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Sanders, Trump Inch Toward Debate

Trump offers Bernie debate if $10-15 million raised for charity. W. Post quotes Sanders’ response: “I think we’re going to have to rent out the largest stadium you have here in California. I can’t wait for that, because we’re going to ask Mr. Trump why he thinks giving hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the richest people in this country is a good idea.”

Young Turks offers to host for $1M. Politico: “Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, announced Thursday that his online news network would donate $1 million to a charity of the candidates’ choosing to air a debate … Uygur called [Trump’s $10M] demand ‘unrealistic’ and an ‘excuse.'”

Several Democratic Senators livid. Politico: “…said Sen. Joe Manchin[,] ‘That confirms what we’ve been saying. Why would you expect Bernie should be considerate … He’s not a Democrat.’ … ‘It’s peculiar,’ said Sen. Sherrod Brown. ‘It’s all about Bernie trying to get the advantage in California. It’s not going to work.’ A minority of Democratic lawmakers, though, said they’d be fine with Sanders going toe-to-toe with Trump on TV, if only to unmask the Republican nominee as a false advocate for working people.”

Trump picks target states. W. Post: “…which states will Trump target? California. Ohio, where he plans to spend a lot of money. Michigan. New York, his home state which was once represented by Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate. Florida, where he owns several golf resorts and a private club where he often lives. And Virginia, which is also home to a Trump golf course.”

Clinton Struggles To Focus on Trump

Clinton presses Trump on tax returns. W. Post quotes: ““Either he’s paying no taxes or he’s paying very little. The only way to find out which it is is for him to release. Ether he’s as wealthy as he claims or maybe he’s not, the only way to find out is for him to release.”

But can’t count on California. Politico: “Clinton officials are predicting, at best, a very tight contest … Clinton campaigned hard across the state on a four-day swing this week … A California loss would cement the notion that even if Clinton isn’t what Trump would call a ‘total loser,’ neither is she a decisive winner…”

Quirks in CA process challenge for Sanders. Politico: “The biggest problem for Sanders has to do with independent voters … they must request a Democratic ballot — an extra step that is crucial for turnout in a state where 60 percent of the electorate votes by mail … Educating those independent voters about the clunky process was part of a field organizing strategy that Sanders’ former California state director, Michael Ceraso, was pushing for before he parted ways with the campaign earlier this month … But the campaign decided to go in a different direction, focusing its dwindling resources on television advertising.”

Obama Speaks at Hiroshima

Obama calls for end of nuclear weapons. NYT: “‘Technological progress without an equivalent progress in human institutions can doom us,’ Mr. Obama said, adding that such technology ‘requires a moral revolution as well.’ … ‘We must have the courage to escape the logic of fear and pursue a world without them,’ he said, although he quickly added: ‘We may not realize this goal in my lifetime, but persistent effort can roll back the possibility of catastrophe.'”

Obama says world leaders are “rattled” by Trump. W. Post: “[Obama said,] ‘they’re rattled by it — and for good reason — because a lot of the proposals that he’s made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude … instead of actually thinking through what it is that is required to keep America safe and secure and prosperous … [Trump responded,] ‘When you rattle someone, that’s good because many of the world, as you know, many of the countries in our world, our beautiful world, have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us.'”

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