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Clinton Takes Airwaves Now

Clinton on the air in swing states. W. Post: “Clinton has purchased advertising time on television stations in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Colorado and Nevada … She is expected to follow her pattern from the primary, in which she mixed sharp attacks on Republicans with soft-edged biographical ads that told the story of her upbringing and history of advocacy.”

And Trump is not. NBC: “…the ad blitz demonstrates Clinton’s financial superiority right now. How long will she have the battleground-state airwaves to herself?

Many Sanders supporters still not ready for Hillary. USA Today: “Some polls in recent months show anywhere from about 25% to 50% of Sanders backers weren’t ready to support Clinton either as the nominee or in a matchup with the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.”

Trump Eyes New Network Later

Trump reportedly planning TV network. Vanity Fair: “Trump is indeed considering creating his own media business … Trump, this person close to the matter suggests, has become irked by his ability to create revenue for other media organizations without being able to take a cut himself People around him have looked to the Oprah Winfrey Network—partly owned by Winfrey’s Harpo Productions and Discovery Communications—as a possible model…”

House Republicans prepare for Trump meeting next month. Roll Call: “They can confront Trump with unambiguous and unified anger and aggression, vowing to disavow his candidacy en masse unless he categorically and immediately abandons his tempestuous, nativist, divisive, ideologically erratic and fascistic-sounding rhetoric … The alternative is to permit this singular moment for assertiveness to pass them by, which will commit House Republicans for the rest of the campaign to acquiescing in Trump’s unprecedentedly inflammatory way of being. ”

Dems Prompt Gun Vote

Democrats seize Senate floor for 15 hours, force Republicans to hold gun vote. W. Post: “Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) ended a blockade of the Senate floor after nearly 15 hours Thursday, announcing that Republican leaders agreed to hold votes on Democrat-backed measures to expand background checks and prevent suspected terrorists from acquiring guns … A spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said early Thursday morning that votes can be expected on amendments to the bill but that there is no formal agreement on what those amendments will be.”

Sen. Murphy optimistic. Politico quotes: “My instincts certainly tell me they’re moving. If you listened over the course of the day yesterday, there were a number of Republicans madly scrambling to find some common ground.”

Fed Stands Pat

No interest rate hike. CNN: “The decision was in line with expectations after a brutal May jobs report. The Fed cut its forecast for U.S. economic growth in 2016 to 2%, down from 2.2% earlier. [Chair Janet] Yellen pointed to ‘headwinds blowing on the economy’ as a factor in this reduced outlook.”

Still could happen this year. NYT: “All 17 top officials of the Fed expect an interest rate increase to happen this year, according to projections they released Wednesday. Yet financial futures markets price in only about a 40 percent chance that it will happen.”

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