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Which presidential candidate said this?

If we don’t adapt to the reality of a changing climate there could be serious repercussions … I think the climate is changing. It is inconceivable to me that 5 billion people living on this planet don’t have an impact on that — that man has some say in this. And that we should be planning over the long haul to deal with it.

Bernie Sanders? Hillary Clinton? No, Jeb Bush!

Notably, it was a response to a New Hampshire Republican who said, “I’m looking for a Republican to vote for … who is willing to take climate change in a serious manner and be forward-thinking on climate change.”

Jeb Bush has said climate change is real before but often downplayed the urgency and offered no policy solutions.

And in last week’s town hall, Bush was sure to criticize Obama’s new oil tax proposal and his renewable energy loan guarantee program as “picking winners and losers” (which it is not).

He did at least say he supported “the government to spend money on research and development, to identify the next generation of renewable energies or other disruptive technologies that will allow us to consume less energy…” Sure, he’s not admitting Obama already does this. But, hey, it’s a prominent Republican presiential candidate supporting government action on clean energy! That’s progress!

The vast majority of the Republican field is not so enlightened and is focused on pandering to the right-wing base.

But that base is not the future of a viable party. Others may not follow Bush’s lead this year. Eventually, Republicans will have no choice.

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