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Mass shootings in Colorado and California this week, brought out the worst in wingnuts this week, and reminded us that our biggest terrorist threats still come from right here at home.


When Robert Dear opened fire in a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic the day after Thanksgiving, conservatives were characteristically quiet, for the most part. Republican presidential candidate were almost completely silent.

Despite the fact that Dear had targeted Planned Parenthood for his killing spree, right-wingers took comfort that it was too soon to say if their summer-long campaign of innuendo and invective against Planned Parenthood — fueled by deceptively edited “sting” videos and debunked claims that the organization sold fetal tissue to researchers for profit — had inspired yet another act of violence against Planned Parenthood. And when it was finally reported that Dear uttered, “no more baby parts” as he was being arrested, was described by his ex-wife as opposed to abortion, and once vandalized an abortion clinic, right-wingers still sought to blame everyone but the shooter.



When reports came in Wednesday of anther shooting in San Bernardino, California, the predictable offering of “thoughts and prayers” via social media started before we even knew how many victims or shooters there were.

But this time, people weren’t having it, and pushed back.

The rest of the right wing response to San Bernardino was about as unhinged as you might expect.

Here’s the best of the rest of the worst in wingnuttery this week:


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