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Burning Issues: Taking On ISIS

Phyllis Bennis, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, says in this Burning Issues video that in order to eliminate the threat of ISIS, the United States has to support eliminating the conditions that have led people in Syria and Iraq to conclude that ISIS is the lesser of two evils.

Clinton Takes On Trumponomics

Clinton to slam Trump on economics today. NYT: “Hillary Clinton plans to pummel Donald J. Trump’s economic proposals on Tuesday, portraying Mr. Trump as an uncaring and unscrupulous businessman whose reckless policies would lead to a new financial crisis and a surge in unemployment … The economic argument is of particular urgency for Mrs. Clinton: While voters tend to view her as better prepared to be commander in chief than Mr. Trump, he has made inroads with working-class voters who gravitate to his opposition to global trade deals and to his vow to create jobs.”

W. Post questions whether Clinton can close carried interest loophole by executive action: “In an USA Today interview last week, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said if Congress didn’t act, as president she would ask the Treasury Department to close the loophole … Changing the policy through an executive order would likely be challenged in court … with lawyers arguing that lawmakers had several opportunities to change the law if they wanted.”

Social Security cuts off the table, says WSJ: “For anything to be done, it will take a big investment of political capital from the White House. And that won’t happen with the next president, if the 2016 campaign is prologue. Mr. Trump is committed to preserving the status quo. And Hillary Clinton is more likely to expand Social Security than trim it.”

Trump Campaign Coffers Empty

Trump campaign nearly broke. W. Post: “Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump loaned his campaign $2.2 million in May and collected $3.1 million in donations, ending the month with less than $1.3 million in bank … Clinton continued to stockpile money: she raised more than $28 million in May and started June with $42 million in cash …”

Campaign shrugs. The Hill: “‘There are no concerns. The money is pouring in for the party,’ Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks told NBC News late Monday. ‘In fact, we just returned from a tremendously successful swing through Texas, Nevada and Arizona.’ … Trump himself took a similar tone in an interview Tuesday morning with ‘Fox and Friends,’ saying he helped bring in ‘about $12 million’ for the Republican Party in those states.”

Trump Woos Religious Right

Trump meets privately with social conservatives today. Time: “Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will moderate a 90-minute main session … Organizers have pre-selected questioners to ask him a total of between seven and 20 questions … organizers negotiated the terms for the questions and who will ask them in advance with the Trump campaign…”

More from The Hill: “Trump has struggled to convince many leaders that he will be a trusted advocate. [James] Dobson, [Bob] Vander Plaats and [Tony] Perkins all supported Ted Cruz during the primaries and have yet to announce their support for Trump in the general election.”

GOP Blocks Gun Proposals

Gun measures filibustered, but compromise still possible. Roll Call: “…Republicans voted to impose a three-day waiting period and Democrats sought to allow the government to ban such sales. The votes followed the quick rejection of a pair of amendments that would have expanded background checks for people buying guns … ‘What am I going to tell 49 grieving families?…What am I going to tell the community of Orlando?’ Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson said. ‘Sadly what I’m going to have to tell them is the NRA won again.’ … Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, told reporters she hopes to unveil a bipartisan compromise on gun control Tuesday…”

House liberals push assault weapons ban. Politico: “The Congressional Progressive Caucus, which includes 75 House Democrats, wants Ryan to postpone the seven-week House recess that begins July 15 unless there is a vote on the measure. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and other senior Democrats — while supportive of the ban — have focused more on the ‘No fly, no buy’ gun provision, as well as expanded background checks for gun sales.”

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