself, which has more than a few Republicans questioning his sanity. He may be “the healthiest candidate ever to run for president,” but not from the neck up.Bizarre rants and personal feuds appeal to Trump’s base, but not necessarily to the rest of the electorate.


For those of us who already knew he wasn’t playing with a full deck from the start, it’s no surprise that Donald Trumped himself. Here’s a look back at how he did it, and in just over a week.


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