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Clinton Eyes General, Sanders Eyes Convention

Clinton again tries to pivot to the general election. Bloomberg: “Hillary Clinton’s campaign is moving rapidly to set up the infrastructure she’ll need for the general election, a process that will unfold mostly behind the scenes … ‘In terms of a tactical, mechanical matter, we are preparing for a general election,’ Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri said Tuesday night. ‘However hard it is is however hard it is.'”

Sanders campaign insists it will contest convention. Politico: “‘It is extremely unlikely that either candidate will have the requisite number of pledged delegates to get to this number,’ [Campaign manager Jeff] Weaver said. ‘So it is going to be an election determined by the superdelegates.’ … the Sanders campaign was banking on ‘a big win’ in California, which offers 475 pledged delegates, and wins in Oregon, Indiana and New Mexico, among other states.”

Clinton campaign argues focus on her speeches didn’t matter. Politico: “…these suggestions and insinuations didn’t set well with these voters…’ [spokesperson] Brian Fallon said on CNN’s ‘New Day.’ … ‘if Donald Trump is going to be the nominee of the Republican Party, he has given paid speeches, commanding speaking fees in excess of $400,000,’ Fallon remarked. ‘If … candidates on both sides of the aisle are asked to release transcripts and everyone participates in it, Hillary Clinton will be happy to join in on that.'”

NY Landslide May Make Trump Unstoppable

NY win may mean GOP can’t deny Trump, says TNR’s Brian Beutler: “Now that it looks like he’ll be at least close to an outright delegate majority, it’s difficult to see how anti-Trump conservatives can deny him the nomination and avoid accusations that they have rejected the discernible will of the Republican electorate.”

Trump may not need an outright majority of delegates. Politico: “‘I think a lot of people think if he gets within 50-100 [of 1,237], he’ll be able to carry it,’ said Steve House, the Colorado GOP chairman, who is himself an unbound delegate and is already being courted by the Trump and Cruz campaigns.”

Sean Hannity presses Ted Cruz about delegate strategy. The Hill: “The interview turned contentious when Cruz denied that voters were concerned about his campaign’s efforts to persuade delegates to support him on a second ballot at the Republican National Convention … [Hannity said,] ‘I am telling you that people are telling me that they find this whole process confusing.'”

“… GOP lawmakers appeared split over whether internal party rules should be changed to allow an outside ‘white knight’ candidate to step in” reports The Hill.

Sen. John McCain will skip GOP convention. Politico: “‘John McCain will be working and campaigning in Arizona during the convention,’ said Lorna Romero, communications director for McCain’s reelection campaign.”

Breakfast Sides

Criminal charges expected in Flint. NPR: “Charges are expected against two state officials with the state Department of Environmental Quality and a water treatment plant supervisor in Flint, alleging wrongdoing, according to government officials familiar with the investigation…”

NYT edit board urges states to do family leave right: “Since 2004, workers in California have been entitled to receive 55 percent of their wages for up to six weeks of leave to care for a new child or a seriously ill relative. Starting in 2018, a new law will lift that rate to 70 percent for the lowest-paid earners … In New York, which enacted its first paid family leave law this month, employees will be eligible for up to eight weeks of leave, starting in 2018. The replacement rate is 50 percent … A higher replacement rate for a shorter time could turn out to help more workers than a flat rate for a longer period.”

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