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Burning Issues: Economic Growth To Fight Income Inequality

William Spriggs, chief economist for the AFL-CIO, in this Burning Issues segment argues that presidential candidates who emphasize closing the federal spending deficit are ignoring a more important investment deficit in our infrastructure, our schools and in other fundamentals of future growth and shared prosperity.

Trump Embraces Fundraising

Trump flip-flops on self-funding. Bloomberg: “…that core promise of his campaign—that he would repel the influence peddlers by refusing their contributions—is put at risk after Trump, on his first day as the party’s presumptive nominee, announced that he will start soliciting donations to fund his general election campaign.”

But GOP donors resist Trump. Politico: “…in interviews with more than a dozen major GOP funders, not one on Wednesday would commit to donating to Trump. Some raised the possibility that they would focus solely on giving to House or Senate candidates … Representatives of Charles and David Koch … warned the brothers could sit out the presidential campaign entirely — or even back Hillary Clinton.”

Trump incoherent on minimum wage. The Hill: “In a reversal, Donald Trump expressed openness to raising the federal minimum wage during an interview on Wednesday … [But he] did [still] caution that lawmakers would have to be careful not to raise the minimum too much. ‘If you start playing around too much with that lower level number, you are not going to be competitive,’ he said, before reiterating that he’s ‘open to doing something’ with the federal minimum wage.”

Neither President Bush will endorse Trump reports the Texas Tribune.

Dems hope Trump will hurt Republicans down-ballot. W. Post: ” One analyst, Charlie Cook, now gives Democrats a 60 percent chance of reclaiming the [Senate] majority … Democratic strategists salivating at the prospect of expanding the Senate battle­ground from states that were already expected to be competitive in a place as inhospitable as Arkansas … House Democrats have been racing to confront this new reality, trying to line up candidates in districts that previously seemed securely in Republican hands.”

Bernie In Until The End

Bernie pledges to stay in. Politico quotes: “…we’re going to stay in until the last vote is counted, and that will be in the [June 14] primary in Washington, D.C … [Every state] should have a right to cast a vote as to who they want to see as president.”

Clinton responds to Trump’s gendered attacks in LAT interview: “The whole idea of ‘playing the woman card,’ … has just lit a fire under so many women across the country. And I think it’s because they see his attacks on me, or Megyn Kelly or Carly Fiorina or whoever else … as really a much broader attack on them. I think we are going to be pushing back and drawing the contrast whenever he does that.”

Breakfast Sides

Obama cites the importance of government in Flint. The Hill: “Obama praised community groups and nonprofits for swooping into Flint to help distribute water filters … But he said that should be the government’s job … ‘Volunteers don’t build county water systems and keep lead from leeching into our drinking glasses,’ he said. ‘We can’t rely on faith groups to reinforce bridges and repave runways at our airports … You hear a lot about government overreach. It’s not government overreach to say our government is responsible to make sure you” have clean water…”

Kids nationwide protest charter schools. Mother Jones: “In nearly 75 cities across the country, students, parents, and teachers marched at their public schools on Wednesday, protesting inadequate funding and charter school takeovers … Keron Blair of the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools said small changes are being seen across the country and that the organization will plan more ‘walk ins’ for the fall of the coming school year.”

AZ rejects children’s health care. NYT: “Lawmakers here early Wednesday reaffirmed Arizona as the only state to not participate in a program that offers health care to children of the working poor. A proposal to restore the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program, known in Arizona as KidsCare, stalled in the State Senate this week as lawmakers passed a $9.6 billion budget.”

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