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Does it seem like the “War on Christmas” comes earlier every year? ’Tis barely the season yet, and this week wingnuts are seeing red about Starbuck’s decidedly minimalist holiday cups.

Starbucks decided to keep it simple for the holidays this year. Last month the company revealed its toned down holiday season cups: two toned, red and white, sans the “symbols of the season” — reindeer, ornaments, snowflakes, etc.

Now @Starbucks is ignoring Christmas with their non-Christmas coffee cups. They are claiming they made the cups blank only to allow the customer to decorate the cups in their own holiday inspired ways. Much like people have done and do with the white cups

Vice president Jeffrey Fields said the company wanted to “usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories.” The cups were intended to be a blank canvas for customers draw their own designs. Starbucks said it would continue to embrace and welcome customers from all backgrounds and faiths. What a lovely holiday sentiment, right? Very “Peace on Earth, good will to men.”

Well, not in wingnuttia. There was no “joy to the world” in wingnuttia. Former paster and self-proclaimed “social media personality” Joshua Feuerstein started a firestorm when he posted a video to Facebook claiming that Starbucks removed “Christmas from their cups because they hate Jesus,” and encouraging customers to say, “Merry Christmas” instead of their names, so that baristas would have to write the phrase on their cups.


Now, to anyone with even a little sense, the major flaw in this plan is obvious: All it will accomplish is that lots of people will get the wrong order. Even with barista’s shouting, “Merry Christmas? Is there a Merry Christmas here,” the mood will quickly change from festive to foul.

Wingnuts, as usual, lost what was left of their minds.









The conspiracy bit doesn’t fly, because Feuerstein has been around for years, and has a huge conservative Christian following online. It wasn’t a “leftist” who urged right-wingers to use #MerryChristmasStarbucks to post pictures online.


But the hashtag proved incredibly easy (and great fun) to mock.

Here’s how Starbucks’ cups have changed over the years.


Notice anything? There’s no baby Jesus, no cross, no wise men, no North Star, but plenty of trees, ornaments, snow flakes, and snowmen — all sort of secular symbol. Since when did those things become Christian symbols? Starbucks didn’t remove overtly Christian symbols from its cups, because it never put those symbols on them in the first place.

Anyway, as Rude Pundit pointed out, if some Christians are upset about Starbucks’ minimalist holiday cups, then can fill theirs with Starbucks’ explicitly named “Christmas Blend” for 2015.


Just don’t tell them that Starbucks has also turned 97 of its Seattle locations into LGBT safe spaces and is training 2,000 of its employees on how to respond to and engage with LGBT victims of violence, and how to report hate crimes to police. And don’t tell them that Starbucks

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