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Fallout From Dem Debate

Clinton’s “9/11” explanation of Wall St. ties raises eyebrows. W. Post: “This is not an answer that will likely fade into the ether. It will not be quickly forgotten. It will become a part of somebody’s fundraising queries, one or two ads and several YouTube mashups before this election is over.”

Rival campaigns pounce. “…at a Central Iowa Democratic Barbecue … both O’Malley’s and Sanders’ campaigns showed no signs of letting up … Cornel West … spoke on Sanders’ behalf … [He] said Clinton ‘is a master of giving lip service to progressive causes but acting like a neoliberal and a example of the corporate wing of the Democratic Party.’ … O’Malley said Clinton made a ‘gaffe’ in a ‘very, very distasteful way, trying to pump out a smokescreen for her coziness with the big banks of Wall Street by invoking the tragedy of 9/11 and those attacks — and especially so fresh after so many were murdered in Paris.'”

Wall St. donors defend themselves. Bloomberg: “‘Look, I’ve known Hillary for a long time,” [hedge fund manager Marc Lasry] said. ‘Whether you are from Wall Street or from Main Street, you respect her because of her intelligence and because she’ll fight for you.’ … ‘She rejects simplistic solutions and slogans in favor of comprehensive and thoughtful analysis,’ [Sullivan & Cromwell’ H. Rodgin Cohen] said, ‘whether in the financial arena or elsewhere.'”

Sanders campaigns on family leave. W. Post: “Clinton has spoken out strongly in favor of providing workers with paid family leave but also stressed her commitment in recent days to not raising taxes on the middle class to pay for new initiatives. The plan backed by Sanders, a senator from Vermont, would be paid for with an increase in the payroll tax that would cost the average worker about $72 a year.

“Parties’ Divide on the Economy Widens” says WSJ: “In Saturday’s Democratic debate, candidates said they would seek to rein in Wall Street, raise taxes, increase the minimum wage and expand the federal government’s role in health care. Republicans, meanwhile, are competing to repeal regulations, cut taxes, keep the minimum wage as it stands and roll back President Barack Obama’s signature health-care overhaul.”

Deadline Looms For Transportation Bill

Congress faces transportation bill deadline this week. Roll Call: “They have until the end of the week to produce and advance a [House-Senate] conference agreement on transportation programs, absent another extension. It’s also the vehicle for reviving the Export-Import Bank …”

House GOP investigators want to pry into climate scientists’ emails. W. Post: “Scientists and top officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have agreed to start interviews akin to depositions this week with House investigators … [But there is] pressure on NOAA’s parent agency to comply with his subpoena for e-mails that NOAA has refused to turn over.”

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