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On the eve of the Republican National Convention, thousands of progressive volunteers are going door-to-door to counter politics of hate, and build support for economic and racial justice.

As Republicans gather to nominate their candidate for president, major progressive organizations will conduct a National Doorstep Convention, on July 15 - 17. Thousands of volunteers in more than 20 states and 29 cities will go door-to-door, to have conversations with voters, urging them to reject the politics of hate sown by Donald Trump and the GOP. Volunteers aim to talk with more than half-a million people over three days. The National Doorstep Convention is part of a multi-racial, nationwide push that includes the Center for Community Change Action, People’s Action,, and scores of state-based groups.

The National Doorstep Convention will counter the division sown by Trump and the GOP, by reaching out to white working-class voters and urging them to oppose Trump’s hate-fueled agenda, and support a progressive economic agenda. “We believe the National Doorstep Convention is an important step in the democratic process; that the best way to make progress is for neighbors to have conversations with neighbors,” said LeeAnn Hall, co-executive director of People’s Action. “We can’t solve serious problems with more division and more hate,” Hall added. “We need to move a real economic agenda that takes power away from corporations and the wealthy elite, and puts it back in the hands of working people.”

In battleground states like Ohio, where Republicans will hold their convention, a coalition of groups will go door-to-door to urge 100,000 voters to stand up against Donald Trump’s hate-fueled agenda. “I am very happy to be with Ohio Against Hate, and to participate in what we’re going to do,” said former Ohio state senator and Ohio Against Hate volunteer Nina Turner, “and to let our brothers and sisters know that together we are stronger. Our support and love and unity with one another is stronger than what divides us ideologically.”

In other states, volunteers will mobilize members of the New American Majority (such as Latinos, immigrants, and women) to become a powerful electoral force in 2016. “Republicans still continue to stand with Trump, and he still continues to blame and shame people of color for America’s problems,” said Kica Matos, director for immigrant rights and racial justice at the Center for Community Change Action. “We intend to make sure that Republicans are held accountable for supporting Trump’s bigotry and hate,” Mato added. “We are a force to be reckoned with, and if Republicans don’t understand that now, they will understand it in November.” The Center for Community Change Action is part of the largest ever pro-immigrant voter turnout operation – a multi-million dollar campaign to mobilize Latinos, the AAPI community and other anti-hate voters in key swing states.

Progressives know what’s at stake in this election. “This election is a test of our character,” Hall asked. “Will we be pointing the finger at one another, or will we come together?” Perhaps more than ever before, it’s about the kind of country we want to be. “We believe this election is nothing less than a battle for America’s soul,” Matos said, and we refuse to let hatred and division win." With the National Doorstep Convention, progressives are stepping up efforts to bring together Americans whom Trump and the GOP are working to divide.

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