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Clinton To Detail Economic Vision

Clinton to talk economy in NC speech today. Bloomberg: “‘She will talk both about how we drive more growth and how we drive more fairness,’ senior policy adviser Jake Sullivan said … Clinton is not expected to unveil new policy proposals on Wednesday and will instead reiterate the views that carried her through the Democratic primary, aides said. Those include making college debt-free for all Americans, building on Obama-era Wall Street regulations, and raising the effective tax rates paid by America’s wealthiest individuals and corporations.”

Follows speech attacking Trump’s economic plan. NYT: “Though she leveled predictable blows against various Trump-branded products, noting that many items — Trump ties, Trump steaks, Trump furniture — were made outside the United States, Mrs. Clinton’s most pointed refrains sought to depict Mr. Trump … as an enemy to the very people he had claimed to champion in the primary.”

The New Yorker’s John Cassidy reviews Moody’s analysis of Trump’s plan: “The report predicts that an economic slump would begin in 2018 and last until 2020, with the Gross Domestic Product falling by 2.4 per cent … federal revenues decline sharply—by about $9.5 trillion over a decade … the debt-to-G.D.P. ratio starts to climb … Interest rates rise … the mass deportation of undocumented workers, who represent about five per cent of the labor force, delivers another big shock …”

Trump Tries To Go On Offense

Trump to attack Clinton in competing speech. NYT: “…Trump … will try to shape an argument against Mrs. Clinton as a fatally flawed candidate, with her own baggage from her tenure at the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.”

Trump suggests he’ll self-fund campaign after poor fundraising effort. NYT: “Charles Spies, a Republican election lawyer … said Mr. Trump would have to put in an enormous amount of his own money to jump-start his campaign and win over big donors … Mr. Spies said Mr. Trump should also forgive the loans he had made to his campaign, to reassure contributors that he would not use their money to repay himself … ‘He’s got to have $500 million to run a bare-bones campaign, and that would mean getting outspent by Hillary Clinton and her allies, between two and three to one.'”

Effort to thwart Trump at convention picks up steam. Politico: “…they snagged the endorsement of former U.S. Sen. Gordon Humphrey … Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker endorsed one of their preferred methods for stopping Trump: freeing all 2,472 Republican National Convention delegates to vote their conscience … [But] they haven’t snagged the endorsements of any big-name elected officials or Republican donors…”

More from AP: “Several hundred Republican delegates are organizing to oppose Trump at the convention. That’s not enough delegates to topple Trump. But it’s more than enough to create turmoil at an event that is typically used to bring a political party together in support of a presidential candidate.”

Collins Crafts Gun Compromise

Sen. Susan Collins cobbling gun compromise. W. Post: “Collins’s proposal denies the right to purchase guns to anyone on two subsets of the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database: the ‘No Fly List,’ … and the ‘Selectee List,’ which requires extra screening procedures. There are approximately … 2,700 Americans [on those lists] … But Democrats have said Republicans need to lure about 20 votes [and Sen. Chuck Schumer] argued that a focus on the two smaller lists would let hundreds of thousands of other suspected terrorists potentially slip through the cracks.”

More from the Hill: “Sources in both parties on Tuesday said the Collins legislation is gaining momentum — a sign that doing nothing to prevent terrorism suspects from obtaining guns is a problem for vulnerable Republicans in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting.”

Brexit Vote Tight

Conflicting polls before tomorrow’s vote. Bloomberg: “Investors are piling money into bets on a victory for the ‘Remain’ campaign … Polls, meanwhile, say the race is too close to call after a swing toward the ‘Leave’ campaign came to an apparent halt last week following the murder of Labour Party lawmaker Jo Cox.”

BBC hosts final debate: “…former London mayor [Boris Johnson] faced a … grilling from fellow Tory Ms Davidson, who said it was not good enough that when ‘asked if people were going to lose jobs, Johnson said they might or they might not.’ Mr Johnson branded the EU ‘a job destroyer engine’, saying Britain had been unable to protect at-risk steel jobs partly because of EU rules – something his opponents said was ‘a lie’.”

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