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We already knew Carly Fiorina was good at making people lose their jobs, having laid off 30,000 while leading Hewlett-Packard. We also knew she was good at losing campaigns, having lost a campaign for U.S. Senate and barely making a dent in the 2016 presidential campaign.

It’s that stellar track record that Ted Cruz could salvage his flagging presidential campaign against Donald Trump. With this political logic, no wonder the Republican Party has flatlined.

In fairness to Cruz, the available bench of Republican game-changers has diminished. Republican leaders like Speaker Paul Ryan appear to be afraid to challenge Trump directly, preferring to let him kill the party without their fingerprints on the body.

Moreover, nearly everybody that was worked with Cruz also deeply loathes him, as evidenced by John Boehner describing him as “Lucifer in the flesh.” So Cruz probably didn’t have many takers as he dangled out his limp VP offer.

Still, Cruz would have been better off without the VP Hail Mary if the best option available to him was Fiorina. The only people impressed with her presidential campaign were the rabid opponents of Planned Parenthood who rejoiced at her immunity to facts. Her total vote in the primaries was 36,889 votes.

In other words, her greatest political accomplishment this year so far is winning slightly more voters than people she fired.

She was a failure at business and a failure at politics. She never had the qualifications to be president. The fact that Cruz would take her seriously only shows how low the Republican Party has sunk.

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