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This past weekend I spoke at “The People’s Summit,” a gathering of groups and individuals dedicated to building a longstanding movement out of the momentum created by the Bernie Sanders campaign. (There’s a good write-up of the event here and on I discussed the conference on Thom Hartmann’s television program this week.

The three key points I wanted to make at the Summit were these:

● Messages build movements, and movements are long-term communities dedicated to fundamental change.

● The movement’s message needs to convey a transformative vision that reflects the urgency of our times. “Political revolution” is that kind of message.

● We need new and better media to sustain and inform the movement – a “media revolution” to accompany the “political revolution.”

Two excellent takeaways from the Summit: Rosario Dawson pointed out that we would need to organize even with Bernie Sanders in the White House. Regardless of the election outcome, we need to build a long-term movement.

&And to my mind RoseAnn DeMoro, head of National Nurses United, got the relationship between electoral and movement politics exactly right when she said “An election is not a movement, but an election can be a moment in a movement.”

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